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ABA CJS Announcing JJ program at Annual meeting in New York

ABA Criminal Justice Section

The Rule of Law and Juvenile Justice

Saturday, August 9, 2008

2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Conference Room J, Executive Conference Center

Sheraton New York

Cosponsored by Commission on Youth at Risk

This will be a multi-disciplinary CLE on the Rule of Law and Juvenile Justice. The NY Chief Judge Judith Kaye will moderate a panel which will examine legal socialization (how youth develop a sense that the law is legitimate and fair); juvenile justice and informational norms; police-youth relations, and the role of judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Program Chair:

Robert Schwartz
Juvenile Law Center
Philadelphia, PA


Hon. Judith S. Kaye, Chief Judge
State of New York
New York, NY


Dr. Thomas Grisso
Univ. of Massachusetts Medical Center
Center for Mental Health Services Research
Department of Psychiatry
Worcester, MA

Michael Lindsey, President
Nestor Consultants
Dallas, TX

Laura Cohen
Clinical Professor of Law
Rutgers Law School
Newark, NJ

Kathryn Richtman
Ramsey County Attorneys Office
St. Paul, MN

Ticket prices:

General Admission $75.00
Government Attorneys and Judges - $35.00
Law Students – Free
All-Access CLE Badges include price of CLE ticket

Click here for complete agenda

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My two cents...

I couldn't think of a better place for this info than RIGHT HERE on my


Perhaps some one looking for this info will see what is REALLY going on in our court system where our children are concerned AND MAKE THE APPROPRIATE CHANGES !

Domestic Abuse Charges: "Make Sure Your Name is Cleared"

Sacramento, CA: People who have been wrongly charged with domestic abuse often feel humiliated. Although they know the truth, domestic violence charges are embarrassing and can carry serious penalties. However, people who have been falsely accused of domestic abuse can, and should, fight to clear their name.

According to Vince Imhoff, managing partner of Imhoff & Associates, PC, false domestic abuse accusations can be made for a number of reasons, including disagreements over child custody and property settlement claims. "It is a way to kick the other spouse out," Imhoff says. "People know how to abuse it [domestic violence accusations] and use it as a tool. They can use a false domestic abuse claim to get someone out of the house. Then the accused has to stay away for 24 hours or until the court date.

"There are several things that go on in making a domestic abuse accusation. First, it is easy to make the accusation. Second, the state has an interest in arresting people for domestic violence because they get federal money per arrest, so they have a vested interest in acting on an accusation that has thin evidence."

Unfortunately, once charges have been filed, domestic violence cases usually go to court. They generally only end either when a jury comes back with a verdict or the accused agrees to a plea agreement. Imhoff says that it is can be difficult for defendants to fight domestic abuse charges. "It takes a lot of gumption for a defendant to want to keep fighting. Often they get worn down by the system or they can't afford to miss more work. It can be expensive for the defendant so they decide to take a plea agreement."

Imhoff says that there are many things to take into account when mounting a domestic violence defense. "We look at corroborating evidence—what other evidence is around," Imhoff says. "We look for physical signs of abuse, see if there has been past abuse. We find out if they are in the midst of a divorce and what the witnesses, if there are any, have to say.

If you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, Imhoff says that you should fight the charges. "It's worthwhile not to give up," Imhoff says. "It's not as bleak as you think it is. It is possible to win and stand up and say, 'This did not happen.' Once you are over the initial shock, stand tall, fight and make sure that your name is cleared."

Link to the attorney web site I found this article on..

Domestic Abuse Charges: "Make Sure Your Name is Cleared"

What has this world come to?

Of course.. this wasn't any shocker to me.. I'm not an ass.. I KNOW False D.V. allegations are made all the time.. (shaking my head)..what a shame.. false accusations discredit the real victims of D.V. and make us look like liars!

Anywho.. another wepon of mass destruction due to federal funding is calling child services on your spouse, I note in my personal experiences on the board of Directors in civil rights groups and very involved with families and children's rights.. this one is a favorite of angry manipulative spouses or extended family.. hell even the cranky neighbors jump on the band wagon.. I had my wonderful neighbor call on my once after a dispute..

