Thursday, September 11, 2008

Louise Uccio - Why

I was looking up my name from a google
search on my site meter ...
that someone did on me
and I came up with a page of poetry....

So I think.. I wrote this? When?
Hey it sounds like something I could have written ..
but I didn't...

So for half a min I'm a little confused..
then I remember I have a cousin Lu-Lu --
dayum she was a baby last time I saw her..
she can't be old enough to write poetry..
then I remember ..

That was well over 20 years ago..
WOW time flies!

Lu-Lu aka Louise Uccio (my cousin) great work...
I'll share it with my readers....
Oh and I guess now that we're both using Louise
since apparently we've grown up and out -- of being called -
I should give you fair warning...
Pray they don't confuse YOU for ME!
I've become known for being outspoken
especially where children and civil rights are concerned
as you can see from this page...
and well.. I've pissed some people off along the way...
and ummm
I have no regrets when all is said and done
and I'm walking away from some idiot that
can't or wont be open-minded
on one issue or another...
nor did I or would I apologize for it
So ... it might be a good idea to use your
middle initial in CAPS or bold it ..
or even use an alias if your smart!

Without further delay.. a great poem by my poor cousin
who's stuck with the 101 questions usually reserved
for those that know or are related to me
Poem below by my cousin.. Louise Uccio

People wonder why I am the way I am.
People wonder why I do what I do.
People wonder who am I?.....Really!

I wonder why I am the way I am.
I wonder why I do what I do.
I wonder who I am........Really!

The difference between me and them is,
I don't wonder why they are the way they are,
I don't wonder why they do what they do,
I don't wonder who they are!.......Really!

Louise Uccio

Copyright ©2008 Louise Uccio

1 comment:

JQ75 said...

Oh my, poor lulu, getting your bad rap as an "outspoken" person.

As if being "outspoken" is a federal offense. Oh I probably shouldn't say that, maybe it will become one.

There are a lot of people, even in my town, that share my name, only one is related, my father.

I hadn't given it much thought but I've impugned them too, since around the court house I'm known as being a "poor litigant with a poor a attitude relating to the court".

Pointing out that I was there to prove I was a good father not a good "litigant" garnered no understanding. I even stated that I had no desire to e a litigant and did not understand how playing the "litigant" games related to my parenting skills. Unfortunately they assumed my literal question was simply rhetorical.

How arrogant of the court to think that I should treat them as well as I treat my own son who I love. What has the court done to earn my love? NOTHING! In fact, their corruption and ineptitude have earned my contempt.