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DANGER DANGER !! Know the signs!

If your a regular reader of this site.. there is NO DOUBT in my mind...

You need to take this test then when you find out I have a clue .. read on..

Ever notice that magnetic draw to someone that you just can't figure out? Open your eyes and learn the danger signs or they will SUCK YOU IN EVERYTIME! > Find out if you could be a victim of fraud

You need to learn to or completely comprehend what makes up of the Malignant Narcissist and or Psychopath... they are DANGEROUS and use charm.. manipulation and the mind fuck to lure you in.. > Sociopaths are predators, everyone else is prey

RUNNNNNNNNNNN the other way .. they have radar that detects the damaged "people pleaser" victim from many miles away.. if you don't arm yourself with knowledge you will be a repeat victim over and over again..

I often refer to abusers as Narcissists when infact I mean.. Magignant Naricssissts and or Psychopaths! There isn't much difference!

Difference Between Narcissism & Psychopathy: The Spectrum of Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality

Here are a few sites I was reading this morning.. I will link them in the "if your an alienated parent" list on the right ..

Below I say relationships .. I mean friendships as well.. not just love/lust relationships..

Who needs to read this?

ANYONE that notices a pattern of bad relationships in their life...

ANYONE that notices they spend more time being angry that they do happy and can't figure out why..

ANYONE that has said to themself "Oh NO not again" or "why can't I find a good man/woman... or anyone that has been told they are a Narcissist/Psychopath "magnet" when dealing with the opposite sex..

ANYONE that finds themself always "being there" for their friends yet those same friends are hardly if ever there for you...

ANYONE that seeks that mental high from being around someone .. the kind of high that you can't explain.. but the kind of high that leaves you empty soon thereafter.. or frustrated thinking .. if only ......

ANYONE that finds themself people pleasing more then pleasing oneself or one's own family/relationship/children or whom ever YOU would rather be with if only you didn't want to PEOPLE PLEASE...

Without further delay..

Think you can spot a sociopath? Think again. Sociopaths often blend easily into society. They're entertaining and fun at parties. They appear to be intelligent, charming, well-adjusted and likable. The key word is "appear." Because for sociopaths it's all an illusion, designed to convince you to give them what they want.

Sociopaths are masters of manipulation. So before you give away your love, your money or your life, read this website and the Lovefraud Blog.

So I say all of this why?

Becauase I watch friends close friends near and dear to my heart- go from one bad relationship to the next repeating the same pattern being in denial and never understanding "what's your role in this"

*This particular post was fueld by a friend who keeps finding themself in platonic relationships with sociopaths/malignant narcissists over and over again.. but it also applies to love/lust relationships

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Presidential Candidates Challenged on Corruption

For Immediate Release

Presidential Candidates asked to pledge to close the IRS, and realign resources from the Treasury Department to the understaffed Justice Department to fight Public Corruption.

Court Group Challenges Presidential Candidates to Close the IRS, and realign Resources from the Treasury Department to the Justice Department to fight Corruption.

Integrity in the Courts Asks All Federal Candidates To Protect Individual Liberties by Abolishing the Tax Code and IRS.

Integrity in the Courts, a New York based public interest group, has joined with several other organizations to found a non-partisan Coalition to Abolish the Tax Code and the IRS. The purpose of the new coalition is to support various proposals put forth by such groups as the National Federation of Independent Businesses (seeking wide scale tax reform), Freedom Works (favoring flat tax), Americans for Fair Taxation, Fair Tax Blog, and the CATO Institute (favoring national sales tax).

These policy groups and others have as a common goal eliminating the current tax code and the Internal Revenue Service. They seek to replace the code with an entirely new tax system that would be uncomplicated, just and fair. Also, any substitute system would use as its cornerstone a consumer friendly monitoring agency, in place of one that strikes fear in the hearts of most Americans.

Under the plan, the nationwide IRS structure, and most of the 90,000-plus well-trained personnel, would be reassigned from duties under the Treasury Department to functions within the understaffed Department of Justice to specifically address issues of public corruption.

Every Citizen’s Plea is Clear: “Restore our faith in our government!”


The Coalition to Abolish the IRS is seeking to impact the presidential elections, as well as all races for Federal office. It is asking Democratic, Republican and third party candidates to sign
a pledge to vote to abolish the tax court and the IRS in the event they are elected to office.

The Coalition has issued the following statement in support of its pledge drive: “The Coalition believes that it is imperative that this tax reform effort become an essential element in the 2008 Federal elections. Without question, the outright abolishment of the current unfair, unworkable, overly complex tax system is long overdue. Most importantly, as citizens are freed from government intruding in their personal lives, the abolishment of the present tax system will restore individual creativity, drive and initiative that will be major factors in reviving the economic engine of the United States.

The Pledge

The Coalition to Abolish the IRS has requested all candidates for Federal office to execute the following pledge. The pledge below has been drawn up for the two major party presidential candidates:

I, Barack Obama/John McCain, hereby pledge to propose as a first order of business legislation to the U.S. Congress to abolish the present Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Service during my first term in office. I further pledge to support legislation to replace the present code with a system that is simple, honest, and fair. Under the new system to be proposed, the IRS will be eliminated and replaced with a mere bookkeeping agency with strictly limited powers. I am committed to fighting public corruption and will lead the nation in the restoration of the people’s faith in their government.

In addition, I hereby call on all candidates for election to the House and Senate to pledge to vote for the legislation I will propose to abolish the tax code and IRS.

For further information contact the coalition at:

For More Information, Contact:

Frank Brady at Integrity in the Courts
206-426-3558 (tel and fax)

Here's the Letter sent to the Presidential Candidates and All U.S. Senators:

Integrity in the Courts

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

October 30, 2008

Senator Barack Obama
713 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510 Via facsimile 202-228-4260

Senator John McCain
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. Via facsimile 202-228-2862

RE: Your Signed Pledge to Restore Our Faith in Our Government

Dear Senators Obama and McCain,

Integrity in the Courts, a New York based public interest group, has joined with several other organizations to found a non-partisan Coalition to Abolish the Tax Code and the IRS. The purpose of the new coalition is to support various proposals put forth by such groups as the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Freedom Works, Americans for Fair Taxation, Fair Tax Blog, and the CATO Institute.

Under the plan, the nationwide IRS structure, and most of the 90,000-plus well-trained personnel, would be reassigned from duties under the Treasury Department to functions within the understaffed Department of Justice to specifically address issues of public corruption.

It is respectfully requested that you review the attached, and sign the following pledge:

I, __________________________, hereby pledge to propose as a first order of business legislation to the U.S. Congress to abolish the present Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Service during my first term in office. I further pledge to support legislation to replace the present code with a system that is simple, honest, and fair. Under the new system to be proposed, the IRS will be eliminated and replaced with a mere bookkeeping agency with strictly limited powers. I also pledge my commitment to fighting public corruption and will lead the nation in the restoration of the people’s faith in their government.

In addition, I hereby call on all candidates for election to the House and Senate to pledge to vote for the legislation I will propose to abolish the tax code and IRS.

Date: _________________ __________________________________

Good Luck. To all of us!

Very truly yours,

Frank Brady for Integrity in the Courts
206-426-3558 (tel and fax)


Expose Corrupt Courts: Presidential Candidates Challenged on Corruption Fix (CLICK HERE)

I borrowed this from one of my favorite sites .. I know it's linked above on my blog roll..

but I didn't want anyone to pass this up today!

