Monday, September 29, 2008

Open letter to Catherine Bridge Esq et all

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Attention: Michael J. Garcia, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, I bet you could find massive corruption in my case by reading the open letter below-- Then I believe you will find the proof (documents) on the right hand side of this blog helpful if you were to investigate this multi level, multi agency, apparent corruption. I have lived in Westchester for the last five years, and feel since I have been unsuccessful in exposing this corruption in either Richmond County or within the Special Inspector General's Office (SIG Sherril Spatz) the open letter below may be of interest to you and your crusade against corruption.

GREETINGS: Catherine Bridge esq., Thomas Conigatti Esq., Mr. Lawrence Sykes Esq., Mr. Peter Lomtevas Esq., Hearing Officer Bonnie Cohen Gallet., Chief Clerk of Richmond County, Family Court William Quirk, Judge Terrence McElrath, Judge Debra Silber, Judge Barbara Panepinto, CYO Director Jospeh Panepinto, Aggie Panepinto, Mr. Louis M. Argenziano's paramour, Family Court Services (FCS) examiner Katherine Amerose, and (FCS) examiner Mitch Rousie, Support Magistrate, Cheryl Reeves and Support Magistrate, Patrica Hickey et all;
Did you think I wouldn't have figured it out?

Apparently, you thought you would get away with kidnapping my children, S.U., Dawn Uccio, Louie (Lou) Uccio, and Nicholas (Nick) Uccio, or perhaps your role was in doing nothing to free them from unlawful detention !


Did you think you could silence me?


Do you think the Attorney General's office and or the Appellate Division Second Dept. will keep up the obstruction of justice that all of you have gotten so comfortable with for the last seven years?


Did you think you could simply take advantage of me because Mr. M. Argenziano told you I was a sixth grade uneducated *&^# that would never figure it out?


Did you think I was lying when I said Mr. Louis M Argenziano was a poisonous snake and he will poison anyone in his path?

Hate to say it, but I get the feeling you are beginning to figure this out for yourself!

I have to hand it to ya tho... the plot was a good one!

(1) Have Mr. Argenziano call in a false call to Administraiton for children's services (ACS)-

(2) Get a social worker (Noreen Boffa) to falsely "indicate" a case against me-- aka - help an abuser further abuse his victim[s] across state lines.

(3) IGNORE the FACT that I have LEGAL custody granted to ME in New Jersey!

(4) Have Catherine Bridge file an initial Petition for custody [See article 78 Exhibit 3 Writ of Habeas Courpus) on behalf of Mr. M. Louis Argenziano, saying Mother is a drug addict and abuses her children -- Don't bother to add attachments because in reality there is NO PROOF of this.. but it's OK you all had an apparent conspired plan --PROOF was irrelevant!

(5) Get a hearing officer (Gallet) to go along with the kidnapping --

(6) Preclude that false "indicated" case from the record--

(7) Get FCS to give their "opinion" that I was a dangerous drug addict --

(8) Label me a dangerous drug addict that should have no contact with my children--
repeatedly refuse me drug testing --preclude my 100% negative hair drug test from the record-

(9) IGNORE the VAWA and Uniform Child Custody and Jurisdiction Act.

Unjustifiable Conduct clause on Jurisdiction-

"We are required to consider, in making a determination whether to exercise jurisdiction to modify, whether even though jurisdiction could lie, it should nevertheless be declined "because a person seeking to invoke its jurisdiction has engaged in unjustifiable conduct." (Domestic Relations Law § 76-g [1].) While "unjustifiable conduct" is not affirmatively defined, it does not include instances where a parent left the jurisdiction with a child because of domestic violence:"

Which I'm sure Catherine Bridge Esq. and Thomas Conigatti, Hearing Officer Bonnie Cohen Gallet, and the dead Mario Accunzo my then court appointed court attorney, were fully aware of when they invoked jurisdiction in New York AFTER Mr. Wonderful falsely called child services and got me falsely indicated as an abusive mother.

(10) Get Support Magistrate's Cheryl Reeves and Patrica Hickey to put in Final Orders of child Support against me while I still have legal custody via an Order of Protection given to me in another state ... then ooppssss tell them to make a few "mistakes" in the math --five thousand ten thousand what's the difference- so I'm financially crippled and couldn't possibly figure it out or fight back.

