Saturday, December 20, 2008

DCF is Denying Children Their Right To Celebrate Christmas

Staff Writers
Connecticut DCF Watch

Hartford, CT - DCF has intentually denied both parents and children in fostercare to engage in their protected 1st Amendment right to celebrate the holidays with their siblings and parents.

DCF has even gone to the extent to tell fostercare providers if they get presents not to give them to the children for which they are intended. Like in Harry Potter under the staircase, the child never gets that letter or presents and the child is left feeling alone and abandoned at the hands of DCF. The foster care system is just a cover name for the incarceration of children. DCF may as well put ankle bracelets on all the foster children. Even enemies in the time of war on the battle field would stop to celebrate Christmas.

DCF has even placed children in non-Christian homes who do not celebrate Christmas who then denies the child the right to celebrate their religious beliefs. This also applies to children of other faiths like the Jewish holidays. One of the requisite requirements to being a DCF worker is that you must be cold as ice and heartless like the DCF commissioner.

DCF has stripped these innocent children of their mothers, fathers, siblings and even their pet puppies as well as the spirit of Christmas.

How would you feel if DCF did this to you and locked you up in some abusive fostercare system and as you cry yourself to sleep wondering when your mommy and daddy was coming to get you and DCF refuses to listen to you when you tell them you were never abused and the worker had lied. This goes on thousands of time every year.

I hope everyone can live with themselves as they have a jolly holiday and remember some child is shivering in the darkness as we speak.

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