Thursday, February 5, 2009

Senator Pam Roach.. are they on a witch hunt? I guess YES!

What a shame!

We have very few whistle blowers in the U.S. that are in as a good position to be heard and Senator(s)
Senator Pam Roach and Senator Nancy Schaefer: ...because integrity matters.

Now they have sent in the team to try to find something anything to shut Senator
Pam Roach up!

She needs us to stand behind her !!

Here is the article I'm talking about--

Pam Roach Report

"No good deed goes unpunished."

Without any idea what they are looking for....Senate Ethics Board counsel, Mike O'Connel, says he is currently "researching" the past ethics renderings and the state law for what I might have done wrong.

(Yes, Dear Readers....they are on the hunt. And, they intend to find SOMETHING... ANYTHING to punish me.)

But even though his research has not been completed...even though they have not told ME what they think I may have violated....the board has already hired and has sent out a "Mr. Wilson" to interview CPS, DSHS, and Attorney General people that I contacted in the last 11 months trying to help the Stuth family and formulate legislation to correct the wrongs from happening again.

Concepts like "Kangaroo Court"...and "Star Chamber" come to mind.

So as it turns out...Mr. Wilson used to work for the AG. Yes, that is true. So, how unbiased do we think he will be? I had no say in who the interviewer would be. I have not been notified to get an attorney. Mr. W has not spoken to me first so I might give him some direction. And, what do you want to bet I will not have a name with my accusers?

Now Pam Roach will get the same treatment as so many good families have gotten. They want me to have to get a lawyer! They want to find an ethics violation that they know I will have to spend time and money to fight. Just like some of the people that have so persecuted the Stuths (see previous PPR) the Ethics Board has sent out a man with an order: "Find SOMETHING that Roach has done wrong." Lucky Mr. W. He will be paid long as he finds someone to interview... If CPS lied to the court and they did....I wonder what they will say about me!

More on this later. It will be a public lynching. You will read about it here. I will not cower to this intimidation, retribution, waste of taxpayer funds, and political payback. I believe I will give my first speech on this at the rally.

I want everyone to know what is happening. The light of day should shine on this action just like it should shine on CPS violations.

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