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Park Cities People To Screen or Not to Screen?

by Kersten Rettig
October 23rd, 2008
Join the debate! Whether you're from Dallas, Texas or not you can make your comments here: and don't forget to write to the school board too!
"Highland Park High School (Dallas, Texas) recently sent 9th grade parents an email announcing that they will once again conduct TeenScreen, a health screening program that could identify depression and other mental health issues. Parents must give their consent to allow their 9th grade child to go through the screening process. I know of one mother who is refusing to allow her son to take this test. Why would any parent deny their child an opportunity to get this screening which could possibly identify serious emotional issues?"

Five people are arrested in child prostitution sting

TAMPA — An undercover sting targeting child prostitution led to the rescue of six Tampa Bay area youngsters and the arrest of five adults, FBI officials said Tuesday.

Federal and local authorities carried out the investigation as part of a national effort called Operation Cross Country II, which rescued a total of 47 child prostitutes around the country during a three-day sting that took place last week.

It was the latest effort by the Innocence Lost Initiative, a program started in 2003 to target domestic sex trafficking of children.

"It's a rapidly growing problem that we're seeing nationwide," said FBI Tampa spokesman Dave Couvertier.

He said pedophiles look for underage victims on social networking sites or by visiting prostitution "hot spots," like motels along Nebraska Avenue, truck stops and casinos. They also frequent adult businesses to track down children through pimps or other prostitutes. All are places investigators focused on during the operation.

"There's a large underground network," Couvertier said.

He said pimps recruit prostitutes by preying on runaways or homeless and vulnerable children looking for affection on the Internet. Pimps are attracted to young people struggling with a drug habit, and barter drugs for their services.

The adults rounded up in the sting included two pimps and three female prostitutes, authorities said.

Officials said the pimps were Edgar Carlos Bueno, 41, of 4714 W Pearl Ave. in Tampa, charged with transporting for prostitution, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia; and James S. Sims, 29, of 4850 Heron Pointe Drive in Tampa, charged with deriving support from proceeds of prostitution.

The arrested adult females were Celedonia Helen House, 20, of 8208 Clermont St. in Tampa, charged with prostitution; Kokiela Tresce Eaves, 19, of 1523 W Broad St. in Tampa, charged with prostitution, uttering a forged instrument and two counts of grand theft; and Jo Jo Missy Shipp, 28, who has the same address as Sims, was charged with two counts of offering to commit prostitution.

Of the six juveniles rescued last week, who were all 16 or 17, one said she had been involved in prostitution since she was 12, Couvertier said.

"Once they're groomed and conditioned, they are threatened and coerced into that lifestyle of prostitution," he said.

Locally, the FBI partners with the Tampa police and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for undercover stings. Four of the six young people recovered in Tampa were listed as endangered runaways with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Once authorities rescue them, they are referred to a local child protective services agency to be placed in protective custody.

During a news conference this week in Washington, D.C., to announce the results of Operation Cross Country II, FBI deputy director John S. Pistole called sex trafficking of children "one of the most violent and unconscionable crimes."

"There are few law enforcement missions more important than protecting our nation's children," Pistole said in remarks on the FBI's Web site.

Couvertier said the latest sting netted the largest number of children in one operation since the initiative began in 2003.

Kevin Graham can be reached at or (813) 226-3433.

Five people are arrested in child prostitution sting - St. Petersburg Times

Two Houston men charged in nationwide prostitution sting

Crispus Lewis, charged with sexual assault of a child, is accused of prostituting a 16-year-old girl.
Dominic Richards is charged with compelling prostitution, aggravated promotion of prostitution and sexual assault of a child.

Two Houston men remain in jail today after being arrested as part of a three-day nationwide sting to get child prostitutes off the streets.

The operation involved local law enforcement in 29 cities across the country working with the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
Houston police Officers Emma Rodriguez and Catherine Clogher, of Juvenile Division's sex crimes unit, helped arrest the two local men accused of being pimps to three teenage girls.

The goal, Rodriguez said today, was "to recover child victims and to try to get the pimps behind them."

"Sex trafficking of children remains one of the most violent and unconscionable crimes committed in this country," FBI Deputy Director John S. Pistole said.

Arrested in Houston were Crispus Lewis, 34, and Dominic Richards, 29.

Lewis, charged with sexual assault of a child, was prostituting a 16-year-old girl, Rodriguez said. He was ordered held in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Richards is charged with compelling prostitution, aggravated promotion of prostitution and sexual assault of a child. His bail was set at $50,000.

Two other girls, ages 16 and 17, were taken into custody for taking part in an Internet escort service orchestrated by Richards, Rodriguez said.

The three girls were charged in the federal juvenile justice system with prostitution.

"It's a vicious cycle," Rodriguez said. "We do have to charge them. They are runaways and they don't have anywhere to go. We have no choice but to charge them."

The sting, dubbed Operation Cross Country II, was designed to get child prostitutes off the streets and into protective services and to disrupt people and organizations that victimize children.

The operation resulted in 642 arrests nationwide, including 73 people accused of being pimps and 518 accused of being prostitutes, federal authorities said.

It also is credited with disrupting 12 large-scale prostitution operations and rescuing 47 children, ages 13 to 17, from the sex trade.

Ten of those children rescued had been listed as missing, investigators said.

Last year, the first Operation Cross Country led to more than 350 arrests and the rescue of 21 children.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reality Sucks

Sometimes figuring "it" out isn't the best thing..

I guess the saying "ignorance is bliss" .. holds a lot of truth!

Reality sucks dosen't it?

Two WOW moments in one day?

Yep Two!
Here's the second wow for today ..

As I was working on the last post I came across the site Abuse Sanctuary..

It wasn't the first time I'd come across that site .. today however I checked it out thoroughly and much to my surprise I found an article titled "Emotional Terrorist" [FN1]

When I began reading the article I thought it was going to be an article for the domestic violence world.. since I apparently wrongly assumed that blog was about surviving domestic violence and those sites usually give half stories and half truths..

Much to my surprise this article was so on point!

I'm so happy to see more and more women who work with or are survivors of D.V. coming out and telling the truth.. D.V. is serious -- very serious .. D.V. can be deadly .. it can emotionally cripple you it can leave you in a wheel chair or wishing you were dead.. D.V. is a lot of ugly things..

But D.V. IS NOT exclusively male beats female- all men are abusers!

I have four sons and quite frankly that mind set sickens me!

Without further delay ..please read "Emotional Terrorist" link below about how women can be the terrorist in the family!

A few excerpts -

' Those of us working in the field of domestic violence are confronted daily by the difficult task of working with women in problematical families. In my work with family violence, I have come to recognize that there are women involved in emotionally and/or physically violent relationships who express and enact disturbance beyond the expected (and acceptable) scope of distress. Such individuals, spurred on by deep feelings of vengefulness, vindictiveness, and animosity, behave in a manner that is singularly destructive; destructive to themselves as well as to some or all of the other family members, making an already bad family situation worse. These women I have found it useful to describe as "family terrorists." '

'In my experience, men also are capable of behaving as family terrorists but male violence tends to be more physical and explosive. We have had thousands of international studies about male violence but there is very little about why or how women are violent. There seems to be a blanket of silence over the huge figures of violence expressed by women. Because family terrorism is a tactic largely used by women and my work in the domestic violence field is largely with women, I address this problem discussing only my work with women'

[FN1] More --

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another WOW Moment

I just had another one of those WOW moments...

