Friday, March 30, 2007

Yanno If I took these allegations serious

Yanno If I took these allegations serious ..

I would have slit my wrists years ago..

I'm laughing because this didn't even raise an eyebrow when I saw it, what a shame I'm so use to the games, the "misunderstandings", every time I turn around there's another false allegation, as well as the malicious prosecution,and the negligent misrepresentation from ACS, lets not even get into the Civil rights violations!

I never ends- False allegations, transcripts that happened to be "inaudible" when I said "TEST ME" after I was accused of being a drug addict, a request that was DENIED BTW! (shaking my head)

Imagine this - more "misunderstanding" perhaps, or were my words twisted?

No, how dare that thought come into my head that would never happen in our trustworthy courts- NEVER!

So I guess when I "thought I wrote" that I wanted to appeal the fact that I WAS GETTING- NO VISITATION, I must have made a mistake and wrote that I wanted my EX TO HAVE NO VISITATION-

Ahhhh yes I can see how I must have been misunderstood.

Good thing I have the original paper work from this attempted appeal, this way, one day if anyone questioned me on it, I have PROOF.

I guess it's also a good thing that I have transcripts from the OP hearing, where I told the judge, (after he ordered the OP after hearing my ex try to tell him that I fell backwards through a dinning room table while he was screaming at me and I was backing up away from him) my ex could see the children WHENEVER HE WANTED!

I guess the Judge didn't believe him, and I have to say this judge was awesome- he even gave my ex an opportunity to SHOW him how I ended up needing stiches in my shoulder blade. I guess the truth prevailed in that case, because he flat out told my ex that he DID NOT believe it was an accident!

Nonetheless, It also proves that my ex was being so difficult that nothing the judge or I offered was good enuff, weekdays? weekends? Days? Nights?

Nothing made him happy, so I finally said WHENEVER HE WANTS I DON'T CARE!

Of course these transcripts were before the false allegations by Mr wonderful, and before his moving in with AGGIE PANEPINTO!

OoOoo Did I tell you all what happed the other day? Yeah I get distracted easily!

My old psychiatrist called to see how this case was going, how I was doing and all that other good stuff, and I told her... NOWHERE! "YET"

As all of you probably know, I filed for a divorce in another County, from where this "case" was (if you can call it that) it's been much more like a horror movie.

Anyway here's what she said and I quote- when I told her what I found out, (with the whole ex's live in girlfriend's same last name as the Director of the CYO where my ex referees, who happens to be married to a Supreme Ct Judge.

After her jaw dropped she said - "That's a very suspicious coincidence" -

Now this misunderstanding, yanno good thing I can brush this stuff off, and keep on fighting- or lilke I said, Id'a slit my wrists eyons ago.

Matter of Uccio v Argenziano

BTW I still haven't gotten rid of my stalker, but it's ok I've told my lawyer and taken measures to PROVE I'M BEING STALKED!

I've also taken measures to prove that I've asked nicely for them to unsubscribe from my posts. Yet there they sit and read every word I say, watching, and stalking. I should be use to this, when I was living with him there was nothing sacred- not one ounce of privacy, constant intimidation, and verbal abuse, it should come as no surprise that he would stalk me now that the Divorce is about to begin.

(Shaking my head again)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A special thank you to my hunnie!

I know I've been hard to deal with..

I've been so much less fun than I am capable of..

I've been stressed- depressed-unable to funtion..

Most nites I've been unable to fall asleep-

When and if I do fall asleep- I've been unable to stay asleep -

But one person is able to make me smile - even if it's just

by his holding me and reminding me -it'll all work out in the end..

Here's to him for standing beside me through it all..

So here's to my hunnie - Mwahhhhhhhh I LOVE U!

Worthless alienators

Has anyone else noticed that parents that alienate their children from the other parent are less than worthy of the childs love to begin with.

Do you think they know they are the lesser of the two parents?

They wouldnt stand a chance in the courts if they haddent bullied their spouse and manipulated thier children.

Of course they have to use false allegations, they need the help of the courts because they are second rate parents, and usually ignorant, deficient second rate humans and of course the court would find that out without the flase allegations.

