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Sheldon Johnson

Today I received an email plea from Sheldon Johnson:

Dear Louise,

My name is Sheldon Johnson, and I have an urgent message that I want to share with you and the public. All of my concerns is address in the letter (attachment) that I written to President George Bush. Please take time to review my concerns and follow your heart. God bless you and thank you for your consideration. My family desperately needs your help to get the justice that we deserve and make this story public knowledge.

Sheldon Johnson

I've left out the address and phone numbers. If you want to be part of helping Sheldon with whatever you can [even a shoulder to lean] on leave me a message and I will fwd it to Sheldon.

Let me try to get all the legalities out of the way, I have NOT investigated this case myself, so I can only go by what Sheldon has writen to me. I would like to believe every word of it is true [why else would someone put in so much time and effort to pass along the email below]

However, I am not to be held responsible by any legal ramifications if this story is not true.

Without any further delay here is the letter Sheldon Johnson wrote...

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

December 12, 2007 President George Bush1600 Pennsylvania AvenueWashington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President, I’m writing you today to inform you of the gross miscarriage of justice that my family is suffering from State/Government sponsored corruption involving behavioral modification experimentations. The crime that I’m reporting is that my family has been targeted for unethical human research and psychological warfare experiments against their will by covert means by numerous physicians with the aid of corrupt New York City/State Officials and peace officers. These crimes are comparable to the 1975 Church committee investigation into project MKULTRA and the U.S. Senate select committee on Intelligence and subcommittee on Health and Scientific research of the committee on Human Resources into behavioral modification and mind control experimentations in August of 1977 which was presided over by Senator Daniel Inouye.

During those hearings Admiral Stansfield Turner, former director of the Central Intelligence agency revealed that his predecessors experimented on unsuspecting American citizens using all sorts of clandestine means including the use of hypnosis, drugs, the magicians art (witchcraft), toxins, biologically in human tissue, exotic pathogens, electroshock and harassment techniques for offensive use amongst other things for the sole purpose of behavioral modification and mind control, all of which has been used on my family at one time or another.

Mr. President, I’ve written Mayor Bloomberg and former Governor Pataki of New York City/State, I’ve have shared numerous letter’s with them and other elected New York Officials including President hopeful candidate Senator Hillary Clinton and every responsible investigative agency local and federal and we have yet to received any help from any of them regarding my concerns of unethical Governmental maltreatment involving Human Research. My mother has written everyone as well with the same unsatisfactory result for over 30 years.

We have no choice but to petition you for a full investigation into the unethical activities of the criminal elements that may be operating within our government. Whoever is responsible for these crimes have the clout to get numerous New York City Hospitals, Lawyers, peace officers, Judges, City Agencies, etc to participate in their evil campaign to cause severe harm to my family.

My brothers has been targeted for behavioral modification experiments and are being slowly killed over a number of years as their predators look on with deprave indifference, studying their inhuman accomplishment and writing into a log the results of their gruesome discovery. Meanwhile, the psychological warfare that has been levied against my mother has been so monstrous that she doesn’t know who to trust. She has been betrayed by close friends and family members and has been made an outcast in her place of worship.

My mother is a dedicated baptized servant of Jehovah God and her belief in him has proved to be her foundation and her salvation. However things were done to even try to break her faith to Jehovah God. The predators have infiltrated into her religion and started a malicious campaign to sabotage her reputation with claims that she has some sort of mental illness in order to discredit her.

These individuals are very cunning and would go to any extreme to prove a point that doesn’t exist. They was even successful in convincing my mother that I was a traitor and that I work for them which lead to her not speaking to me for about 17 months which ended almost 2 weeks ago on the 29th of November.

