Friday, December 21, 2007

School of Shock

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This and the two following articles on "The School of Shock" were sent to me this morning from This is a disgrace and needs to be stopped FOREVER!

My state, Delaware, sends kids to this place, as does Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland. (see map) This costs the taxpayers of these states $56 million per year.

New Jersey has decided not to send any more, but the ones there will stay. New York's Governor Spitzer announced today they are pulling their 77 children out. A few days ago the Mayor of Washington, D.C. said he was pulling his kids out of Rotenberg.

Food deprivation. Isolation. Electric shocks. Inside the taxpayer-funded program that treats American kids like enemy combatants.


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Photo Essay on the Rotenberg Center
Primary Sources

The prank incident? If you had doubts about Rotenberg, please read this Boston Globe report. It shows they have put unqualified, overworked staff in charge of the direct care of these kids. Recently I saw an online notice posted on their website offering near minimum wages for attendants. Educational qualifications for the position were minimal.

We send Delaware kids to this place. Surely we can help more children here in Delaware at far less than $225,000 each per year without using these repulsive tactics.

You can read the official report of the prank incident here.

You can read USAToday's article here.


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Anonymous said...

The recent prank incident is being covered by sources like USA Today, Fox News, and the Associated Press, which means that now is the time to contact the governor:

Deval Patrick at 617-725-4005 out of state or 888-870-7770 in state.