In fact they are so unworthy of their children they have no other choice than to brainwash them, other wise the children would know the alilenators are below the non alieanting parent, in fact they aren't even worthy of getting the the basement mouse!

I can see how such a worthless person would have no other choice than to become an alienator.

So sad, but the world will find out just how worthless and pathetic these alienators are and wisk them off into a world of nothiness where they belong!

Of course on the surface they desperately try to fit in with the rest of us, but it's only a farse they are sub human.

Ever notice they aren't loved they only know manipulation and fear?

For if it wasn't for fear they would be exposed - for the below average joe's that they are- for the unloving -selfish- unworthy- sub human creatures they so claim to despise!

In fact they are afraid the rest of the world knows how miniscule they really are-

Good thing they know they are such sub human worthless wastes of life, that keeps them trying to impress everyone and prove they are worthy (hahaha) and it'll keep them busy for a while and out of our hair!

FYI- thank you "bully online" for the thoughts that inspired this blog!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome and PAS

Stockholm Syndrome and PAS

I recieved this earlier today from one of my support groups,

With permission from the original author Jeff Parks, it is reprinted here..

Tonight 20/20 had a story on a girl named Jessica who was kidnapped just as she turned 13.

Click here: ABC News

It's only 5:42 of what was probably 12 mins, so I'll fill you in.

The Kidnapper convinced her within a month that her new name was Cindy, and she was in a new family.

She has been criticized for not running away or asking for help, but she says that she couldn't, she was too scared and her dependency on the perp was too powerful...

"People just don't understand she said"..

The "brainwashing" as they called it was so strong that she insisted to the FBI after 3 months that her name was Cindy, forgetting who Jessica was.

The FBI said there are 100 cases annually of stranger abduction with brainwashed identities.

How can we know this and have people question whether PA/PAS exists.

We know kids can easily be threatened and manipulated in replacing their individual and family identity.

Cognitive developmental stage and attachment/separation needs of kids make them especially vulnerable.

So how can we as a culture allow our divorce industry, to normalize the process of marginalizing and replacing a parent?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

More CPS abuse




Protected To DEATH By Child Protective Services (2007 - 2007)

Drugs doses called threat - The Boston Globe

NYC Administration For Children's Services Must Be Stopped: An Open Letter To Amy Goodman (and to you).

Drugged from birth - Homeland Stupidity

Brownsville Herald : TYC board resigns, leaves power to one man

Drugging Foster Kids?

Tampabay: Child-care workers say system is working

AFRA Hot Spots- Places where something BIG is happening

False Allegations of Child Abuse

Child Protective Services C P S is targeting specific :: NNSeek

The latest abuse by CPS

Toddler physically, possibly sexually abused; Family holds CPS responsible

Before you watch this video be forewarned this baby was abused- without a doubt-


Thanks again CPS good goin!

Watch This Video

Posted 3/16/07BAKERSFIELD -

A Tehachapi family is outraged Friday night after finding bruises on their little girl when she was returned to them from a foster home.
The 2-year-old toddler was placed with her grandmother earlier this week after Child Protective Services found bruising on the girl during a foster home visit last week.
The grandmother said the toddler was emaciated, bruised, her head shaved bald, and possibly sexually abused.
We want to warn you, some of the pictures may be graphic.
“I couldn’t even think,” said Heather Yeck, the toddler’s mother. “I was in shock. I couldn’t even cry. I was just sick.”
Yeck is talking about her reaction after seeing these pictures of her daughter taken by her grandmother, bruised from head-to-toe and also in areas we can’t show you.
“She was totally black and blue,” said Cynthia Miller, grandmother. “Underneath her diaper and her ankles and her legs were covered with bruises.”
Her grandmother said the 2-year-old should not have been taken away in the first place. A Tehachapi Sheriff’s detective took the toddler away from her parents in late January and placed her in the hands of Child Protective Services when a thin fracture in the leg was found after she tripped over a wire—an indication of abuse in the past, but not so anymore. She reads a report from a county doctor.
“This is a very common accidental fracture in toddlers, and may occur even with an apparently minor fall and twist of the tibia,” the report stated.
The girl is staying with her grandmother now, and even though it has been a few days, you can still see remnants of her bruising but it’s nothing compared to the condition she came in with that Tuesday afternoon.
Her parents are furious.
“These people say they’re supposed to be Child Protective Services? And they take away my little girl because she falls on a little carpet strip and get a little spiral fracture which is really common,” said Sonny Wright, stepfather. “But they try to say we’re dangerous, we’re neglecting our kids, yet when we get her back, she’s not even the same little girl.”
“All I want to say is I want justice for my baby,” said Yeck, mother. “I want someone to suffer for this just as she has.”
We tried to get CPS’ side of the story, but they declined an on-camera interview and a statement, citing that they were prohibited by national laws from discussing the case. They did say over the phone a social worker checked on Savannah weekly, CPS discovered and reported the injuries during a visit last Thursday and acted immediately when injuries were discovered, and they are conducting their own investigation into what occurred at the foster home.
Bakersfield Police are also investigating the case.
The foster home was local.

