Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Law: Making False Allegations of Abuse, Will it Affect Getting Child Custody/Visitation

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New York

As most of you know .. I am an alienated parent and a survivor of domestic violence..

Apparently due to my estranged husbands political connections to the Panepinto's Executive Director Joseph Panepinto and his wife Judge Barbara Panepinto .. small side not- Mr. Wonderful aka Estranged husband lives with Aggie Panepinto- who is acting like my children's mother!

I've had to deal with hearing officers and judges keeping me out of my children's lives for seven years WITHOUT Subject Matter Jurisdiction... aka lawless orders numerous violations ...

Three fucking attorneys --Mario Acunzo--Lawrence Sykes--Peter Lomtevas --not counting the Child Support attorneys appointed by the court..

Of course the kidnappers attorney Catherine Bridge.. making it four attorneys and counting ...

Wait we can't leave out Thomas Conigatti of Conigatti and Ryan the law guardian.

Five Judges -- Judge Terrence McElrath-- Judge Lewis Lubell --Judge Micheal Ajello-- Judge Debra Silber --And lets NOT forget that Judge Barbara Panepinto had this case in front of her before I forced her to recuse herself (yeah gotta love that one)

Two administrative Judges - Judge Jane Pearl and Judge Philip Minardo..

3 Hearing Officers .. Bonnie Cohen Gallet.. Cheryl Reeves and Patrica Hickey .. Staten Island Support Magistrate(s) and you think one of them would have mentioned this GIGANTIC FLAW?

Pffffffffffffff hell no! Apparently they're all in it together!

I had to figure it out for myself and that took seven years (shaking my head) I hope each attorney or Judge that was aware of the lawlessness of my case yet ignored it and let my children and I suffer without each other-- suffer equal to the suffering me and my kids have had to endure--

Oh yeah one had a heart attack (Mario Acunzo) and dropped dead.. to bad he didn't suffer enough.. a heart attack was to easy for what he did to us!

My case has all the makings of a RICO case..

Anywho.. I watched the view this morning with Alec Baldwin and was very impressed with his interview..

Anyone that believes or advocated on behalf of those that believe Parent Alienation isn't real needs to pull their heads out of their asses and stop advocating for those with an agenda!

Sad part is.. I am a survivor of DV and I KNOW PA/PAS is VERY REAL!

For those that don't know .. it's mostly DV groups that say it's junk science.. well I know better!

Ok geeezzz I get sidetracked so easy.. I wanted to share with you what I read tonite... about false allegations... it's an awesome article see link below.

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Anonymous said...

I read this post and noticed that I am assigned to Judge Lubell for my divorce which involves serious domestic violence issues. Please email me about this guy, anything you know would help, I feel like I am going to get screwed in this divorce case...

Maria Phelps

wfkane2001 said...

I continue to be involved in a domestic action in the 9th JD in Goshen since April 2006, and wrote Andrew Cuomo last week asking for an investigation into the faailure of hs courts to provide me with a divorce.

I chooose here not to list all that has happened keeping my remarks to Judge Lubell, who never heard my case.

In the Fall of 2009 Judge Lubell signed my divorce documents. Except that he should have never signed them, Judge Giacomo should have signed them.

Now February 2010, 5 months after he signed these documents I wait for what is known as "vacating" Judge Lubells signature.

The 9th JD in Goshen has been quite dysfunctional since I began my journey through this sytsem, a revolving door for Judges assigned from Westchester, an Administrative Judge who remarked Orange and Dutchess Counties were " The Colonies". You bet we are being treated with no focused representation.

The first Judge in my case Judge Ivan Lawrence Horowitz resigned, after admitting to inappropriate behavior, in addition he was being investigated before being assigned to my divorce, and was in contempt of his own divorce. He arrived in the courtroom when he choose leaving us scheduled to see him waiting up to 1.5 hrs. Where is the respect for us in that situation.

I had requested my attorney call for Judge Ivan Lawrence Horowitz " Recuse" himslef, which he did not fearing backlash. Well we got backlash, having to restart the entire process under Judge William J. Giacomo.

From the start know your rights, and do not expect your attorney to give them to you. I ended up reading NY State Domestic Law, found by going to the Library in the courthouse.

I went online and read hundreds of Appelate cases relevant to the conditions of my divorce.

Its a pay for service arrangement, the more you pay your attorney, the better service you will recieve. Its a scam when they say they will work zealously for you. I worked harder then my attorney, having him aske me to provide him with the relevant case law for final arguments to the Judge following the trial

To my understanding Judge Giacomo no longer resides in Goshen, having been transferred back to White Plains, yet my case is not over, two years after he heard it, and now an appeal is required because the "Fact and Findings"are inconsistent with the court transcript, and testimony.

for marital assets and debts were forgotten to be distributed, and distributions were made with no testimony to the facts.

How can we trust the Law to provide us justice under these conditions, where just as in business the Politics of the law are interferring in our lives.

Take back you life and NY State by writing Andrew Cuomo, Attroney General State of NY know.

One of his responsibilites to you and I is protecting our rights as NY Residents, and that includes protecting our rights from the Judicial System he is in charge of.

Dont wait years to point out the your experiences in Goshen