Oh and don't forget the occasional mother (lucky me I had one of those) that calls because you won't listen to how SHE wants you to raise your kid. (That was back in the 80's in my case and I thank God there wasn't federal funding "incentives" back then.. cause that woman called them so many times the workers would come to the house and say .. Oh you again? Then we all had a good laugh. Then of course I knew the script .. check closets fridge beds ok have a good day ...

Ehhh ya gotta be able to laugh or it'll kill ya!

What you don’t know can hurt your kids

Henrietta, N.Y. -

The big news these days about kids and the Internet is nude photos. Teens take photos of themselves in the all-and-all and e-mail them to their friends, or soon-to-be ex-friends, depending on where the photos end up.

Before that, we heard about sickos on chat sites trying to meet naive girls.

Shocking stuff, but oddly, it can lull adults into complacency. As long as the kids are not e-mailing racy pictures or planning a rendezvous online, they’re OK, right?

Researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology thought there was a lot more going on than just the stuff of headlines, so they embarked on an ambitious one-of-a-kind survey of 40,000 Rochester area children to find out their full range of activities in cyberspace. Kids, of course, play games online, chat with friends and download or listen to music. But they also steal one another’s passwords, pretend to be other people, lie about their age or gender, embarrass and bully others, buy or sell schoolwork, pirate music and movies, ask for nude photos and circumvent filters and security measures.

Several Monroe County schools and two in Ontario County, Canandaigua and Victor, took part in the survey, a move that took a certain amount of courage given that parents may not have liked the line of questioning. For example, the survey asked seventh- through ninth-graders: “Has someone online asked you for pictures of yourself without your clothes on?”

Now, the schools’ commitment and the researchers’ labor has yielded a window into the secret life of children, who apparently are allowed more privacy than they can handle.

Among the regional findings:

• About one quarter of children in kindergarten and first grade who encounter something online that makes them uncomfortable do not report it.

• About 10 percent of all the second and third graders in the study, or about 550 children, reported that they had been “told or shown private things about someone else’s body.”

• One in four students in seventh through ninth grade admitted to some sort of misbehavior online, be it pretending to be someone else, bullying, cheating or hacking.

• One in three students in 10th through 12th grade who were victimized in some way online knew the offender as a “friend.” (The quotes are ours; we find it disturbing that students’ definition of friend would include back-stabbers.)

• Fifteen percent of the 10th through 12th graders surveyed (or 1,077 kids in the Rochester region) said they have invited an online stranger to meet in person.

The results go on. You can

In the coming months researchers will dig deeper in the data, looking, for instance, at the profile of children most likely to bully or to try to hack networks.

Most schools that took part have their individual results by now, and administrators and school boards have no reason not to post them online. First, much of the misbehavior goes on at home, so it’s not a reflection on the school. Second, kids are kids; results are not drastically different from one district to the next, according to one RIT researcher.

What’s more, posting the results may have an immediate effect on one of the more troubling findings: Parents generally don’t monitor their children’s activity online. If they really knew what kids were up to these days, they would sure keep a closer eye on them.

Link to article-

What you don’t know can hurt your kids - Rochester, NY - MPNnow

Ohhhh it's time for my quarters worth on this one...

They state above " First, much of the misbehavior goes on at home, so it’s not a reflection on the school. Second, kids are kids; results are not drastically different from one district to the next, according to one RIT researcher."

I will reply to that part first, parents today aren't allowed to have a dish in the sink, toys on their lawn, or ground their kid from a school trip without government intrusion.

(See earlier posts)

WTF do they want from parents today?

If you look at your child in what "they" see as an abusive tone, (pfttttttttt) which would then give them the right to remove your child and collect a hefty federal funding incentive for "protecting" your child from YOU that horrible monster what would "they" like the parents to do?

Tell me has anyone else noticed since 1996 Adoption and safe family act.. that children are totally out of control?

Did you know that parents can lose a kid to our system even if the school is at fault for losing the results of your child's mandatory eye test for medical neglect. Then it can take upwards of 6 months to a year if ever to get your kid back (ask Rolando Bini Director of Parents in Action. ( Link Below) if that didn't happen to him.