These sad stories are nothing new... (see story below)

Fathers Horror In Child Sex Scandal (from The Northern Echo)

Salt Lake Tribune - 14-year-old foster-care lawsuit may end in deal

Everyone is a target- :: Watson comes out ahead of non-story

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

To hell in a handbasket

As I sit here reading my google alerts...I shake my head

I get alerts about "Child ANYTHING BUT protective services" -

I'm sorry I mean "child protective services"

Is it me or has anyone else noticed, according to these alerts and CPS statistics, parents have gone wild..

As they would have the general public believe parents have children for one purpose and one purpose only to abuse them!

I don't know about you, but my children (yes the ones that have been alienated from me) range in age from 27 down to 12, and I'll tell you what, I raised my first born with just as many parents in the world as I raised my second child.

Yet it's amazing the amount of parents that appear to have flown off the handle and started suddenly raping, abusing, and not wanting to support their children.

Or could it be that these statistics are inflated, because fit loving warm devoted parents are losing their children for no reason other than they are to poor to fight the system?

It's just as astonishing how it appears that every man just before he began beating raping and not wanting to support his children, he abused his wife/girlfriend to the point she felt in such fear for her life that she needed a restraining order, DV orders that included a sure fire way to keep the husband out of the children's lives!

Now I don't know, call me blonde if you want, but wasn't it around the same time that all those laws were passed to help families in 1996 or those Title lV-D grants, that parents appear to have suddenly gone insane?

Check it out tho, soon after the men appeared to have gone insane guess what?

Some of the women of the world began to follow suit, they began to beat their husbands/boyfriends and then abuse their children. (Or so the Courts records would have you believe!)

So now you have kids growing up with the parent that got to the courts first and filed their restraining orders. How about that- Orders of Protection are not in place to protect any longer- they are now used by abusive litigants in divorce-
Say it ain't so! what a shame!

Bottom line is - Orders of Protection have become the "in thing" millions of wasted tax payers dollars to help fight Domestic Violence and guess what- So many domestic violence survivors like myself and so many others are NOT being helped, and have been turned away by the groups that claim to help DV victims. The groups that are getting funded by the government to help! (See earlier posts for the "why")

Instead abusive litigants are using OP to alienate their children from the other parent because that's the best way for a vindictive spouse to get back at the other parent!

Wake the fluck up America! Cuz next time it may be your child unconstitutionally taken, or it may be your wife/girlfriend husband/boyfriend getting an OP to keep YOU away from your children.

Can't happen to you? Ha I never in my worst nightmares thought I would lose the love of my children, but guess what- with the way things work in the system- IT DID HAPPEN TO ME!

Now don't get me wrong, I know there are sickos out there that do abuse their wives/husbands/children but your average first grader can tell you the numbers are extremely inconsistant with the real abuses out there.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dems smell blood in the water

Found this on the Web, thought it was pretty interesting so here it is..

March 13, 2007
Dems smell blood in the water

Posted 12:32 pm

The WaPo noted this morning that “administration officials say they are braced for a new round of criticism today from lawmakers who may feel misled by recent testimony” from Justice Department officials. Since those officials appear to have been lying blatantly, it appears that lawmakers have reason to “feel misled.”

As it happens, this has not escaped the Dems’ attention. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) issued this statement this morning.

“The White House and the Attorney General have dodged Congress’s questions and ducked accountability as if they still were dealing with a rubberstamp Congress. They are discovering that those days are gone.

