Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dr Phil PAS

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It’s being called the ultimate form of child abuse --brainwashing your children against an ex-spouse to win custody.

Could you be harming your child emotionally and not even know it?

First up, Ken is a successful surgeon who says he’s the victim of parental alienation syndrome (PAS).

He says he hasn’t seen his 14-year-old son since last October and claims his ex-wife destroyed what was once a loving father-son relationship.

Mel Feit, director of the National Center for Men, says Ken’s situation is a classic case of kids being turned against their father, but family law attorney Liz Kates says PAS is a phony tactic used by some men to get out of paying child support.

What does Dr. Phil think?

Then, Karen lost custody of her children after she was accused of parental alienation syndrome by her ex-husband. Karen maintains her innocence, so why were her parental rights terminated when her daughters accused her ex of sexual abuse?

Plus, 19-year-old Demi joins the show via Web cam and says her father verbally abused her mother during their divorce.

Now, she fears that her 15-year-old sister is caught in the middle.

Find out what you can do if you’re caught between sparring parents.

And, meet a father so desperate to see his young children, he kidnapped them from his ex-wife and went on the lam for two years.

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