Considering that I never did make through it Jr. High School,
(yeah thanks mom)I'm often amazed at how far I've come in understanding the make up (for lack of a better word) of the human mind..

The more I live.. the more I observe.. and the more I learn.. I'm often left with my jaw hanging at how I've made it this far in life without the knowledge I've accumulated in the last 5 or so years..

People are very predictable all you have to do is really study them to know what to expect..

Sounds simple enough? Well it really is .. that simple.

First I had to pull apart and get into the mind of an abuser .. that was the hard part.. they come in many different sizes shapes and colors... from high end abusers.. who are usually intelligent called - cerebral Narcissists--such as those politicians that should have EVIL stamped upon their forehead..and the low end of the spectrum..the somatic Narcissist those are the ones that use their looks and or body instead of their mind .. usually your exotic dancers -- nimphomaniacs and so on.. most of whom I personally believe are (candy coated rat poison- see earlier post for that whole story) but anyway -- there are many kinds of abusers and they all abuse in slightly different ways..

Now before I go any further.. let me say that although I often use the word Narcissist to mean Malignant Narcissist .. don't be confused.. Narcissism is healthy! I've actually acquired some in the last few years.. but I could never become a Malignant Narcissist! It's important to know the difference in types of Narcissism [FN1] and in common and poisonous misconceptions about Narcissism [FN2]

Once you have identified an abuser you need to know they come in varying degrees of abuse at different times.. and sometimes you "look in" on an abusive family and "see" this picture perfect happy home- Don't be fooled! (I speak from experience)

What "looks perfect" is sometimes just the opposite- and that was a hard pill to swallow..

However that concept.. "the perfect family".. the dominating over-protective- intrusive- sometimes wealthy -well groomed parent.. who is a covert abuser.. is more often than not never identified .. especially by their family/children

What happens to the child that grew up in that home?

Check out the book Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited [FN3] for everything you need to know on this topic ...

So.. why the heck am I posting this today?

Is this just another of my rants about abusers?


Because I've come to terms with the fact that as much as I learn there is always that much more I still have to learn.. and the more I learn the clearer the picture becomes... so today I want to share with you "Defence mechanisms"

As most of you know I'm in a personal struggle with what I believe to be a psychopath estranged husband.. perhaps on a good day he can be described as a severe malignant Narcissist

(Shrug) - who knows- even better who cares- what they label him as- he's a danger and that's all I needed to know!

But as time went on I figured out that until I understood and got deep into his psych I would never be able to heal.. yes I had to learn how they think- what makes them tick.. how they prey and on who they prey and why..

That led me to - my role in that whole connection.. sorta like "what's my role in this" and why does it keep happening? The constant re-victimizing...

I've had to deeply analyze myself.. if I were to ever free myself of the abusive cycle.

I had to understand why there was a cycle to begin with..

And... another question I needed to answer was how is this cycle played out with others in my life - or isn't it?

Makes sense.. no?

Well.. I've figured out that I play a role in EVERY relationship I'm in -- relationship = friends/lover/ you name it.. but that's OLD NEWS.. I figured that one out a while ago...

Ever hear of that ole saying show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are?

NOW I get it! I don't believe there has ever been a truer statement....

Ok so I said all that to say .. before this whole understanding of "my role" thing.. I managed to collect a group of people in my life that were lets say--still somewhat damaged from their past..

Some function on amazingly high levels.. others.. well I tossed those others lol so we can leave them out of this for now..

Back to the high functioning slightly damaged.. aka bullied.. abused... by either a spouse the system or their parents aka family.. some thought they were in perfect families.. others knew they were abused as children but have struggled and found their way out.. these are the people in my close circle...

I've noticed something very interesting the last few months.. One of those near and dear to my heart is passive aggressive [person A].. nothing messes with your head more than a passive aggressive abuser! See [FN4] for passive aggressive behaviour - covert abuse- link

We spoke about this .. How (1) They were abusing me with the passive aggressive B.S. and (2) They were acting as a venue.. allowing abuse into MY LIFE via other overt abusers .. and that wasn't working for me ... again we spoke about this ... and they agreed they had some things/issues residue from their past that perhaps they could talk out with a therapist .. and so off they went.. to therapy .. in search of grasping the who.. what.. when.. and why of their dysfunction...

The passive aggressive shit began to subside ...

I made it perfectly clear that the abuse by proxy I was still receiving because of their dysfunction wasn't working for me -- and if it didn't stop immediately I would have to end that relationship for my own emotional health...

I reminded this person that they were an adult and if they chose to take the abuse that was fine with me .. FOR THEM to take it.. but it wouldn't work for ME!

I was NOT going to take it.

They began therapy claiming they wanted to change things in their life.. because they saw a major problem within themselves.. and they were able to see clearly how dysfunctional every one around them was.. (Don't kid yourself -- this awareness took MUCH longer than I'd like to admit--however in the interim I was able to protect ME from 99.9 % of the residual abuse this person brought along with them....

Hey we all bring baggage .. it's about how much baggage can the other person accept..

It appeared that things were going along well .. they identified the biggest problem in their life (their covert abusive mother) and addressed it head on!
See [FN5] for charistics of a Narcissist mother.

See [FN6] for more on abusive parents and the effect they have on Adult children that were forced to grow up with the abuse..

As I feel MOST PA/PAS situations are abusers and their alienated children that will become either Narcissist or Co- something or another -- ie possibly passive aggressive or abusive adults themselves.

Wow I was impressed.. the therapy was working..

Then I began to notice that although they were dealing with their dominating intrusive Narcissist mother.. the other Narcissists in their life seemed to act out all at once.. as if to say .. Ohhh hell no -- you don't dare get to heal from us emotional vampires...
See [FN7] for more on emotional vampires

NO NO NO -- We'll *&%$ with your head now .. just wait and see!

Person A fell for it hook line and sinker from two of the major Narcissists in their life.. they began to deny that those two in particular were abusive.. blah blah blah.. making EVERY excuse in the book as to why they weren't abusive .. or being disrespectful.. and again it began to be to much for ME to handle... so I backed off .. gotta save my mental health sorry!

Then as if it were to much for person A to handle .. person A was once again being feasted on by some of their favorite either life long Narcissistic friends or family Narcissists all at once!

I KNOW .. the family Narcissists were sent out to finish the mother's job.. due to the fact that she was abandoned by person A not to long ago...

That's how they (Narcissists) operate -- they send in the "golden child" to do their dirty work.. of course the scape goat child believes the golden child loves them and would NEVER abuse or disrespect them..

I've also noted in this particular family the adult children switch roles from golden child to scapegoat child.. once in a while ..but for the most part they have their set role in that family...

Then as if a gift from the devil himself.. BAMMMM !!!

Out of nowhere comes another one!!

Where did this one come from? How was person A so naieve as to let this emotional vampire get their teeth into them? It was clear they were smitten.. it was a done deal.. right back in the clutches of another Narcissist ..

Which led to the Narcissistic entitled abuse directed at ME!



I confront person A.. Hell no I refuse to deal with this !!!!


Person A goes into total denial.. (flashback) wait .. I've seen this reaction before ..

No wait .. I seen this denial- the protecting the abuser- EVERY SINGLE TIME this subject came up between us before..

Doesn't person A relaize that by being in denial and protecting the abuser -that they are abusing me?

