Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An Open Letter..

To my Babies, [Including the older babies that have aged out of the system Steven Uccio, Dawn Uccio, Louie Uccio and Nicholas Uccio.] know I've never stopped loving you or doing whatever I can to be back with you! No matter what happens know I did all I could possibly do to have my babies back in my life where they belong!

The holidays are here again, my heart is even heavier than it was last year, I thought with my figuring out about the false ACS case and having it overturned, I would finally be with my babies that I have desperately fought non stop for, and who I desperately adore today as much as the day they were born.

[even though they have been lied to a told I do not love them- they will eventually find out the truth!]

Borrowing money for an attorney who came highly recomended for cases that reek of corruption as mine does.

Apparently I had a few more hurdles to overcome before I would figure out the reason they have been "legally" kidnapped from me.

Below will explain what I feel has happened in my case, and why a mother who diligently* took care of her children has been taken out of her children's lives since 2002. No contact what so ever, no matter how many times I've pleaded with the courts.
*according to her daughters Cardiologist.

An Open letter ...

November 8, 2007

Office of the Richmond County
District Attorney
130 Stuyvesant Place
Staten Island N.Y. 10301

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to you because I feel there needs to be criminal corruption investigation as well as a breach of Judicial conduct investigation into a "legal" kidnapping of the children in the "Uccio v Argenziano" case disguised as a child visitation/custody case, by a special prosecutor.

In this request, I am alleging corruption in the Richmond County Court system, starting with Administration of Children's Services, the family court and possibly including Supreme court Judge Barbara Panepinto, as well as Staten Island Family Court Services. Custody was transferred with no visitation using intrinsic and extrinsic fraud and coercion. To date I have been unable to obtain any relief via an investigation into my allegations by the Richmond County D.A. the FBI or any of the Judicial remedies available to litigants.

Judge Barbara Panepinto's husband Joseph Panepinto is the youth director with the Catholic Youth Organization [CYO] where my estranged husband has worked for over 10 years. My estranged husband is living with Aggie Panepinto who is an alleged child pornography photographer. I feel the "family like" connection is obvious. Moreover, given the blatant fraud involved in this case, and the apparent numerous players involved in this fraud, it cries out for an investigation from a special prosecutor. This case thus far has caused a civil lawsuit against the City and ACS for Malicious Prosecution and Negligent Misrepresentation.

Since I am formally asking for an investigation into a Richmond County Matrimonial Judge and numerous players within the Richmond county court system, I feel the Divorce summons and complaint awaiting appointment in the Supreme Court must be taken away from that part and given to a specially appointed Judge who can be unbiased.

My attorney informed me last week that he feels I should voluntarily give up my parental rights, and hope my children come running back to me when they see I have given up. He stated "Catherine Bridge will win everything." When I asked how that was possible with such obvious fraud, he claimed "she is a power house, she wins all of her cases." I have been up against Catherine Bridge Pro Se in front of Judge Ajello and I know she is no power house. I have heard that Judge Barbara Panepinto is the power house.

I see no other way to take this statement other than to mean my Divorce has been pre determined, as were the Garson cases.
Therefore I ask that a special prosecutor and a special Judge be appointed to this case, to avoid any further appearances of improprieties, and malfeasances.

Respectfully submitted,


Louise Uccio

Cc Hon. Philip G. Minardo
Cc Representative(s) XXX xxx XXX

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