“I am outraged that the Attorney General was less than forthcoming with the Senate while under oath before the Judiciary Committee. It is deeply disturbing that this plan appears to have originated from high-ranking officials at the White House and executed in secret with a complicit Department of Justice.

“This is not how justice is served, nor is it how our system of checks and balances is designed to work. It is an abuse of power committed in secret to steer certain outcomes in our justice system, and then to dust over the tracks. The President of the United States and the Attorney General are responsible for setting the moral standard for this Administration. Apparently this matter does not bother them but it does bother me, and we will summon whoever we need in our hearings to get to the bottom of this.”

Leahy obviously wasn’t the only one. This morning, Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) held a press conference on the Hill to express serious concern about the latest revelations They didn’t hold back.Muckraker has the whole transcript, but here are some noteworthy excerpts.

From Schumer:

“Make no mistake about it: This has become as serious as it gets. Just when we thought our faith could not be shaken any further, it has been.

“At the very beginning, I was clear that something didn’t smell right, but I had no idea how high it went. The latest revelations prove beyond any reasonable doubt that there has been unprecedented breach of trust, abuse of power and misuse of the Justice Department. And that is very serious and very important.

“The U.S. attorneys are in their own districts the lead enforcer of the rule of law, without fear or favor.

“When you see the picture, the symbol of the eagle holding the arrows above every Justice Department office throughout the land, it stands for fair, unbiased, nonpolitical justice being rendered.

“And yet that has been called into question by a series of blunders, missteps and abuse of power in the Justice Department.

“This weekend I called for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to step down. Today’s staff resignation does not take heat off the attorney general. In fact, it raises the temperature. Kyle Sampson will not become the next Scooter Libby, the next fall guy.

“Either attorney General Gonzales knew what his chief of staff was doing — that’s a pretty severe indictment — or he didn’t, which means he doesn’t have the foggiest idea of what’s going on in the Justice Department.

“We now have direct evidence that Attorney General Gonzales was carrying out the political wishes of the president in at least some of these firings. A startling amount of information about the White House’s role has emerged in the past few days.

“Attorney General Gonzales’ chief of staff withheld information on the White House’s role in the Justice Department, in terms of who was preparing to testify to Congress. Attorney Gonzales’ chief of staff may well have obstructed justice.”

From Feinstein:

“As I began to look into it, we got a great deal of push back from the attorney general: that I didn’t know my facts, I didn’t know what we were doing, that this was all being done for performance reasons.

“And then, as we got the performance reports, I was told, Well — and the performance reports were all good. I was told, ‘Well, it was done for policy reasons;’ they didn’t follow policy of the main Justice in one way or another.

“And then finally, in an op-ed done by the attorney general in USA Today, the rationale was given, ‘Well, we lost confidence in them.’
“We now know that it is very likely that the amendment to the Patriot Act, which was made in March of 2006, might well have been done to facilitate a wholesale replacement of all or part of U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation.

“On Wednesday we will vote on a motion to give cloture to the bill that would return the Patriot Act back to where it was before this all happened. I very much hope that passed.
“We really need to know whether this amendment in March of ‘06 was orchestrated by the White House. Who asked for the change?

“We’ve also learned that there was a target list prepared, that the idea for these firings began some two years ago, that the White House counsel at the time had suggested that all 93 attorneys be replaced. And the dismissals were orchestrated by the chief of staff of the attorney general.

“Now, were these dismissals orchestrated then without the knowledge of the attorney general?

I think that’s a question we have to know.

“Therefore, I believe it’s extraordinarily important to issues subpoenas to Mr. Rove, to Mrs. Miers, as well as to Mr. Sampson and determine where all this really came from, how it was orchestrated, what the real strategy was.”

Both said a special prosecutor for this scandal might be necessary, but the Senate is moving forward with its own investigation first.

Stay tuned.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What happened to that spark?

This man keeps me smiling-He has a tough job- I'd hate to be him!

Current mood: numb

When this all started..

(Being alienated from my children)

Some of the feelings I was having were...

Originally- Low, sad, down, glum, frustrated, aggravated, distressed, discouraged, bothered, bleak, drab, hopeless, anxious..

