Monday, February 23, 2009

Judge: No Visitation for Amber Alert Mom

TACOMA, Wash. -

The woman at the center of Wednesday's Amber Alert now says it was all a misunderstanding, and now she's worried about her kids' safety.

But the state says a physical exam found purposefully inflicted injuries on the children dating from the time when they were in the mother's care, and it's not safe for the kids to be with her.

Tivice Evans went before a Pierce County Juvenile Court judge Thursday to determine who would get immediate custody of her two children, about 24 hours after she took them during a state-supervised visit.

But by the end of the hearing, Evans had not only lost custody of her kids, she had lost all her visitation rights as well - at least for the time being.

Thursday's hearing was scheduled before she took her kids and the Amber Alert was issued, but it took on new importance in light of the latest developments.

The series of events began Feb. 11, when the state took Tivice Evan's two young children from her home.

The action was taken following accusations of negligent treatment or maltreatment of the kids by Evans, and physical abuse by her boyfriend, Ahzariyah Yasharahla.

"OK, a neighbor says they heard me beating a child, but nobody ever seen me there, you know why, because I was never there so how can they hear me beating anybody?" Yasharahla says.

Evans stands behind her boyfriend.

"It's so false that I'm not even worried about it," she says.

Evans said social workers misinterpreted her son's skin condition and the resulting sores as signs of abuse by her boyfriend.

But doctors who examined lesions on the 3-year-old child’s back said the mother’s explanation of skin sensitivity is not consistent with the injuries.

The doctors' report noted multiple areas of healed or healing injuries, many of which were patterned scars not typical of accidental injuries. Medical personnel concluded that these were inflicted injuries.

While the investigation continued, the state allowed Evans to have a supervised visit with her children Wednesday, and that's when police say she walked out with them.

"I haven't seen my children for seven days," she said later.

Hours after the Amber Alert was issued, the kids were found inside the St. John Baptist Church at 2001 South "J" Street, at around 6:30 p.m. One-year-old Zariyah Brown and 3-year-old Deon Brown did not appear to be harmed.

The children were found in the company of their mother and her boyfriend. State officials took the children back into custody.

In court Thursday, state Assistant Attorney General Jon Morrone asked the judge to deny any visitation at all, and the judge agreed.

"Their safety is paramount so we have to be sure that their safety is insured as much as possible," Morrone says.

Until the investigation is finished, the kids are in foster care.

It will be at least a week before Evans can see her children again. She heads back to court next week for another hearing.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating what happened Wednesday, that led to the Amber Alert.

The state says Evans knew she did not have custody, but she says she didn't know it was illegal to take her children from that visit.

In the meantime, she says she's concerned for the health of her children, espeically her daughter, who has eczema.

"They don't take care of her like a parent should, because they don't care," she says.

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My Two Cents-

The mother in this story needs to open her eyes and stop being so trusting of "our system"

PLEASE... if you are reading this and you know this woman personally .. LISTEN CAREFULLY to what I'm going to say!

Her statement above "It's so false that I'm not even worried about it" will cause her much pain in the future- tell her those words are VERY DANGEROUS to her and her children's well being!

Child Protective Services has federal funding going to the states for every child they "save" from abuse! That same federal funding is being used as an INCENTIVE to legally kidnap our children!!!

False allegations or not this woman needs to step it up and take this serious VERY SERIOUSLY!!

Find an attorney that will fight these animals- there aren't many- get references- don't sign anything and don't believe a word of what they tell you - go read and find out for yourself!


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Louise Uccio said...

I'll gladly recant my opinion on this story if you can PROVE your point to me of her being abusive!

Since you won't even use your real name I highly doubt you will have that proof .. but the floor is yours .. go for it!