Of course they do - I told them so!

No wait .. didn't person A's therapist prove me right each and every time with every person that abused person A while person A defended the abuser to the end?


So then what?


Can person A be that dysfuntional that they can't see the pattern here?

Or is person A much worse than I ever thought they were?

Is it time for me to move on and say goodby to person A?

Will they ever get it?

Will this be a constant repeated problem?

I began to feel as if person A had a stockholm syndrome kind of thing going on with EACH ABUSER!


WTF? Protect them at your own expense? That makes NO sense to me!

I think I need to check this out and try to grasp just what it is exactly I am dealing with here..

So I sign online this morning .. and look up this behavior..

Is person A a Co-Narcissist? See [FN8] for more on that topic

Can this be something along the lines of Stockholm Syndrome See[FN9] for more on that topic

Or is this a Defence Mechansim See [FN10] for more on that topic..
The begining of the Defence Mechansim article is very interesting and a must read..

Which includes ..

Definitions of individual psyche structures..
Primary and secondary processes..
The reality principle..
Formation of the superego..
The ego's use of defence mechanisms..
Part two below- tho-- I found more informative

Level 1 Defence Mechanisms

The mechanisms on this level, when predominating, almost always are severely pathological. These three defences, in conjunction, permit one to effectively rearrange external reality and eliminate the need to cope with reality. The pathological users of these mechanisms frequently appear crazy or insane to others. These are the "psychotic" defences, common in overt psychosis. However, they are found in dreams and throughout childhood as healthy mechanisms.

They include:

Denail: Refusal to accept external reality because it is too threatening; arguing against an anxiety-provoking stimulus by stating it doesn't exist; resolution of emotional conflict and reduction of anxiety by refusing to perceive or consciously acknowledge the more unpleasant aspects of external reality.

Distortion: A gross reshaping of external reality to meet internal needs.

Delusional Projection: Grossly frank delusions about external reality, usually of a persecutory nature.

Level 2 Defence Mechanisms

These mechanisms are often present in adults and more commonly present inadolescence .. These mechanisms lessen distress and anxiety provoked by threatening people or by uncomfortable reality. People who excessively use such defences are seen as socially undesirable in that they are immature, difficult to deal with and seriously out of touch with reality. These are the so-called "immature" defences and overuse almost always lead to serious problems in a person's ability to cope effectively. These defences are often seen in severe depression and personality disorders. In adolescence, the occurrence of all of these defences is normal.

These include:

Fantasy: Tendency to retreat into fantasy in order to resolve inner and outer conflicts

Projection: Projection is a primitive form of paranoia. Projection also reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the undesirable impulses or desires without becoming consciously aware of them; attributing one's own unacknowledged unacceptable/unwanted thoughts and emotions to another; includes severe prejudice , severe jealousy, hypervigilance to external danger, and "injustice collecting". It is shifting one's unacceptable thoughts, feelings and impulses within oneself onto someone else, such that those same thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motivations as perceived as being possessed by the other.

Hypocondrias: The transformation of negative feelings towards others into negative feelings toward self, pain, illness and anxiety

Passive Aggression: Aggression towards others expressed indirectly or passively

Acting out: Direct expression of an unconscious wish or impulse without conscious awareness of the emotion that drives that expressive behavior.

I dealization: Subconsciously choosing to perceive another individual as having more positive qualities than he or she may actually have.[2]

Level 3 Defence Mechanisms

These mechanisms are considered neurotic, but fairly common in adults. Such defences have short-term advantages in coping, but can often cause long-term problems in relationships, work and in enjoying life when used as one's primary style of coping with the world.

These include:

Displacement: Defence mechanism that shifts sexual or aggressive impulses to a more acceptable or less threatening target; redirecting emotion to a safer outlet; separation of emotion from its real object and redirection of the intense emotion toward someone or something that is less offensive or threatening in order to avoid dealing directly with what is frightening or threatening. For example, a mother may yell at her child because she is angry with her husband.

Dissociation: Temporary drastic modification of one's personal identity or character to avoid emotional distress; separation or postponement of a feeling that normally would accompany a situation or thought.

Isolation: Separation of feelings from ideas and events, for example, describing a murder with graphic details with no emotional response.

A form of isolation; concentrating on the intellectual components of a situation so as to distance oneself from the associated anxiety-provoking emotions; separation of emotion from ideas; thinking about wishes in formal, affectively bland terms and not acting on them; avoiding unacceptable emotions by focusing on the intellectual aspects (e.g.rationalizations)

Reaction Formation: Converting unconscious wishes or impulses that are perceived to be dangerous into their opposites; behavior that is completely the opposite of what one really wants or feels; taking the opposite belief because the true belief causes anxiety. This defence can work effectively for coping in the short term, but will eventually break down.

Repression: Process of pulling thoughts into the unconscious and preventing painful or dangerous thoughts from entering consciousness; seemingly unexplainable naivety, memory lapse or lack of awareness of one's own situation and condition; the emotion is conscious, but the idea behind it is absent.

Level 4 Defence Mechanisms

These are commonly found among emotionally healthy adults and are considered the most mature, even though many have their origins in the immature level. However, these have been adapted through the years so as to optimize success in life and relationships. The use of these defences enhances user pleasure and feelings of mastery. These defences help the users to integrate conflicting emotions and thoughts while still remaining effective. Persons who use these mechanisms are viewed as having virtues.

These include:

Altruism: Constructive service to others that brings pleasure and personal satisfaction

Anticipation: Realistic planning for future discomfort

Humor: Overt expression of ideas and feelings (especially those that are unpleasant to focus on or too terrible to talk about) that gives pleasure to others. Humor, which explores the absurdity inherent in any event, enables someone to call a spade a spade, while "wit" is a form of displacement (see above under Category 3). Wit refers to the serious or distressing in a humorous way, rather than disarming it; the thoughts remain distressing, but they are 'skirted round' by the witticism.

Identification: The unconscious modeling of one's self upon another person's character and behavior

Introjection: Identifying with some idea or object so deeply that it becomes a part of that person

Sublimation: Transformation of negative emotions or instincts into positive actions, behavior, or emotion

Suppression: The conscious process of pushing thoughts into the preconscious; the conscious decision to delay paying attention to an emotion or need in order to cope with the present reality; able to later access uncomfortable or distressing emotions and accept them

Other theories and classifications

The list of particular defence mechanisms is huge and there is no theoretical consensus on the number of defence mechanisms. It has been attempted to classify defence mechanisms according to some of their properties (i.e. underlying mechanisms, similarities or connections with personality). Different theorists have different categorizations and conceptualizations of defence mechanisms. Large reviews of theories of defence mechanisms are available from Paulhus, Fridhandler and Hayes (1997.and Cramer (1991).Also Journal of Personality
(1998)has a special issue on defence mechanisms.

Otto Kernberg (1967) has developed a theory of borderline personality organization (which one consequence may be borderline personality His theory is based on ego psychological object relations theory. Borderline personality organization develops when the child cannot integrate positive and negative mental objects together. Kernberg views the use of primitive defence mechanisms central to this personality organization. Primitive psychological defences are projection, denial, dissociation or splitting, and they are called borderline defence mechanisms. Also devaluation and projective identification are seen as borderline defences.