Then somehow those feelings became better described as...

Mid way- Depressed, angry, miserable, dejected, dismal..

Then it appears I went through a phase where I was...

Determined, Destined to obtain justice, Forceful, Powerful,

However athough I alternate between Determined, destined,forceful, powerful, and on a mission, as I will not stop until there is justice..

More often than not lately, I am begining to feel ...

NOW- Detached , Disconnected, Paralyzed, Anesthetized, Sedated, Numb, Unresponsive, Isolated, Separated, hebetate, Indifferent, Frozen, Looking in from the outside, Like I am deep within ..The Twilight zone! Standing alone..

I don't understand how the powers that be, stand by, put more money in their pockets and call it a day...

Knowing full well famililes are destroyed, people are killing themselves, children and parents are on forced medication, foster children are more often than not abused if not killed, in the homes the system put them into.

What the hell is going on?

Have our precious children become-Modern day slaves?

What are my/our children feeling? PTSD and or Stockholm syndrome...just for starters!

I have trouble focusing, concentrating, smiling, and or getting through another day!

The more I learn the more I become Paralyzed from disbelief ..

I googled some of the collective feelings I am having, and wasn't shocked at the results I found..

Using the words..detached shut down and emotionally numb,

Here are the Google results...CPJ online - April 2004: Dissociation247)4
Indeed, many self-injurers report, (1) feeling 'emotionally numb', 'detached from themselves' or 'dead ... Emotional Shutdown. Numbing, dissociation from

Domestic Abuse... Feeling emotionally overwhelmed, or having emotions get out of control ... not wanting to talk; Feeling emotionally detached, "shut down", numb, Trauma [ PTSD ]

Feeling numb and detached from others, being withdrawn and avoiding social ... in which case don't force them because they might shut down on you. Stress Disorder (PTSD) Medical Reference Medical ...

If your body does not generate enough cortisol to shut down the flight or ... A parent who is emotionally detached, or numb, might be unable to cope with ...

This insanity needs to stop!

Although I have the most amaging man standing beside me through all of this, he never had children.

I don't think you can understand these feelings unless this has happened to you!

I also know I have the support of other parents in this situation, but as much as we are together in this, each of us still stands alone at night looking into the mirror, or tosses and turns trying to fall asleep every night, wondering ...

How the hell did this happen!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Parent Alienation Syndrome

What's that?
Well I will explain it to those of you that are lucky enough to not know what it is.

But before I get into the "what" I need to fill you in on the "who's who" and "what's what" before I explain trust me you'll need to know the players and the reasons, so as to attempt to understand this insanity!

The players so to speak..
The once intact family- Fathers, Mothers, Children, Grandparents, Cousins, Aunt's, Uncle's, sometimes siblings of the children in original "intact family" almost all of the time the "target parent's friends" (target parent definition is on it's way be patient)

The alienator-
This person is the agressive parent that is scorned.

The target parent-
This one is pretty self explainatory, the "target" of the alienators agression.

The children -
They are the ones caught up in the alienators emotional abuse.

They are the real "victims" in Parental Alienation Syndrome aka PAS.

Before I go on it would be helpful if you were to fully understand personality disorders.

Because the "alienator" more often than not, suffers from one or more of these -
usually group "B" Personality disorders.

In my case again I'll bet my kidneys, my ex will be diagnosed as a full blown narcissist!

Perhaps they will also find he has sociopath tendencies.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is a result of "Parent Alienation"

Parent Alienation- Is exactly what it sounds like, one parent being alienated from their loved children.

DSM- Diagnostic Statistic Manual - The Psychiatrists bible.

Child abuse- As of today December 30, 2006 PAS has not been entered into the DSM as child abuse.

We target parents have no doubt if there were justice in this world it will be in there when the "new" DSM comes out in 2010/2011.

However the last DSM to come out was in the early stages of PAS and not enough reasearch had been done.

Some diagnosis entered into the DSM have taken up to 100 years.

Undermining of parental authority, Here is another easy one.
The alienator has usually been abusing the children while the marraige was still intact.

They do this by constantly undermining the target parents every parental request.

This is done to "align" the child with the parent that knows they are the weaker of the two parents.

