Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boy tasered outside Dover courtroom

A 16-year-old boy was tasered today outside a Dover courtroom after he allegedly tried to spit on a Family Court judge and police officer.

The boy, who did not require medical attention, will be charged with disorderly conduct and offensive touching of a law enforcement officer, Capitol police Detective L. Britt Davis said.

During a Kent County Family Court hearing, the boy reportedly became disorderly and was removed from the courtroom. As officers took him from the courtroom, Davis said the boy tried to spit on the judge. Once outside the courtroom, police reportedly tried to restrain the boy but he spit in a Capitol Police officer’s face. At that point, the officer pulled out a Taser to subdue the boy.

The boy was placed in restraints and taken to the Stevenson Center in Milford, where he already was being held on unrelated charges.

Boy tasered outside Dover courtroom delawareonline The News Journal

My Two Cents--

Personally knowing what happens INSIDE these kangaroo courts through my own case and the case of hundreds of other families through my advocating for children and families.. I wonder what set this kid off.. IF in fact these details are accurate!

Trust me my friend.. there's MUCH MORE to this story.. I'd bet my kidneys!

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