Monday, September 29, 2008

Pull Jeanine Pirro show for my jail hell

Thursday, September 25th 2008, 1:36 AM

For 16 years, he languished in an upstate prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Now, Jeffrey Deskovic, 34, is taking on Jeanine Pirro, the Westchester County district attorney-turned-TV-judge who refused to revisit evidence that later exonerated him in the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl.

"She has engaged in prosecutorial misconduct regularly in just an all-out effort to win, even at the cost of innocence and justice," Deskovic told the Daily News Wednesday.

Deskovic, who was released from prison in 2006, is demanding that network executives pull Pirro's show, which premiered this week on CW11.

He is leading a protest Thursday outside the network's Manhattan parent company.

"That judgeship television show is bringing her national attention like she was this really good crimefighter when she was the district attorney," Deskovic said.

"In fact, the reality is far different. I think it's important for the world to know what her real record is."

Deskovic was a 17-year-old high school sophomore when he was convicted in 1991 of the brutal murder of his classmate, Angela Correa.

Two years later, Pirro was elected Westchester DA. She repeatedly refused to reopen Deskovic's case despite several appeals and DNA test results proving he did not rape Correa.

Pirro's successor, Janet DiFiore, agreed in 2006 to run the test results in a New York DNA database of convicted felons. It matched convicted murderer Steven Cunningham, who later confessed to killing Correa.

"Nobody walks away from a wrongful conviction without being affected by it," Deskovic said. "It was very traumatic."

Deskovic, now a columnist for the Westchester Guardian newspaper, noted that Pirro's office has also come under fire for its conduct in other notable cases, including that of accused murderer Anthony DiSimone.

DiSimone was convicted in 2000, but the judgement was overturned last year on the grounds that Pirro didn't hand over evidence that may have proved his innocence.

Link - Pull Jeanine Pirro show for my jail hell

My two cents-

Do they (the corrupt politically connected) really think that we the people they've screwed are going to sit around with our thumbs up our *^% and LET them get away with what they've done?

Do they THINK we're idiots?

Do they THINK we're sheep?

Do they HOPE we're idiots?

Do they HOPE we're sheep?

Know what I've got to say to that?



Funny, or Ironic, that I open this email right after I blogged about this story?

DailyOM: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

September 29, 2008
The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Nothing Is Insurmountable

When our next best course of action seems unclear, any dilemmas we face can appear insurmountable. Yet there is nothing we cannot overcome with time, persistence, focused thought, help, and faith. Whatever the situation or problem, there is always a solution. And if you remember to look within, even as you search around you for the “right” course of action, you will be able to center yourself, clear your mind, and see that nothing has to be impossible.

The first step in overcoming any obstacle is to believe that it can be overcome. Doing so will give you the strength and courage to move through any crisis. The second step is to make a resolution that you can prevail over any chaos. Enlist your support network of family and friends if necessary. The more minds there are to consider a problem, the more solutions can be found. Don’t discount ideas just because they seem impractical or “unrealistic,” and don’t keep searching for the “best” alternative. Often there is no “best” choice, there is only a choice to make so we can begin moving beyond whatever is obstructing our path. At the very least, making a choice, even if isn’t the ideal one, can give you a sense of peace before you have to figure out what your next course of action will be.

If you feel overwhelmed by the scope of your troubles, you may want to think of other people who have turned adversity into triumph. We often gain a fresh perspective when we remember others who have overcome larger obstacles. It can be inspiring to hear of their victories, helping us remember that there is always light at the end of every tunnel. It is during our darkest hours that we sometimes need to remind ourselves that we don’t have to feel helpless. You have within and around you the resources to find a solution to any problem. And remember that if a solution or choice you make doesn’t work, you are always free to try another. Believe that you can get through anything, and you will always prevail.

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Allan said...
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Allan said...

I think this is probably one of the biggest slaps in the face to anyone having dealings directly or indirectly with joke of a judicial system (emphasis on SYSTEM) How can anyone with a sound mind give this woman a show? Especially a LAW show??? Her husband is a freakin wannabe mobster and she's just as crooked as he is.
Boat bugs anyone???