When used in the context of PAS this means to become one or stand next to one (the alienator)

Ok now on to the "what"
PAS is the systematic denigration of the "target parent" and most times the targets whole side of the family, usually during a divorce constantly denigrating the target either to the children or in front of the children.

I say usually here because most times if you know what to look for you can and will see the alienator begins his/her campaign of denigrating while the marraige is still intact.

If you did not notice the alienating/undermining before the marraige ended and you were unfortunate enough to be with an alienator you will see it soon after the seperation.

Get help before you decide to leave, seek the help of a DR. and a very good lawyer that understands alienators and how they can destroy a childs mind.

Alienating is done to destroy the previously loving and healthy relationship the children and the targets once knew.

I knew you were waiting for the "why"

In my opinion the "why" is the only variable here, some alienate for all of the following reasons, spite, revenge, guilt, to avoid child support, to look like the better parent therefore playing the victim card, to erase the other parent so the alienator can bring in a "new mommy or daddy" without conflict from the birth parent.

There are many reasons, sometimes it's done for more than one reason.

Whatever the "reason" a disturbed parent (The alienator) would like to hold onto so as to "justify" their behaviour it is plain and simple CHILD ABUSE!

The courts need to pull their heads out of the sand and deal with this abuse NOW!

Some courts have begun to deal with it most have not.

Even the courts that claim to deal with PAS, do so on such a small scale that future generatons are at risk!

I could get into the symptoms the children will exhibit, and there are many.

I could get into how each and every PAS child shows the same exact symptoms, but instead I will briefly discuss the reason it is not in the DSM YET, then I will add links to a few great pages on PAS and let your fingers do the walking.

DSM- This is the psychiatrists bible, it lists all the diagnosis within the mental health field.
Ok on to the controversy, PAS is not in the DSM yet, the last DSM came out in the early 90's and PAS had not been researched by enough DR's to add it into the DSM 4, Since that time there has been extensive reasearch done and we pray that PAS will appear in the DSM 5 to be ready in 2010 or 2011.

Many "womens" groups are feverishly debating the exsistance of PAS because they feel "all women are abused and should be allowed to keep good fathers out of their childrens lives and only "use" fathers as a beating post until he gives her his last dollar along with his last pint of blood.


I am an abused woman who came to you (Because I didn't know better, I thought you helped abused women, which I am!) but because you knew from my story that my children were being alienated from me you turned your back on me.

I have found out this is "normal" practice for your group since you banned together and "decided" that PAS can never be accepted otherwise the cat would be out of the bag!

It appears from what I have read online, that you have "taught" women for generations to alienate men, I am aware of many men that never abused the woman they were accused of abusing, yet they sat in jail and lost custody of their children on the woman's word alone.

Well hello! The abusive men figured out your game and used it against the very women you claim to protect.

So what else were you to do, of course turn your back on us.

Good going! I wont rest until your hidden agenda is exposed!

But now some judges are taking your children away for alienating them from their father, of course it wouldn't fit into your agenda to accept P.A.S!

Ok off my soap box for a second, here are some great sites

PAS links

Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting Awareness Organization - Emotional and mental child abuse

Parental alienation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Help STOP Parental Alienation Syndrome

Coach Training: Parental Alienation (PAS) & Systemic coaching

The Spectrum of Parental Alienation Syndrome (Part I) by Deirde Rand, Piece 2

There are others out there that are also great reading, but this should give you an idea of the what why and what to look out for in a divorce.

I hope this will also help alienated children find their way back to the 'target parent"

Studies show that adult children who were alienated during childhood likened the alienator to a cult leader.

The Cult of Parenthood: A Qualitative Study of Parental Alienation

Here is something I wish I had early in my miserable marraige, man would I have run and never looked back!


Before I leave you to click and search, I'd like to share with you a page on the the narcissist, this will help you understand.

Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Re-Visited - Narcissism, Pathological Narcissism, The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD...

Here you will find a child's view of divorce, this kid is only 12!

Bill's Arena - Links. The Internet's Best Kid's Divorce Site, By A Kid!

FINALLY It's official, in Iowa, lets make it "official" in EVERY STATE!

Vilsack declares April 25th Parental Alienation Awareness Day

Drop me a line to let me know if this blog was helpful.

Peace out!