In George Eman Vaillant's (1977) categorization defences form a continuum regarding to their psychoanalytical developmental level. Levels are:

Level I - psychotic defences (i.e. psychotic denial, delusional projection)

Level II - immature defences (i.e. fantasy, projection, passive aggression, acting out)

Level III - neurotic defences (i.e. intellectualization, reaction formation, dissociation, displacement, repression)

Level IV - mature defences (i.e. humour, sublimation, suppression, altruism, anticipation)Robert Plutchik's (1979) theory views defenses as derivatives of basic emotions. Defence mechanisms in his theory are (in order of placement in circumplex model): reaction formation, denial, repression, regression, compensation, projection, displacement, intellectualization.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV)published by American Psychiatric Association(1994) includes tentative diagnostic axis for defence mechanism.

This classification is largely based on Vaillant's hierarchical view of defences, but has some modifications. examples include: denial, fantasy, rationalization, regression, isolation, projection, displacement, etc.

Then the WOW moment -

I see so many of these qualities in so many people it's scarey!

[FN1]Types of Narcissism

[FN2]A common and poisonous misconception about Narcissists

[FN3] The Malignant Self Love online book- if you want a copy email me it wont let me post it
[FN4]Passive Aggressive Behavior as Covert Abuse

[FN5] Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers.


[FN7] Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry (McGraw-Hill) doi:10

[FN8] Co- Narcissism

[FN9] Stockholm syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[FN10]Defence mechanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Same Ole Blog With a New Look

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I give up!

My best friend has been asking me since she met me to...


I liked it black -- and told her so--she accepted it -- it stayed black-- she adjusted her eyes and we were both happy.

Then I get an email today from a stranger- it was a he- and he claimed my page was to hard to read (shaking my head) - I guess I could have told him - I like it black and left it.

Obviously I didn't do that - If a total stranger felt the need to write me and tell me he felt what I had to say was more important that having people turn away because the page was black then so be it..

I GAVE IN! Now I'm asking my readers what they think?? Leave me a message tell me if you like the change -- if you don't -- or if you think I should keep trying to find something better.

I figured it this way-- I take the time to write this blog -- in hopes of helping others not make the same mistakes I made -- If I had half of the knowledge I have today back when -- man o man would things be a whole lot different!

So I guess -- I don't have to like the colors-- I have to be happier knowing that if even only one person reads more of the knowledge I've come across and shared on this page then it's worth it.

Afterthought - I've noticed that the "Yellow" I've always used to represent my thoughts is now almost illegible in my older posts. (frown) so I'll have to go back and change the 900 or more posts from "yellow" writing to redor blue...

On that note if you have found one or more posts where I've voiced my opinion in yellow and it's illegible drop me an email name the blog and I'll go find it and change it to red..


FLDS saga takes new turn

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Lead attorney for CPS resigns abruptly, with no public explanation

Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
Oct. 23, 2008, 10:19PM

The lead attorney at the center of the largest child removal case in U.S. history has turned in his resignation and neither he nor Texas Child Protective Services are saying why.

Charles Childress was hired by CPS on July 21 to take over the behemoth case involving 439 children taken and eventually returned to the West Texas ranch belonging to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a polygamist sect.

"It is with great regret that I hereby tender my resignation as a staff attorney for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services," Childress wrote in an Oct. 9 letter obtained by the Houston Chronicle on Thursday.

Childress said his resignation is effective Nov. 1 or at "whatever earlier date may be most convenient and least disruptive to the operations of the agency." He declined to say why he decided to leave.

State officials said they could not elaborate.

"Mr. Childress' decision to leave was his own," said Patrick Crimmins, DFPS spokesman.

Childress was helping the agency break out the individual children's cases and put into place a plan to provide evidence to the children's attorneys.

The case began with a call to a women's shelter in San Angelo last March. The caller claimed to be an abused teen wife of an FLDS member. The call is now believed to be a hoax, but the action prompted the initial removal of the children whom CPS believed to be abused because they were all exposed to the idea that teen marriage was acceptable.

The children were eventually returned and most have been released from court oversight. However, the state's investigation continues.

FLDS saga takes new turn with resignation Top stories - Houston Chronicle

Copyright Notice: According to US Copyright law, copyright vests initially in the author(s) of the work. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have an interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: Title 17, Sec.107. If you are the copyright holder and choose to have your work removed from this website, email and it will be done. However, we hope you prefer that our researchers continue to benefit from access to your work.

RELATED - Modern Pharisee: The Other Resignation at CPS and Confirmation of Turmoil (AKA "Reorganization")

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Danger of Malignant Narcissism

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Many of my posts are about Malignant Narcissism..

I've tried desperately to get some people in my private life to see how destructive Malignant Narcissism is.. on this blog I hope to instill the same appreciation for recognising and staying a million miles away from Malignant Narcissists.. as I've had to learn after having my life destroyed by one.

It wont be until you get destroyed by one will you begin to smell them from 5 miles away and know it's time to run the other direction. I'm guessing that most of my readers have become very familiar with the personality disorder "malignant Narcissist"..

Below I will post some basic info on why Malignant Narcissists are a problem to everyone .. even if you have no idea how to recognize one!

From the site -

Dr. Sanity: NARCISSISM AND SOCIETY: Part I - The Psychology of the Self

I took the text below in part... to share with my readers ..

According to the DSM-IV, the disorder begins by early adulthood and is indicated by the subject exhibiting at least five of the following:

1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance

2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, orideal love

3. Believes he is "special" and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

4. Requires excessive admiration

5. Has a sense of entitlement

6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends

7. Lacks empathy

8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him

9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes

Everyone has some Narcissistic traits, and a certain amount of Narcissism is a necessary and healthy thing. What’s different about the personality disorder is that the symptoms are prominent and persistent over time and pervade every aspect of the person’s existence. It can be very disabling in extreme cases; and in others those who have this personality can make the people around them thoroughly miserable, since some narcissists can be manipulative, predatory and completely lacking in empathy.

Narcissists are notoriously spiteful and vicious and usually alienate anyone close to them.

Why is Narcissism Important?

All over the world, on a daily basis we see the horrible results of Narcissistic behavior. Individuals and groups; religions and nations act out their Narcissistic rage at various insults--real and imagined-- and people suffer and die for the purpose of the grandiosity of the tyrant, or the glory of the religion. It has been said that the 20th century was the “century of the Narcissist”, but the 21st is well on its way to outdoing the horrors of the past as a seeming epidemic of malignant Narcissism caused by a crushing of human nature and the human spirit--all for the purpose of serving the self-aggrandizing vision of the few.

Tim Hall of the NY Press writes:

'Narcissism is hot. In the wake of the dot-com implosion and recent business scandals, many are focusing their attention on what otherwise might have remained an obscure psychological disorder. Much of the New Economy bubble seems to have arisen from narcissism run amok: The grandiosity of crooked executives and their haughty contempt for business and accounting procedures; the relentless manipulation of (and by) investors, analysts, and employees; the utter lack of empathy for others; the complete and total denial of any wrong doing when everything fell apart. '

There is much more .. and part's 2 and 3

Click here for the full article - Dr. Sanity: NARCISSISM AND SOCIETY: Part I - The Psychology of the Self

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yet Another Violation of Valid Order of Protection

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Click here
for full (4 pages) Order of Protection (page 1 above)

Please note that on page 4 it states NO DISPARAGING REMARKS!

I want to share with more proof -- just how relentless my abusive estranged husband and his politically connected - alleged child pornographer, side kick, Aggie Panepinto are in breaking a valid order of protection ..