(11) Enlist Mother's newly hired attorney Lawrence Sykes Esq., to set mother up- so what if he gives it away by praying to God to forgive his conspiring sorry ass the entire time we are waiting to be called into Judge McElrath's court room for the child custody part of the case-- where mother will be arrested after court room doors are locked and kidnapping father has front row seat-- did you think I wouldn't notice that Catherine Bridge Esq. left the court room prior to this set up? Don't you think I noticed something was wrong when the Court Officers hands were shaking while they handcuffed me?

(12) Get Mother arrested a few times for Child Support based on Fraudulent Custody Orders --Force Mother to beg, borrow, and plead with friends and family to come up with the "ransom" I mean child support money in order to get out of jail.

(13) Get Judge McElrath and FCS examiner Mitch Rousie to keep the obstruction/kidnapping going by "Ordering" I should have no contact with my children for another six months... and put that "Order" in the Record -- that Mother must stop blaming the courts and take responsibility for HER actions in the children being alienated from her!

(14) Take Note that Mother fired Lawrence Sykes as soon as she figured out he was playing along with the obstruction of justice.

(15) Figure out a way to get mothers newly appointed father's rights attorney Peter Lomtevas Esq., to co-operate -- after all it appears he has balls - he wrote a divorce summons and complaint - blatantly pointing out that Mr. Argenziano's sucess appears to be tied to the fact that he is living with Aggie Panepinto working for Jospeh Panepinto in the CYO, who happens to be married to Judge Barbara Panepinto sitting matrimonial Judge in the same County where it appears I can-not get Justice.

(16) Have Peter Lomtevas Esq., stall me for over a year.

(17) Somehow, get Mr. Lomtevas to throw his client under the bus and shut his mouth in Westchester County before Judge Lewis Lubell.. and let the obstruction of justice continue by having this case sent back to Richmond County only to end up in Judge Barbara Panepinto's lap!

(18) Have Barbara Panepinto try to intimidate me acting like a thug throwing up her arms and barking at me "Do you REALLY think my husband and your husband know each other!"

Once I stood up for myself and my children by insisting that Judge Barbara Panepinto recuse herself and she had no choice did you think I'd let Judge Debra Silber, and her law Secretary along with Peter Lomtevas Esq,Thomas Conigatti Esq., and Catherine Bridge Esq., keep the obstruction of justice going?

(19) Somehow get the D.A's office in Richmond County and the D.A.'s office in Yonkers to ignore Mr. Argenziano's kidnapping and over 78 pages of Stalking proof that he is in violation of a valid Order of Protection.

(20) Intimidate Peter Lomtevas., so that he would refuse to set the record straight, to reflect the truth.

(21) Have Peter Lomtevas Esq., quit (request to be relieved) when I refused to allow him to act as my estranged husband's agent while I was paying him to expose this fraud. I wouldn't sign the custody modification that stated something along the lines of .. Mr. Argenziano is to be present at all visitation between me and my children IN VIOLATION of my valid Order of Protection.

(22) Get Judge Debra Silber to set Mr. Lomtevas free notwithstanding my Opposition which would have held water if there wasn't an apparent conspiracy to keep justice from shining through this fraud.

(23) Get Judge Debra Silber to put herself into a position of having an article 78 brought against her. By having her IGNORE Article 70 in the CPLR - Writ's of Habeas Corpus and the VAWA Full Faith and Credit laws.

I'll bet my last dollar you all thought relieving my attorney would render me disabled to fight.


(24) Now your last ditch effort- now that I've brought an article 78 against Judge Silber --run to get the underlying divorce dismissed so that not one of you can be held accountable?


You see, Ms. Catherine Bridge Esq., you thought I was writing nasty things about you when you referenced this blog - Disgusted with the system: An Open Letter.. -where I said you weren't a power house when we were in Judge Silber's chambers and you were whining to her law Secretary that I was mean and said mean things about you.

Well, See the picture above?

I don't have a gun, but this blog is my weapon against you and all the other corrupt players that are standing in the way of a fit mother and her children.

