Monday, February 23, 2009

Teen found hanged in Suffolk County jail

A 17-year-old jailed on a criminal contempt charge was found hanging from a piece of sheet in his maximum security cell at Suffolk County jail, authorities said.

The teen's death is being considered a suicide, said Chief Michael Sharkey of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department. A cause of death will be determined by the county medical examiner.

A correction officer found Jesse Haszinger, of Lindenhurst, hanging from the bars of his single-person cell at about 9 p.m. Saturday, Sharkey said.

Haszinger had been held since Jan. 15 in the Riverhead jail, Sharkey said, in an area for minors that houses inmates 18 years and younger.

He had been charged as an adult, Sharkey said.

A woman who answered the door at Haszinger's family's Lindenhurst home Sunday night said the family did not wish to comment.

Teen found hanged in Suffolk County jail --

My Two Cents-

What the hell is going on?

This CHILD is 17 years old - how the &%$@ as a society can we be ok with this?

What led to this child needing to be in maximum security?

What went so wrong in his life?

Who caused it?

Wake up people - these children are our future - we are ALL responsible!

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Laura said...

Unfortunately my 17 yr old daughter has been incarcerated at Suffolk County Jail since January 12 pending charges. Oldest story in the world, she was in the wrong place with the wrong person at the wrong time and now she has to face the consequences. In any event I spoke with her yesterday and mentioned this horrible event (the hanging). She could not go into detail since phone calls are monitored but she did manage to say that the incident was NOT a suicide. She will tell me more when she is able, hopefully tomorrow when I visit her. I pray for this young man's family, I can only imagine what they are going through.

Anonymous said...

I myself was incarcerated in the suffolk county jail system for the past 6 mos for a minor violation for which i took full responsibility for. I can tell you the reason the 17 y/o was kept in maximum security is because the only place they keep minors is on their own tier in the Riverhead jail. From what ive heard that tier is worse than the adults. They are fighting to eat, they are fighting to use the phone. It's full of little want to be gangsters. The guards are useless. They do nothing about what goes on in there. They see it happen and they turn the other cheek. I was kind of disgusted when there was an article in newsday about the county getting pissed off because the people they hire to guard homeless shelters are sleeping on the job. They should take a long hard look at the correction officers. The reason this kid was able to hang himself is because at night, THEY ARE SLEEPING. They get up every half hour to come and do the punch which "proves" they checked you. But it's useless. I for the most part was kept in the Yaphank jail, but while there i had to have surgery to have my galbladder removed and i was shipped off to a medical tier in riverhead. So i spent the last month and a half of my sentence there. This is really something we all need to do something about and I am willing to speak up and be heard and if you are to i believe we need to organize and take action against these guards. I my self am a volunteer fireman and I supported the articles newsday was writing about the corruption of the FD's. Lets bring this corruption to the media and make them have to answer to the public for it.

Anonymous said...

The Riverhead Jail is perhaps one of the most vile and vulgar and dangerous jails in America. The correction officers are sleeping on the job and aboslutely encourage violence as a form of recreation. It has been nearly 18 years since I spent about 3 weeks at this god foresaken jail and I will never forget this hell on earth place they call a county jail. This is the 100% truth. Do what you can to avoid ever having to locked up in this hell hole.


I can say I suffered being beaten, sexually and emotinally abused by my husband for many many years and when I finally decided to stand uo for myself and move on the police, the Sheriffs department, crooked Judges ALL made it easy for him to continue the abuse. He had the money, the business I started and they ALL helped him rape me and my child financialy, emotionally and LEAVE US FOR DEAD. I had a Judge McGahee, who is not really a Judge, but presides over Restrain ing Orders tell me NOT to file another Restraining Order against my ex-husband. I had a police Officer David Pollard tell me "I was embarassing myself by calling the police asking for help." The divorce lawyer for my ex-husband Attorney Rick Candler use to be my employer and new us personally and refused to take the case for; however, purposely did not file the papers so that I could sell my home until after the bank foreclosed. Judge Wayne Smith refused to allow me to get a lawyer or recuse himself know ing he had been involved on another case that was later dismissed. Judge Smith always proceeded and Ruled when I could not make it to court against me; however, post poned the three timed my ex-husband and his Attorney didn't show up. Small towns are emphamis for up holding the law by breakling the law. If I only could tell someone the suffering I ensured being forced to be in a parish jail and forced to urinated and use the bathroom infront of mail guards & inamtes. Sleep on the floor... Sexual threats... All because I was fighting for what was rightfully mine and mu son's. My ex-husband was allowed to go into my house a house he hadn't lived in 3 years and remove my clothes, furniture, bedroom set, TVs, EVERYTHING down to my underwear and give to his mother who is a known crack dealer&smoker, and place the rest on the side of the road. We still haven't recovered.