During that time her persecutions escalated unbeknown to me. On December 16th of 2006 my mother went to Metropolitan Hospital because her eyes kept feeling drowsy. The attending medical doctor plotted with psychiatrist from that hospital to illegally detain her for 11 days on a ruse that she has a psychological disorder where 4 male officers held her down while a female officer and a nurse forcibly ripped her clothes off and put her in restraints for several hours and forcibly removed several tubes of blood from her. My mother never once had a psychological evaluation, thus without professional diagnosis what was the basis of their detaining her? Is it to cover-up their tracks in the illegal removal of her granddaughter Geneva Johnson by ACS and that corrupt family court Judge Susan K. Knipps? Or was it a way to establish a psych history on her to participate in the stealing of the Lackey Estates in Covington Georgia?

Back in the latter part of the 60’s my mother cousin Wavy Lackey told her that she was going to be named administrator over the Lackey Estates (which is worth in the millions). Her cousin then met an untimely death and the property which is heir’s property wound up in the hands of this lawyer name Pat Campbell, a powerful southern attorney and an illegitimate relative name Lester Lackey.

Is it possible that she and her children was recommended for these unethical experiments by someone in the South in order to distract her from pursuing what was rightfully hers?

My family’s story has many twists and turns which have to be investigated thoroughly because now this tragic story has a murder involved in it. My brother Trevis Johnson has succumbed to the injurious abuse of the human research predators. He passed on 12/11/2007 at the home of my mother Annie Lackey sometime late in the morning. His abuse started when he was in the 2nd grade by individuals within the board of education unbeknown to my mother and continued to the day that he died. I was appalled with the dishonesty of the investigator from the medical examiner officer who gave us 2 different names during his initial introduction.

The name Austin Epstein were given to us when he first introduced himself to us, but later after he asks us some questions he identified himself as Matt Jones. Naturally after picking up on the discrepancy I ask for his ID, in which he replied that he didn’t have it and he immediately stormed out of my mother’s apartment with a female assistant that didn’t identify herself. We was later informed by officer Nawaz badge # 4593 that if we didn’t have a picture ID for my brother that he was going to be tagged as a John Doe which we found to be very disturbing.

About a half hour later Sgt. Preston badge # 1037 and a detective who reluctantly identified himself as Alexander Morales badge # 4858 and another guy in a suit who said that he was FBI who produce no identification threaten us with arrest for obstruction of Governmental administration for asking to see the identification of the investigator of the medical examiner. We was force in the living room under guard by numerous police officers from the 19 precinct while the unidentified Investigator now with 4 assistants did what they had to do with my brothers body.

We was left with a generic card from the medical examiner office with case # M-07-6816 scrabbled on it. Noticeably absence was the name of the investigator and his 4 assistants who handled my brother’s body and disrespecting the family’s wishes for identification of its workers.

It is my family’s wishes that my brother’s death be treated as a murder from all the years of forced medicating with powerful Neuroleptics (mood-stabilizers) and other chemicals, toxins or radiation that he may have been exposed to. After the experience we received from the investigator of the NYC Medical Examiners office we are not in a position of trust to receive an honest cause of death especially since the gross abuse my family had suffered from those in the health and hospital community throughout the county of New York over the last 3 decades.

Whatever happened to my brother was sudden as something ate away at his body over the last 8 months. It is in our belief that the last 4 hospitals that he was in were instrumental in his cause of death. The hospitals are Jacobi, Jamaica medical center, Mount Sinai and lastly Lenox Hill which is where he took a turn for the worst. It is in our belief that something was done to him there that caused him to stop talking and moving. They kept him in unsanitary condition in his weaken state. He was given 12 hours to 36 hours to live due to cirrhosis of the liver on 11/29/07 by the medical staff of that hospital.

We decided to take him home rather to leave him to die in that hospital. A nonhospital order not to resuscitate was forced on us along with a prescription for morphine and a adhesive patch for this large wound he had at the base of his spine in which they claim was a bed sore. The risk manager Janice fajardo, Dr. Andrew Fabel and Dr. Elenora Gashi didn’t want to entertain revival methods or ways to take care of him. They just kept on insisting that we place the DNR over his bed and that there was nothing more that can be done for him.

He was able to hang on for almost 2 weeks through proper nourishment and plenty of love that he received from his immediate family. In fact his speech came back and he started talking, moving and eating and he was alert and Coherent. That was very special for my family because we were able to bond together for one last time. However the damage was done internally.