Parents in Action Defending the Family, the Cell of Human So...
Parents in Action Defending the Family, the Cell of Human Society. Parents in Action Padres en Accion To Protect, Protejer, Preserve, and Preservar, ...

More horror stories from Rolando on Utube... AOL Search results for "rolando bini utube"

So when the day ends and you've given this some thought, you tell me...

WTF do they want from us.. to raise respectable children or to turn a blind eye?

Isn't it time that if a parent wants to punish his/her child for acting out he should be allowed to do so by the powers that be? (shaking my head- thinking - what will the future be like when these kids start reaching an age when they are accountable to no-one but themselves and they don't have a clue where to begin...

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Sean's short life shows system's flaws

Flaws? They have the nerve to call what is going on "FLAWS"?

The link below will make you SICK!

It made my skin crawl!

I normally give you the story and sometimes I add my two cents.. Ok so more often than not I add my two cents or a whole dime!

Why am I posting this story differently?

Because I want YOU the reader to PAY CLOSE attention to these sentences or paragraphs from the whole article before you read it ...

In the mid-1990s, the number of foster children adopted each year jumped from about 250 to about 1,300. This year, the state offered nearly $26 million to adoptive parents caring for 12,384 former foster children.

(Even though the paragraph above actually belongs after the paragraphs below it was KEY that you read that part first to get the whole picture..)

North Carolina's child welfare officials had a moment of reckoning in the early 1990s. Abused and neglected children were growing up without parents. The state had found their birth parents unfit, and they had been sent to live in temporary homes while social workers waited on their parents to get it together.

The state carved out money to pay private adoption agencies to recruit and prepare adoptive parents. Agencies such as Children's Home Society earn from several thousand dollars to $15,000 for every child placed. Children's Home Society could have earned as much as $45,000 for placing Sean and his two siblings, though the state won't say exactly how much the agency earned.

Adoptive parents would be paid, too, for taking on such a responsibility. Depending on the child's age, they earn between $390 and $490 a month until the child is 18.

Do you see what is crystal clear to children's rights activists?

Follow the money ... our children are being ripped from their loving families, then abused maimed, raped and killed for what? MONEY?

Is it clear to YOU NOW?

If you haven't gotten "it" yet check out this blog for Title 4 or 5 federal funding incentives, just so happens that with all the laws passed to "protect" children in 1996 the number of children found to be in abusive situations rose by how much?

You do the math!

Now if your ready... here is the link to the story that fueled this rant...

P.S. Don't kid yourself this isn't only happening in North Carolina.. it's worldwide Sean's short life shows system's flaws

* Anything in Yellow is my two cents.

* Anything in blue is copied and pasted from the article in question above.

P.P.S It's almost ironic that I came across this article (Link below)...
on the abuses of federal funding destroying children and families EVERYWHERE!

The Business of Child Stealing in Florida

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Man jailed for 'worst' child porn

The judge said the police had never seen images of worse child absue.

A man found with images of "the worst child abuse ever seen" has been jailed for an indefinite period.

Arthur Morley's collection of pictures and videos included newborn babies being raped and abused by adults.

Morley, 64, from Greenford, Middlesex, pleaded guilty to 50 counts of distributing, making and possessing hundreds of indecent child images.

He would serve a minimum of two years before being considered for parole, Southwark Crown Court heard.

'Secret compartment'

"Not only do these depict horrific images of sexual abuse but they also contain the sound of pain that the babies had to endure," said Judge Peter Testar.

"The emotional and physical damage these victims have had to endure at such a young age is immeasurable."

Jurors were told the images originated from eastern Europe and North America in the past five to 10 years.

Morley had previous convictions for rape, attempted rape and indecent assault - all against children - and was a registered sex offender.

The court heard he used a false name, a false address and an internet cafe to avoid detection.

Morley was caught after police arrested another internet paedophile whose computer showed he had been in regular contact with other paedophiles.

When police searched him, they found a "secret compartment" in his coat pocket containing a memory stick used to store some of the indecent images.

A similar storage device and a laptop hard drive were then found hidden in yet more "secret compartments" in his car dashboard.