I share the following with permission from John... aka JQ75

John aka - JQ is a regular reader of this blog.. we have emailed back and forth prior to today so when I received an email from him this afternoon it didn't surprise me...

The content of his email on the other hand was not the usual.. this time he wanted to share with me an email he had received from my estranged husband and his side kick.. the letter (in it's entirety below) didn't have it's intended effect.. on either John nor I.

As he (John) and I both deduced the email was inflammatory, harassing, and it's intent was to manipulate the reader (John) into possibly siding with the author (Pinto52 - a court documented email address my estranged husband uses) in his delusional state of mind...

The email to John was obviously sent in frustration by the estranged husband and his side kick due to my ignoring NUMEROUS messages they attempt to post to this blog that simply get rejected and never seen by the reader.. the messages are always delusional and can NEVER be backed by documents.. unlike EVERY word I've said .. IS POSTED somewhere on this blog as proof... the ex's rants are nothing more than delusions and never were more than that.. so it didn't surprise me when it became clear he will never change.. ever!

Anywho without further delay let me share with you how my estranged husband and his side kick have ZERO respect for the VALID = Order of Protection above...

Hence my letter to both U.S. Attorney's, the Eastern District of New York's Benton J. Campbell where the kidnapping initially occurred. As well as the Southern District of New York's Michael J. Garcia. the district I live in, a District that refuses to give full faith and credit to my valid Order of Protection. Despite over 100 pages of proff of stalking by the ex, both the Yonkers and the Richmond County Police and the Yonkers and the Richmond County D.A.'s office chose to ignore it. So without another recourse I turned to the U.S. Attorneys in both districts and brought to their attention that my abuser has crossed state lines to continue his abuse- apparently with help from our legal system.

I also wrote to Henry Waxman The Scariest Guy in Washington - TIME asking if he was aware of the obvious abuses of your tax dollars going to funding for domestic violence to alledgedly protect survivors of domestic violence from what I'm going through. Meanwhile an IDV Judge Silber in Richmond County not only allowed this to continue she aided and abetted Mr. Wonerful in torturing me and my children in her court room by asking Mr.Wonderful if he had any interest in allowing me any contact with the children he kidnapped. When he said NO -- She was comfortable with that and let it be -- despite my reminding her his custody is a fraud and I have not had any contact with my children or information about thier health or school proformance in SEVEN YEARS! Proof of that conversation can be foung in Exhibit 2 (bottom right of this blog) from the article 78 proceeding against that Judge.

In my letter to Rep. Mr Henry Waxman, I included both the VOW - Justice Denied Report = Disgusted with the system: Search results for justice denied VOW

as well as the WestchesterGuardian's "Opinion" =

Disgusted with the system: Search results for westchester guardian

Now we pray!

Back on track with the reason for this blog -

The original email -

SUBJECT - Thought you should know
Date:10/23/2008 8:04:46 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Sent on:
Sent from the Internet

Normally I'd just toss this unsolicited bullshit email, but since it implies that it was sent to me because I commented on your blog I thought you should know. I think it sucks that someone would misuse your blog for some vendetta purpose. There's probably nothing you can do, but I wanted you to know about it.As for me, they've fallen on deaf ears. I've seen how the system works and know that your experiences are far too typical.

Take care Louise, hopefully this nut goes away.

Original Message --------
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 14:58:18 EDT









Above is the end of the rant - now for ..

Louise's - Side note - I separated the sentences for easier reading and added #'s to each thought so the reader can correlate the # to the proof of documentation that the story above is only true in my estranged husbands delusional mind - other wise word for word the email is exactly what was sent to JQ aka John..

My two cents again - FYI - I know that readers of my blog KNOW BETTER but just in case a stranger finds this site and hasn't already seen the documents and wants to see them to make their own fair decision..

Match the delusion above with the documented proof below by number..

(2) On the right hand side of this blog you will see if you scroll down to the bottom there will be documents .. Exhibits 13 (a) and (b) are psychiatric evaluations for SSD Note - NO PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS except Depression caused by the kidnapping of my children and years of domestic violence.

(3) Note - My Lawsuit against the City and ACS (bottom of this page right hand side) proving there was never an attempted suicide nor any use of drugs = the City and ACS are being sued because they believed or were in a conspiracy with the deranged ex to have my children illegally removed-- then note in the Writ where the false indicated case was then concealed and precluded from the court record until 2006 when I accidentally found out about it .. had it over turned .. then began that law suit.

(4) hearsay that sounds good to him in his mind.. delusional at best an outright lie in everyone elses reality -

(5) Note in the Writ of Habeas Corpus aka Exhibit 3 in the article 78 proceeding... where I state that the estranged husband's child support arrears disappeared behind closed doors without my knowledge or approval.. Hmm could a political connection make them disappear like that? Food for thought - and a question hopefully the U.S. attorney's will want an answer to.

(6) He's got me on this one- Guilty as charged - yes I have 12 arrests - 7 assaults on adults- one driving without a licence when I was young and stupid and a breaking and entering that was dropped - I broke into my own home after I was evicted to get my children's pictures .. yes I would do it again if the situation were the same .. and 3 arrests for child support.. so one point for truth for the ex..

(7) The OP that Mr. Wonderful is speaking of - was withdrawn because ACS aka CPS "found no truth to Mr. Argenziano's allegations -NO hospital records no marks nothing to document his call" yes I have that in writing from the original record for view upon asking.. along with the police report of that same evening stating the children were IN NO DANGER - everyone in the home was safe and unharmed. You will find proof of the withdrawn OP in his own attorney's words in Exhibit 3 "Writ of Habeas Corpus - Exhibit J - July 1, 2003 Transcript

(8) More of his delusions again not one ounce of proof anywhere on this planet to show I was/am anything but an exemplatory mother - and he kidnapped my children with the help of the corrupt courts in Richmond County New York!

As a final thought on this subject .. I WILL NOT entertain this delusional man any longer (my estranged husband) by having to post a defense to his insanity-- so from here on out if anyone receives any harassing emails from him please fwd them to me where I will fwd them to be added to the pile of violations by Mr. Wonderful - of my valid order of protection - sitting in the offices of both the Southern and Eastern district's U.S. Attorney's offices in New York's.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Justice - My Ass!

There is no justice - period end of story!

Appellate Decision on my article 78 -

They claim I failed to demonstrate a clear legal right?

Now I understand where the word vigilante came from.

The link below is the "decision" I've been waiting for ...

Click here:

For more on this B.S. corruption and covering up on EVERY LEVEL see article 78 and Writ documents on the bottom right hand side of this blog..

I guess my only hope is that U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia take action on the letter I/we wrote him last week.

I should have read this site (below) before I dare thought I'd get justice- who am I - just an ass hole without political power - and I dared to think the law mattered!

America's Corrupt Legal System - Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents, by Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs)

Funny part is -- Mr. Wonderful aka my estranged husband has shown his hand with these people -- rumor around the neighborhood has it - he's thrown Aggie Panepinto out on her ass - is and has been for a while abusing her as well - and now they get stuck covering up for the abuser that abused me and is now abusing one of their own-- you gotta love it!

Is there no shame?

Obviously not !

