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Maggie Tuttle - A cry for More Women, Mothers and Grandparents to speak out

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Maggie Tuttle

Update - another few emails .. posted here by request from Maggie Tuttle.

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Hi, I am forwarding this email, which I sent to James Deuchars at Grandparents apart. If grandparents, dads or mums followed up what I have said in this email to Jimmy, there could be a lot of media attention if the information was correctly researched, Why on earth Governments world wide want to pay millions of pounds a year of tax payers money to foster carers or to people who adopt children, there has to be a fiddle in this some where, especially when most kids apart do have a loving family.

Thank you for putting my letter on Google.
Maggie Tuttle

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Maggie Tuttle
James Deuchars
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Subject: Payment of Allowances
Morning Jimmy,

If you look at some of these figures in this email, you will see approx how much foster carers receive, but I have been speaking to various people in the system, and the rates for different parts of the country do vary, if you are a foster carer on 24 hours stand by, then you can receive emergency money for this and the rates again are very well paid.

If we look at all the different benefits paid to foster carers, they can earn well over £500 a month, I have also been told, some foster carers can claim up to £1000 a months, if they know how to work the system, it just does not make sense to me, if this was bought out in the media big time, then I am sure there could be a lot of support for grandparents or fathers who could look after the kids free.

And god knows how much the tax payer would save. Can you see the logic behind all of this fostering at an enormous expense. I will continue to do some more research in to payment foster care.

Did you receive the letter I sent of David Cameron's reply, I will also again write to him regarding the money paid for fostering a child.
Maggie Tuttle

My name is Maggie Tuttle, I feel it is time that more women, Mothers and Grandparents spoke up on behalf of what is really happening in this world, not only to fathers, but to our Grandchildren.

Having been a field worker and women's campaigner for more then 30 years, (and no I am not a do gooder,) I can only say, what a sad world every one now has to live in.

Most of all for the children who are born with a voice, but not allowed to voice their opinions' the only voices kids have these days, are the social workers and Governments. There is no one in this world can know how a child feels, unless these kids are allowed to speak, and the same is with dads, how on earth can fathers get any rights, if they cannot afford to go to court to gain access to their kids.

I will repeat what I wrote to David Cameron MP here in the UK.

For any person wanting access to his rights which is, his kids, he first has to employ a solicitor, Barrister and maybe a QC, There is so much money made, that the courts and the likes would lose, so dads and kids will never get any rights, and if they did go to court, they would just be fleeced of all their money, and still end up with no rights to their kids, only the memory of them. And the same is for Grandparents.

Some Brit in the dark ages when Britain ruled many counties, this was a law passed that no dads had any rights, nor Grandparents. Who ever it was who passed such a law, perhaps hated his family, or, lets make money for the courts and create employment and jobs for Solicitors Barristers and more. Think about it.

Maggie Tuttle

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please sign grandparents petition and forward please to all you know. we need one million signatures


Maggie Tuttle is endeavouring to help Grandparents BE grandparents. As society breaks down more and more family relationships are being broken and grandparents can be just as big as losers as some parents AND let's not forget the kids.

If you are a Grandparent and believe that we should be doing something to make the world a better place for our children and Grandchildren perhaps you could sign up for Maggie's list.

If Family Law and Welfare Agencies are involved in your life also consider the Rationshed which is run by Grandfather Jim.

Jim Bailey from Rationshed asks: please have a look at what we are up to and if appropriate come join using this link -

PLEASE send these invitations to join Maggie Tuttle AND Rationshed to every Grandparent you know.

Yours Faithfully,
A. Mark Bourne.
Chairman Richard Hillman Foundation.

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lorraine said...

Hi, i am a foster carer and i have been reading the comments posted here, especially the one about foster carers payments and how you think they get paid too much and should be reduced.
We take in children that have come from neglectful or abusive homes, we have been both verbally and physically abused, my husband has been put into hospital on two separate occasions by different foster children, yet we still carry on doing this, why? well certainly not for the money!
we are the only "profession" we know that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Going by your example of £500 a month, if you work that out, it comes to £16.43 per day and 68p PER HOUR! You tell what other job would pay that sort of hourly rate. And we do work 24 hours a day, a lot of the children do not go to school so are at home all day, and we have to be alert at nighttime as well because some children have a tendency to wander at around the house when we have all gone to bed, we have to make sure they do not go into our own children's rooms.
As a local authority carer we only get paid an allowance which they dictate which amount should be used for different things, i.e child's pocket money, gas, electric, transport etc.. we do not, like the private fostering agencies get a fee or salary on top of this. if you try to get these allowances reduced then more carers will go to private fostering agencies as they will not be able to afford to keep fostering, which will push up fostering costs as the local authorities will not have enough of their own carers and will have to contract more private agency carers. We also have to attend various meetings, have our homes regulary inspected by social workers, attend training, a minimum or 6 a year every year. So in my opinion i do not consider that amount of money to be too much.
So mayby you need to think about this a bit more before asking for our money to be reduced.

Louise Uccio said...

If I've learned nothing else in this fight, I've learned to read between the lines.

I no longer see what one would like me to see.. no, I don't buy what appears to be behind the smoke and mirrors.

The above comment needs nothing else said!

Louise Uccio said...

If I've learned nothing else in this fight, I've learned to read between the lines.

I no longer see what one would like me to see.. no, I don't buy what appears to be behind the smoke and mirrors.

The above comment needs nothing else said!

The Insider said...

God doesn't live in that house any any more Shoo Shoo My grandaughters comment when passing a derelict church. Maybe if God lived in some more houses there would not be such pain. Religion has always caused wars and pain and the prime sufferers always children. Someone at the top of our society is covering the deeds of these men and women. Maybe we should try inside the lodges and the churches. The pope has already apologized seems saying sorry is the most fashionable word of the decade. Where is the word Justice for what is required of us is to act justly. When we marry people of different cultures are we already asking for trouble. The catholic church for decades has covered child abuse equally so the protestant churches and its lodges. The lack of conscience regarding child abuse is without doubt the biggest crime. The jail sentences handed out to sex offenders is insulting and suggestive of a judicial system involved in these offences and cover up. Time for change real in the judicial and social services. Outdated systems all round. Children are not little cattle to be sent from house to house while people collect fabulous fees Remember the stories the Little Match Girl, Uncle Tom's Cabin?