Thursday, February 12, 2009

Compassionate Communication? Yes, Non Violent Comunication

The good news is that Trinity Church Wall Street is introducing NVC
(Compassionate Communication) to the congregation and public whomever would like to come.

It is free. It is on Sunday February 15th at 74 Trinity Place (downtown Manhattan) the street parallel to and one block west of Broadway) 2nd Floor Parlor from 10 to 11. Maybe somebody you know is curious about the process called NonViolent Communication and might want to check it out. Please spread the word. You are welcome to forward this email to friends or acquaintances. No advance registration required to attend.

If there is someone you want to bring or tell about this, please do or and feel welcome to come yourself, Shana and I say the more the merrier and for those of us with some NVC under our belts, Shana says it is perectly okay to have NVC veterans in the class on Sunday even though the object is to provide a basic introduction to NVC.

Hope you or someone you invite can make it Sunday 2/15 from 10 to 11 am.

I would like Trinity to see this as a very vital new way to connect with the larger community which is Trinity's goal in general to build community beyond the parish so the more we can bring in people outside the congregation, the better.

I'm feeling enthusiasm because this beginning step toward NVC outreach meets my need for increasing NVC awareness in the world and among my friends and in the circles I travel in and any circles rippling outward. I feel hopeful because I value very much this process as a way of becoming stronger and more flexible (learning how to stretch the pizza dough--to borrow a yoga term) in promoting connection and in developing skill in NVC principles. I see with practice in NVC, our responses can be directed more consciously and productively in life serving ways and keyed to meeting our universal human needs for peace and harmony, connection and community. Sorry if this is sounding verbose--I tend to write sentences that are way too long. NVC recommends not using more than 35-40 words at a clip because we need to get feedback about what the other person is taking in and feeling and needing. So please don't get the idea that NVC is about being wordy or amounts to using some new jargon. It is really about intention for connection and reaching beyond a level of sleep-walking talk that leaves one's listener's and one's own ears and heart glazed over.

Communication is not always the much touted alternative to violence we sometimes say it is since it can be just another form of violence and precipitant to further reactive violence on an emotional level. Hope this has piqued your interest.

I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

Please call if you have any questions.


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