Mr. President, this is an American tragedy and I’m sure you don’t approve of what’s going on in our government under your watch especially since we have soldiers dying in Iraq because Saddam Hussein did similar atrocities to his citizens. My family is under attack from an enemy or enemies within your administration. Their terrorist action against my family has got to come to a halt. There is already one fatality and I do not wish to lose any more family members to this evil regime that is hiding out in Local/Federal Government.

Mr. President after over 3 decades of trying to seek help with no satisfaction from anyone in Federal or Local government it is the decision of my family to share our story with the public because it’s worthy of public scrutiny. It is in the belief of my family that it is in our best interest to share this communication that I’m writing today with the public and all responsible investigative agencies and civil rights leaders. Justice has to be served. Below are images of my brother after we rescued him from Lenox Hill Hospital.

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

Below is a copy of the Nonhospital Order not to Resuscitate hat was forced on us by Lenox Hill Hospital. Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

Below is a copy of his prescriptions, Please note the different names of doctors on the prescriptions. It was very unusual that we did not once meet the attending physician Dr. Belilouski that was assign to my brother’s care. Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

This is the image of my brother days before his death. Please note the large sore at the base of his spine. The doctors at Lenox Hill claim that this was a bed sore. It is in my belief my brother was exposed to radiation or some other biological toxins as well as injurious medications which was used under the umbrella of MKULTRA, MKSEARCH and MKNAOMI for the sole purpose of behavioral modification and Mind Control. Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

Who in our Government would want to cover-up crimes such as these? The expression on my brother’s face tells the story of the lifetime of abuse that was forced on him as a child and throughout his short adulthood. He had just turned 43 years old last month on the 9th of November.

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

This is the generic copy of the card the investigator from NYC medical examiner officer left us abscent his name or his 4 assistants. It is important to note that after we were forced in the front of the apartment a laptop was removed from its case and taken by one of the 5 people that was in the bedroom with my brother’s body. This type of theft is consistent with THE CONTINIOUS harassments that victims of MKULTRA suffersPlease refer to photos in Trevis' share.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

It’s hard to believe that my brother took the photo in this Identification Card 7 months ago. whatever they did to him reduced him to bare Skin and bones. Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

My brother lifeless body 12/11/2007

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.
Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!
Trevis is far right with fist pump into air, I love you bro.
We were mere babies when they targeted us for their sadistic experiments.

Please refer to my web-page and click on the links for family history.

Cc: Represenative Carolyn mALONEY 212 860-0606















Created by: Sheldon Johnson

In Loving memory of my brother, Trevis Lee Johnson

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Anonymous said...

I believe Sheldon's story! I too suffered in NYC while trying to get Justice in a Court of Law. LUNA VS DOBSON Ny Court of Appeals 2001. For the time period 1994-2001 and a little time after I was targeted with forced drugs by courts. Schools harassed my children on a daily basis for the smallest things. Cps was targeting me and saying they were going to injure me and my children if I did not stop the lawsuit Luna Vs Dobson. CPS forced me in the streets and I was homeless throughout the LUNA VS DOBSON CASE! Family Court Susan Knipps saw that my lawyer was drunk but did nothing to protect my rights. My lawyer could not be contacted because his address was a Boiler Room Address 67 wall st ny.MY LAWYER WORK AGAINST ME AND WAS LEANING ON LEAN IN THE COURT ROOM BECAUSE HE WAS THAT DRUNK. HE STUNK OF OLD LIQUER/ALCOHOL and was breathing on me. I had to turn away from him not to get sick to my stomach. I mean it goes on and on! All the forced medication pushed on me to deprive me of my day in court and to discredit me so that I could lose my case in the court of appeals. SOUNDS CRAZY RIGHT!! I KNOW IT DOES BUT ALL OF IT IS TRUE! Even ELENA SASSOWER BELIEVES THAT SUSAN KNIPPS IS CORRUPT! THANK YOU! FELICITA LUNA