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frivolous Claims of Domestic Abuse are Common

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October 21, 2008

Remedies Include Tightening Definitions to Specific Act(s) and Pursuit of Purjury Charges

Special to Huntingtonnews.netProvided by RADAR, Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting

Washington, DC (HNN) -- One million claims of domestic violence are filed each year that are false or unnecessary. Such allegations prevent the true victims of abuse from getting the help they need. Today RADAR, a victim advocacy group, released 10 recommendations to curb such frivolous accusations.

The recommendations include common-sense strategies such as requiring actual proof of abuse before granting a restraining order, raising evidentiary standards, and penalizing accusers who knowingly make such claims.

In fact, the theme of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month is – False Claims Hurt True Victims.

“It is shameful that we have shortchanged true victims by wasting so many dollars to investigate false charges of abuse,” reveals RADAR spokesperson Elizabeth Crawford. “If we want to help victims, we must stop vindictive accusers from ruining other persons’ lives.”

Some of the issues related to claims arise from the absence of definitions in the Violence Against Women Act, instead vague terms such as “fear,” “afraid” and “harassment,” are undefined. Some advocates ask for even broader inclusiveness of “abuse” by including possessiveness, being concerned about the relationship or asking for joint child custody.

False abuse claims hurt almost everyone -- true victims, children, and persons who are falsely accused:

-- Judge Rucker Smith of Georgia was falsely accused by his ex-girlfriend of assault. After the jury’s acquittal, the judge explained, “For someone to falsely accuse another out of anger and vengeance silences the voices of the many real victims.”

-- Mr. General Parker of Illinois, delegate to the recent Democratic National Convention, has not been allowed to see his son for nearly four years, even though a jury found him innocent of all charges.

-- In Pennsylvania, Ben Vonderheide incurred over $350,000 in legal expenses defending himself from 40 allegations over a six-year period. Last month Wendy Flanders was convicted of perjury and making false claims of partner abuse.

Columnist Barbara Kay notes in an October editorial, “false allegations of domestic violence and sexual abuse of children against their former partners are so rife – and virtually never punished – that it is apparently the best-kept secret crime in the western world.”

The “secret crime” results in tarnished reputations, impacts employability, and often leads to forcing children into single-parent households. At their extreme, they trigger due process violations of the accused and undermine public confidence in the justice system.

Among the ten specific legal revisions advanced by RADAR are narrowing the definition of “harassment” and “stalking” to specific acts, not the “perception” or “feelings” of the alleged victim, requiring evidence of physical assault, harassment or stalking at the time the alleged victim requests a temporary restraining order, and vigorously pursuing false domestic violence claims as perjury.

One recommendation related to a narrowing of the criteria for domestic violence, harassment, and stalking to specific acts would free valuable community assets. Any partner abuse or perceived partner abuse that does not fall into the narrower definition of domestic violence would be addressed through counseling, treatment or mediation, not by law enforcement or the criminal justice system.

The remaining recommendations to stop false accusations can be viewed at:

Original link-

Frivolous Claims of Domestic Abuse are Common - Huntington News Network

My Two Cents-

Thus far these idea's have been sent to those in power to change things.. to no avail...

I sent similar if not almost exactly the same idea's plus some - on February 26, 2008 to ...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ways & Means Committee:

Thank you for understanding and addressing, the current issues within the child protective services industry.

The abuse of Federal Funding Title IV D and E has had detrimental effects on America‘s future.

The way the current system is set up, requires States to keep increasing the number of children they protect. This has led the states to manufacturing abused children, in order to obtain the generous federal funds. In 1974 Walter Mondale, warned us of the potential abuses of this bill being passed, his warnings have proven true. #

The States, the attorneys, the service providers, the mental health specialists, the special interest groups and the pharmaceutical companies have made millions/billions of dollars from our families’ emotional health because the child protection and divorce financial industries have abused their power and psychologically destroyed the very foundation needed for the future, functional families. Once in foster care, children are diagnosed with a mental disorder without any objective physical or medical tests.#

This abuse of American citizens needs to be stopped. Millions of families have been destroyed; the future of America has been put in jeopardy. Are we still in America?

Pharmaceutical companies have profited two-fold obtaining profits from these children as well as their parents, as our future (our children) are ripped from loving families, emotionally destroyed, brainwashed into believing either their parent's abused them or didn't want them, labeled as special needs for a higher residual payment within the child abuse industry. # Those with the power to change the status quo have turned a blind eye. These children and their parents are then numbed, coerced, and forced into compliance. While parents are under the threats of permanent loss of their children by termination of their parental rights for failure to comply with the demands under the guise of services provided.

Real abused children are being left to die, such as Nixzmary Brown, while children like mine and millions of other innocent children are ripped from our homes where they were never abused. Is it possible that the reason that Nixzmary was left to die, was that her family earned too much money for the child protection industry to remove her? Alternatively, was it that the "child protection" industry was preoccupied ripping children from innocent poor parents, to even care that Nixzmary was slowly being beaten and starved to death? A half-dozen employees at the Administration for Children's Services were suspended or disciplined for inadequate responses to reports of problems with Nixzmary Brown, said agency chief John Mattingly#

There are millions of non-abused children torn from their loving families or one of their loving parents, only to face being truly abused and raped while they are in the foster care system. #

When and if they are lucky enough to live through it all, they are then thrown out onto the street without an education, or being prepared with life skills with no hope for a future once the money stops. #

These children will become your future inmates and wards of the state. Is this massive abuse of power now, job security for the coming generations?

Children of Divorce are being emotionally abused and alienated by dysfunctional parents due to the federal funding in place for one parent to benefit from making false allegations to win custody, in an effort to stay in the child's life. Then the children with only one parent left to care for them, are ripe for the picking within the child protection service industry. #

Has anyone considered the amount of lawsuits, present and future that will be a direct result from this abuse of power? # My Malicious Prosecution lawsuit included.

Has anyone on this committee considered that one of these systematically abused and drugged children will inevitably be exposed to one of their children/grandchildren? #

Redirecting the federal funding, from legally kidnapping children out of good homes, to offering services to alleged abused children's families is not enough. That will only change the focus, from legally kidnapping children to stalking innocent families with unwarranted and unwanted services.

There needs to be a better system in place, and after listening to hundreds of parents, I am prepared to give you their collective suggestions for a good start. Accountability on all levels!

(1) The numbers of abused children must be decreased back down to where the numbers were before the laws put into place began to be used as incentives in order for States to receive these funds. This will alleviate the amount of non-abused children in the system.

(2) The level of proof and the jurisdiction from Family Courts to Criminal Courts needs to be changed, in child abuse cases. The law needs to be changed from clear and convincing to beyond a reasonable doubt, the highest level of proof. Not beyond any doubt, but such that if it could reasonably have an alternative answer, the only result must be not guilty. This will alleviate the case workers from legally kidnapping children based on nothing more than lies and/or false accusations/allegations. This will also alleviate the amount of non-abused children in the system.

(3) False allegations of abuse (Domestic Violence or Child Abuse) that cannot, nor will result in a conviction of the alleged abuser, need to become a felony in every state. This will alleviate the amount of non-abused children and falsely labeled abusive adults in the system.

(4) Anonymous calls to the State child abuse hot lines need to be changed, and replaced .Callers must leave a name for accountability while still protected if the call is in good faith by a guarantee of anonymity. If a child is being abused and the caller is confident their name will be confidential, real child abuse will still be called into the hotlines. If this is implicated with false allegations becoming a felony, together that will ensure that only real abused children will be known to the system. This will alleviate non-abused children and their families from falsely becoming part of the system, and will remove the temptations and rewards for an angry abusive spouse, family member, neighbor, co-worker or other making vindictive calls where there is no abuse.