A total of 2,573 still images were recovered, along with 67 videos.

"The images in this case are in the experience of New Scotland Yard's Paedophile Unit and the Crown Prosecution Service of quite the worst child abuse ever seen, the judge said.

Morley was told he would also remain on the sex offenders' register for life.

Link to article-

BBC NEWS UK England London Man jailed for 'worst' child porn

See also-

Paedophile had baby abuse images


Harrow Times 'A committed and determined offender' - 12 hrs ago

Daily Mail Child rapist jailed over 'worst' porn stash ever found by police - 22 hrs ago

The Scotsman Paedophile jailed for worst child-porn collection ever - 22 hrs ago

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Lewie is resentenced

Click here to see a video from the resentencing.

By Don
Published: Saturday, June 28, 2008

Erin Reid

Alicia C. Lewie appears in Warren County Court on Friday morning for a re-sentencing. To order copies of staff-produced photos from The Post-Star, please visit

QUEENSBURY - Alicia C. Lewie's prison sentence for her role in the death of her infant son was reduced Friday after a judge found that he erroneously stacked prison terms Thursday.Instead of the 10- to 30-year sentence that Warren County Judge John Hall imposed Thursday, the sentence was modified so Lewie will serve 7-1/3 to 22 years.

QUEENSBURY - Alicia C. Lewie's prison sentence for her role in the death of her infant son was reduced Friday after a judge found that he erroneously stacked prison terms Thursday.

Instead of the 10- to 30-year sentence that Warren County Judge John Hall imposed Thursday, the sentence was modified so Lewie will serve 7-1/3 to 22 years.

Hall's decision came after a spirited debate about the law regarding consecutive and concurrent sentences, whether Lewie has shown remorse, and an accusation by the judge that she perjured herself when testifying at trial.
Lewie's lawyer, Michael Keenan, accused Hall and the Warren County District Attorney's Office of "trying to bend the law to go above what the law allows" when imposing consecutive sentences.

"There seems to be a zeal to punish this lady beyond what the law allows," Keenan said.

Hall had imposed the 10- to 30-year sentence under the belief that the two second-degree manslaughter counts of which Lewie was convicted were separate acts.

One alleged she failed to get prompt medical treatment for her 7-month-old son, Cobi Bullock, while the other accused her of improperly leaving him in the care of Michael D. Flint Jr., the man who beat, bit and choked the child to death. Flint has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 22-years-to-life in prison.

Consecutive sentences can generally be imposed when a defendant's charges arise from separate acts, which is the law cited by Hall when he initially decided to stack the manslaughter sentences.

But in the case of a homicide where there is only one victim, it appeared the sentences could not be stacked, though the judge said there was a dearth of case law on the issue.

He said there was case law to show that Lewie's conviction for first-degree reckless endangerment could be treated as a separate act because it preceded Colbi's death. So he decided Lewie will serve that sentence consecutively -- after the 5- to 15-year term for the manslaughter charges.

"She knew the pain of this child; she knew Michael Flint was hurting this child," Warren County District Attorney Kate Hogan said after she asked for a consecutive sentence on the reckless endangerment count.

Hall's decision to do so seemed to anger Keenan, who questioned why the judge showed "lenience" to Flint and gave him less than the maximum despite the fact he physically killed Colbi.

The judge pointed out that Flint showed remorse from the first day of the case and pleaded guilty.

"At least he had the conscience to say, 'I did a terrible thing,' " the judge said of Flint.

Lewie, on the other hand, told Warren County Probation Officer Michelle Rodriguez during a pre-sentence interview that the prosecution was "ludicrous," and she had not shown any remorse publicly, Hall said.

The judge said Lewie also told a "bold-faced lie" when testifying at her trial, though he did not elaborate on which part of her testimony he deemed false.

Much of her testimony was in direct conflict with that of her friends and acquaintances who testified about what she knew and said about the abuse of Colbi before his death.

Keenan said Lewie has often shown remorse when he's met with her, and her comment about the situation being "ludicrous" was directed at the decision to prosecute her.

"She thought it was overcharged; she never should have been charged with manslaughter, and she never should have gone to trial," Keenan said.

