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More from an adult alienated child

Below is a post from an adult alienated child... , I've added her blog to the section on the right of this blog for future reference... below is her opinion of what it was like when she finally figured it out..

Chrissy has become a huge advocate for shared parenting and Parent Alienation.. she is also further living proof that Parent Alienation Syndrome is NOT fake science!

So,, without further delay...Chrissy's Post..

I have been asked a question on several occasions by parents, “Do I regret waking up?” Divorce or seperation for a child is normally a hard confusing adjustment to what the normal life is for them. When Parental Alienation is involved it becomes worse and the confusion can make you feel crazy. The cult like behaviors of alienation becomes a new substitute of memories and a withdrawn nature to the other parent.

During the “wake up time” I was angry with my dad and also angry with myself that I allowed myself to be fooled and keep a continued lie alive. This time in my life was truly a wake up time but it was also a feeling of some kind of peace to the nature of the beast. I think sometimes either way the situation was a bad one and will forever effect a child. In my case my anger turned from one parent to the other, Just like any friend or person that has done us wrong the feelings of anger and turmoil arise. The cost for a child is guilt and trust factors for society later on in life as an adult. They capture a new way to deal with interaction and society. I have suffered and had to conquer many obstacles in the area of alienation. Many children/adults do not take it to the level I have to expose or even understand the components of alienation in my life.

The numbers increase every year for parents and children coming to the conclusion that some form of alienation is or has happened in their family. In the past my line of thinking was not of my own direction but of another. Today I’m happy to say that I have been lucky enough to understand why and the extreme measures that were used in my life to “hate”my mom. My experiance in this process is not fully over until I see my brothers again.

To answer the question: Do I regret waking up?

I regret that alienation was in my life at all, because whether I woke up or not there is still pain and confusion that could of been prevented.

Waking up Parental Alienation Hurts

Chrissy also states in part in another post -

The alienating parent for selfish reasons places their child in the middle of a tug of war game.

Alienators use tactics and propose that the targeted parent abandoned them for leaving the relationship with the spouse.

I have also been reading that children held hostage over these narcissistic behaviors of a parents lead to other disorders.

I see alienation as a blanket of snow.

The ground and foundation we stand on is covered with snow not to be seen, we walk on top of it knowing it’s there.

At some point there is a transition period of melting to be seen again.

Like nature we don’t control the beast but we do have knowledge to know that we are good parents.

Then she offers this web site - which she feels helped her...

"Below is an article that I found useful on researching other children like myself."


Recipe For Alienation Parental Alienation Hurts

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