Monday, February 2, 2009

Jury Rules in Favor of Mother and Against Prosecutor and DCF

February 2, 2009

Jury Rules in Favor of Mother and Against Prosecutor and DCF

By: Staff Writers
Connecticut DCF Watch

Derby, CT - In Danbury Superior Court today, the jury handed down a stinging defeat to Prosecutor, Paul Gaetano and the Department of Children and Families.

The jury found that Lisa Belko was not guilty of DWI despite the gross incompetence of the Naugatuck Police Department who fabricated false charges and arrested Belko and put her in jail without probable cause or evidence that Belko was under the influence. Gaetano and DCF's conspired effort to hurt Belko and her children failed.

According to sources the police department thought you could put urine into a breathalyzer. According to Belko, the police were harassing her and her husband Eric for some time prior to this unlawful arrest and incarceration.

Belko was further tormented and victimized by Gaetano and DCF with a false and malicious prosecution which they ultimately failed in the ruling today. DCF through this whole trial conspired with Gaetano to falsely claim that Belko was using drugs and went on unlawful fishing expeditions.

Since DCF is subject to the federal guidelines to drug testing, they must use the less intrusive method which is only urine testing. Hair follicle testing was ruled unconstitutional because the federal guidelines do not allow for it and the fact it tears out tissue below the skin.

DCF workers engaged in 4th and 14th Amendment violations in the unlawful search and seizure of a child as ruled in Doe v. Heck where speaking to a child by DCF workers without consent or the lack of imminent physical danger is an illegal search and seizure of a child and prohibited by law.

Presently, Belko is in talks with attorneys on all of her legal options on the abuses her and her children were subject to.

You can reach Lisa Belko at 203-446-9006 for additional information.

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