As with Thursday's sentencing, Lewie did not speak during Friday's hearing, and she had no comment as she left court.

Keenan has said the conviction and sentence will be appealed.

Lewie will have to serve at least 7-1/3 years before becoming eligible for parole.

Click here for for article - Lewie is resentenced ::

Holodeck Law — Litigation Vortex

This morning I was telling someone they needed to read

Law — Litigation Vortex by Linda L. Kennedy, Esq."

Then it occurred to me (duh) post it!

I'll bet many of the people that come across this page will find it as awesome as I did, and have a NEED to KNOW what you will read below... so here it is....

Law — Litigation Vortex by Linda L. Kennedy, Esq.

I hope this will help those good people who are still shocked over the reality of the court and justice systems, and also for some who still have not yet grasped what is occurring, or who are still unwilling to believe what they have seen with their own eyes.

For those who have never watched the television classic "Star Trek," according to this show, a holodeck is a computerized program that can "reproduce" a place of paradise, or a day in World War II, or whatever scene the characters choose to create. In the show, the hardworking spaceship inhabitants who needed a little "R & R" from the tireless tasks of captaining or crewing a spaceship would take breaks like we would take a vacation. These breaks, however, would be in a fantasy setting, the holodeck, where the participants could become a part of the program of their choosing. It is like playing a game of virtual reality. Except for the person using the program, all the characters on the stage of the holodeck are mere holographic images. Although everything looks real, it is not as it appears.

Until this past year I had not realized, or connected the similarities between this fantasy holodeck and the shocking reality of our American courtrooms today, where, as in the holodeck, nothing is as it appears. But, like so many other things in life, as one accumulates knowledge, and uses their own experiences, observation skills, wisdom, and reevaluates what has been seen and heard, a reality or a truth becomes more apparent.

The American courtroom is created by a legal aristocracy who will stop at nothing to keep money and power in the hands of a few "power-elite" control mongers. Much to my disappointment, at this stage in my legal career the eerie similarities between the runaway American courts and the fantasy holodeck can no longer be denied. This Divine Right of Kings is still alive and well, but hidden carefully within the bigger holodeck called America.

Although we have been indoctrinated by our government-run schools to blindly believe that justice is found in the courtroom, the American Court is what I call "Holodeck Law" where nothing is as it appears. A television commercial coined the phrase, "image is everything," and as long as the public is unaware that American "justice" is a mere image, the government hand will always be quicker than the public eye.

Like the Wizard of Oz, who used smoke and mirrors to operate Oz from behind the scenes in virtual anonymity, but who was finally exposed for the fraud he truly was, it is imperative that the public discovers and exposes who is behind the curtain of our rogue justice system. Because of this unveiling I believe that "We the People," must be the Fourth Branch of Government who must, collectively, look out for each other's interests and provide the checks and balances our government was designed to perform. Hopefully, in taking this active stance, we will be able to restore justice so that we can again be the master and the government our servant as originally designed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

What I now refer to as the "courtroom holodeck" is the scene of the crime, and the stage where this chimera is played out. In this virtual reality the judges and attorney(s) are holograms (mere images of justice), all working in the labyrinth of a "Litigation Vortex." The unsuspecting public who either gets sucked into the vortex (unwillingly brought into court) or suckered into the maelstrom (thinking that justice would be received through the legal system), are real characters, but they do not realize they are on the court holodeck, nor do they realize that they are not being protected, or zealously represented as was taught to them in our government-funded elementary schools. They do not realize that nothing is as it appears.

If one falls on to the turf of the holodeck court, one must know the Holodeck Rule Book, who is the real enemy, and understand the holodeck strategies in order to survive and even sometimes thrive in the "Litigation Vortex."

When you voluntarily go into court you will find (or have found) that many times you will lose even though the law is clearly on your side. Then, after the loss, due to your sense of justice, you begin filing lawsuits or complaints against judges, you appeal decisions, and spend time and other resources thinking of other legal strategies for seeking recourse, etc. In essence, you are asking the judges to find themselves corrupt.