I hope you see that wasn't the smartest move you've made in your career.


Perhaps, If I didn't love my children more than life you may have gotten away with it. ... Apparently you have mistaken me!

If I can give you all a word of advice -- Don't ever underestimate the love of a fit loving mother or father!

Don't think that because you have been able to alter documents, get co-conspires to obstruct justice or keep a parent in financial ruin.. that you will be able to hide your corruption.

As my therapist says-- you can't get to me to shut me up- I'M NOT ALONE!

Many people would fight to the end for me and justice if anything were to suddenly happen to me-- I'm an excellent driver -- no one would believe I got into an fatal "accident." No one would believe I took my own life -- I've never been a drug addict nor do I plan on taking it up now - so an over dose wouldn't be believable either.. I love my children to much for that. No one would believe any bullshit story anyone tried to sell if I suddenly were silenced. I'm not delusional, I'm not paranoid, nor do I have any other mental/emotional disabilities EXCEPT Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that each and every one of you contributed to with this scam. Proof of this is evidenced by FIVE psychiatric evaluations I've had over the years.

The only way to silence me (about my case and your apparent corruption) is to give me back my children get out of and stay out of our lives.. then you might consider taking up washing dishes as a living-- because if it's the only thing I accomplish today -- it will be to prove to the public that they shouldn't hire a kidnapping/conspiring attorney(s), or allow corrupt Judges/Hearing Officers to get away with destroying their lives!

High Five Alec Baldwin- Our courts are in desperate need of over-hauling, our children are being destroyed by their corruption, entitlement and greed!

Have a wonderful day,

Louise Uccio

P. S. I'm not a gambeling woman, however, I bet right about now -- your wishing there was truth to the lie that -- I was an unfit- drug addict.


Karlene Gordon said...

I completely endorse your letter to the conspirators and 'legal' kidnappers. This letter speaks for untold numbers of victims of these legal vipers
If I didn't know you personally and witnessed the injustice and abuse of power firsthand, no one would have be able to convince me that this degree of lawlessness was so prevalent in our 'joke' courts. The comfort with which these 'lawbreakers' operate; the fact that these criminals are employees of the 'justice system'; the fact that our tax paying Federal Funding dollars enrich these predators; and the fact that they operate exactly like the Mafia, is frightening beyond words. In fact, I insulted the Mafia with this comparison because at least the Mafia value and protect its women and children....the 'legal Mafia' does everything to destroy families... men, women and children, but especially women and children.

Anonymous said...

Love your pic. Is it copyrighted?

Louise Uccio said...

Not that I know of .. found it online somewhere.. no copyright written on it that I can find...

Anonymous said...

The US Supreme Court ruled that the
inmates at Guantanamo have a clear
legal right to invoke the Writ of Habeas

Why would NY State's "hack-infested" judiciary's Appellate Division 2nd Department, namely, Judges Skelos, Dickerson, Fisher and Belen pretend first that they are
a panel from the "3rd Department" on their decision in Louise's case, and then why would they pretend that that a mother with Louise's rock solid evidence of a valid
order of custody from New Jersey before all of the exhusband's false accusations to ACS began have less clear legal right to invoke the Writ of Habeas Corpus than enemy combatants at Guantanmo?

How badly does this smell?

What happened to family values?

Is the Appellate Division 2nd Department declaring war on mothers? Notice the four judges assigned to this case are all men.

Are you male jurists a little biased by any chance?

When does the court stop empowering the
master manipulator or a family and taking
the whole system down the tubes with them?

I hope the feds are willing to pick this low hanging fruit. It has your name on it.

Why is the Attorney General of New York State so lacking in curiosity about whether he really has a duty to defend Judge Debra Silber? Why would he go to bat for her against Louise? What kind of sense does that make? Doesn't he have a duty to defend Louise?

Maybe the press is going to start paying attention to the mayhem in the custody courts and the failure in the appellate courts to right these terrible wrongs and the strange role that Andrew Cuomo is playing in pretending that his part in this Frankenstein case stitched together in the courts of Richmond and Westchester Counties is all nice and legal like.

smith said...

We live in a very unsafe world.
Wagoner County District Court