(5) Shared parenting, for fit parents where there has been no conviction of Domestic Violence or child abuse needs be the protocol with severe penalties to either parent that emotionally abuses (aka parent alienation) the children to get back at the other parent.

(6) The Standards of abuse must be clearly redefined. Parent’s that cannot afford a bed or a kitchen table are not abusive they are in need. Children have become disrespectful and out of control, they have been taught that they can do what they want, because their parents are no longer allowed to discipline them. Unruly children that live without fear of a slap on the backside will be the children on psychotropic drugs before they reach Jr. High School. Psychotropic drugs are poisoning our children’s internal organs and sending them out to kill.#

Our children need to know they can be disciplined without the threat to the parent of child protective services intervention. Unfortunately, the current child protective service in place does more harm to our children than they would ever suffer at home.

The suggestions above would not in any way fix all of the problems but at least it is a beginning.

I speak from personal experience, as well as that of a child advocate.

In my personal situation, my family was torn apart in 2001, by a vindictive abusive, politically connected husband. My children were legally kidnapped from me and I have not had as much as a phone call with them since.

My estranged husband Mr. Argenziano was successful in his legal kidnapping of my children via a false child abuse claim in 2001, which was over turned in 2006. I firmly believe his political connections aided him in his mission to destroy me.

The over turned ACS case is the basis of my Malicious Prosecution lawsuit, yet I have had no contact with my children to date. Two of which have aged out of the system.

Mr. Argenziano has been an umpire for the CYO (catholic charities) for at least 20 years where he worked under CYO director Mr. Joseph Panepinto. Mr. Joseph Panepinto, through the catholic charities financial partnership with The Administration of Child Services is aware of how the child protective services industry in their quest for protecting children they can and will destroy a family.

Mr. Joseph Panepinto is married to Supreme Court Judge Barbara Panepinto.

Coincidentally, Mr. Argenziano is living with Aggie Panepinto, an alleged (in writing by an innocent third party) child pornographer.

My case is one of three that I am personally aware of, that are politically connected legal kidnappings in NYC that were procured by the current abuses upon families by the child protection services industry, fueled by federal funding.

“In most instances the authorities, when informed about some unusually close judges-lawyers ties, invariably happened to suffer from sudden bouts of incurable willful blindness caused by the terrifying awareness that any inquiry could expose more dirt than they would be willing to swallow.

This is exactly what is going on in the aforementioned notorious Massachusetts case known to, and misinterpreted by, every lawyer, judge, court clerk, paralegal, and policeman in Essex County and beyond. The case is a classic example of the staged litigation scheme brought to the extreme. It is not a "complicated family dispute," as the perpetrators of the scheme like to label it. Although the Essex County group clearly crossed the line of simple corruption and entered the realm of purely criminal activities, the local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities, fully aware of the criminal conduct, refuse to intervene and laboriously conceal multi-layered conflicts of interests.” #

The family is under attack in the USA. Our Country’s future as a whole depends on immediate changes from within.

Additionally, addressing the committee’s concerns about the child welfare system’s difficulties in recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce. When workers are forced to remove children from non-abused homes, it takes an emotional toll on those that are in that line of work, to help abused children. How can anyone expect the workers to remain in their current position as kidnappers for very long with out having emotional and internal breakdowns?

In closing, allow this letter to serve as a voice of all legally abused parents and our legally kidnapped children, that it will open the eyes of those with the power to change the status quo.

Respectfully Submitted,

Louise Uccio

DCF blasted on oversight at teen treatment facility

Sunday, October 19, 2008 5:46 AM EDT

Associated Press

NORTH STONINGTON — Two state officials are blaming the Department of Children and Families for not properly overseeing a facility where teens being treated for drug abuse and mental illness were involuntarily injected with medications.

Staff at Stonington Institute in North Stonington used the medications this spring to restrain at least five boys, about 16-years-old, who were considered to be out of control.

Child Advocate Jeanne Milstein and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal wrote to the commissioner of the child protection agency that DCF should have discovered the involuntary injections of “intramuscular medication” sooner so fewer children would have been “assaulted with needles.”

The practice of involuntary injections has been stopped and no lasting harm to the teens has been reported. But Milstein and Blumenthal wrote how, “once again we see evidence of DCF’s inability to demand and oversee the delivery of effective, safe services for children.”

A DCF spokesman said the agency handled the situation promptly and effectively.

“DCF quality improvement staff discovered the use of involuntary administration of medication, and our medical staff responded by going to Stonington to instruct them to immediately discontinue this practice, which involved a few instances,” agency spokesman Gary Kleeblatt told the Hartford Courant.

He said DCF called the executive director of Stonington Institute’s corporate parent and the institute’s chief executive officer to emphasize that such injections were unacceptable and to make sure the practice had stopped.

The facility houses fewer than 20 children, about half sent by DCF, according to Milstein’s office.

The criticism of DCF from Milstein and Blumenthal comes shortly before two legislative committees will hold an investigative hearing today to discuss the agency’s operations.

Lawmakers convened the hearing after negative news about DCF over the summer, including the death of an infant who was a foster child under a DCF worker’s care.

In their letter, Milstein and Blumenthal told DCF Commissioner Susan Hamilton they are in the preliminary stages of an investigation into Stonington Institute, but they are already “gravely concerned about the safety and care of the children who remain in residence there, despite chronic program deficiencies that have long been identified by DCF.”

The facility houses fewer than 20 children, about half sent by DCF, according to Milstein’s office.


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Monday, October 20, 2008

Man leaps to death from V-N

Could this be my lucky day?

I guess I'll have to wait with baited breath for updates...

Oh wait -- he's not in his 60's ehhh I can hope they made a minor (only a few years) mistake...

Man leaps to death from V-N

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A man in his 60s ended his life yesterday by jumping off the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, police said.

The apparent suicide was the third such incident at the Verrazano this year and the fifth since last November.

The jumper's identity was not released because his family had not yet been notified last night, but police and witnesses said the incident occurred at 1:53 p.m.

"I didn't know if it was a person or something else falling," said Franco Frassetti, a wedding photographer who had been at Fort Wadsworth scouting locations for a photo shoot when he saw the shadowy figure drop off the bridge into the water.

He said he called 9-1-1 and in what seemed like less than a minute, police, firefighters and rescue units had swarmed to the scene. Police said the man was dead on arrival.

"It floated down that way," he said, motioning along the shoreline. "They came and fished something out."

Last night's apparent suicide marks the third man to jump from the Verrazano this year.

On Aug. 3, a 48-year-old jumper survived for about an hour after he hit the water, then succumbed to massive head trauma.

On Sept. 21, a Brooklyn man jumped into New York Harbor from the bridge tower closest to Brooklyn.

In November of 2007, two people took a fatal jump off the Verrazano within two weeks of one another.

The Brooklyn victim and the man who jumped yesterday did so despite the installation of "emergency phones" linked to a suicide prevention hotline. The MTA installed the devices in August.

Man leaps to death from V-N -


Ehhh today wasn't my lucky day (snap) Oh well maybe next time...

In all seriousness.. what the heck could have made this successful man jump?

Things that make ya go hmmmm...

Man who jumped off bridge was co-owner of Staten Island bar - Staten Island Real-Time News -

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