Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amy Bakers New Book

I recieved this email this morning from Amy Baker..


Please see the attached flyer announcing my new book for middle school children entitled, "I Don't Want to Choose: How Middle School Kids Can Avoid Choosing One Parent Over the Other."

Katherine Andre, Ph.D. is my co-author.The book is available on my website ( for $10.95 plus shiping and handling.

The book can be read by children alone or with a caring adult (parent, therapist, guidance counselor, teacher, and so forth).

The book is designed to teach children how to resist the pressure to choose between parents.

Katherine and I are very pleased to have this book available and would very much appreciate any feedback you might have.

We would certainly be willing to revise future editions based on your feedback.

We also plan to publish a similar book for younger children as well as resource guides for parents, therapists, and children. What other resources do you need?

We'd like to know.

Best to all,

Amy J.L. Baker, Ph.D.

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