When stated that way I think most of you can see that this is probably not going to happen. But even worse, you become occupied for years on a course that costs you large sums of money and keeps you busy with very little to show for it except perhaps high blood pressure. Most often you simply become even more outraged and impoverished than when you innocently started down this path many years before. Simply put, this is what I call the "Litigation Vortex" funneling into a Holodeck Court, where nothing is as it appears and where the plaintiff is never to be seen again — with money. I felt many might benefit and better understand what I say when I tell you to get off the courts' "turf."

However, I have found ways to win in court. It is not impossible, but unless you know the "real" rules of court, you will not be able to endure or succeed in it. My strategy takes a lot of understanding of the facts, the law, the real strategies of the opposition (see Triangle and Two Defense ), a thorough understanding of the overall corruptness of the system, an understanding of military strategies (believe it or not), and it becomes very case specific and tailored and must be tweaked as the case progresses. Be forewarned that this strategy is also a very dangerous one, especially for lawyers who use it, since by implementing it you eventually show the other side that you know their game and are not willing to play. An attorney or citizen may get to use this strategy between two to four times before he or she is exposed as an enemy of the state (not playing along with their game in their Holodeck Court). The system will then implement the "and two" part of the Triangle and Two Defense against you. Attorneys in particular are susceptible to this counterattack by the system.

These are vignettes that may help you understand where you are in your litigation, what happened if you are already through your litigation nightmare, or will help you comprehend that the battle has to be fought off of the court's turf. The writing is fairly short, and not at all inclusive, but I think it will help you be more effective and help stop doing the same things our poor predecessor citizens have unsuccessfully tried because they did not understand the real rules, or the real game. We must know what the opposition is doing so that we know how to combat it in all legal, nonviolent ways available.

The Litigation Vortex.... (click the link below for more)

Holodeck Law — Litigation Vortex by Linda L. Kennedy, Esq.

My two cents...

This is a MUST HAVE AND MEMORIZE for anyone that walks through any court room door..

I'm NOT saying this WILL happen... I'm saying IF it does.. at least you'll see it coming and know you aren't insane.

Friday, June 27, 2008

"Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997"

June 26, 2008
A note from Leonard Henderson, Co-Founder of American Family Rights Association.
S. 3038 and H.R. 6307

Right now, we have an opportunity to make ourselves heard and a shot at preventing the reauthorization of the "Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997" (PL 105-89), which sunsets September 30, 2008.
Of all of the wretched legislation that has come down the pike since 1974, this one provides the obscene "perverse incentive" to encourage the kidnapping of our children and the character assassination called "investigation" by CPS.

That reauthorization now exists in Senate Bill S. 3038.

Here's where our attention needs to be:

(Vote on it, and leave a comment too! Only 15 comments so far in about 2 days since I sent out the first alert. Let's make it HUNDREDS of No votes!)
We are STRONGLY recommending that people contact their Senators-

Contact your Senators

Choose your state and viola'- there they are with the addresses to web forms to send them the message.

While you're typing the message, tell them you want them to vote NO on both S. 3038 and H.R. 6307 when it shows up.
Just let the perverse incentives sunset that kidnap kids for money.

If you can't handle doing this, then please don't complain about being powerless and helpless.
Leonard Henderson, Co-FounderAmerican Family Rights
Promoting the Fundamental Liberty Rights & Privileges of Families"
Until Every Child Comes Home"©

Lewie sentenced to 10 to 30 years in prison


QUEENSBURY — Alicia C. Lewie, who was convicted of manslaughter in the death of her infant son, was sentenced to 10 to 30 years in state prison Thursday morning in Warren County Court.

She did not say anything in court when the sentence was handed down.
Click here to see a photo gallery from the sentencing.

Click here to see a video from the sentencing.
(NOTE: This video is long. Please give the video time to load before you start playing to minimize buffering issues.)

Her boyfriend, Michael D. Flint of Glens Falls, was sentenced this month to 22 years to life in state prison after he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for beating, biting and choking Lewie’s 7-month-old son, Colbi Bullock, in November

Lewie, of Greenwich, was convicted in May of various charges, the most serious ones being two counts of second-degree manslaughter for not removing her son from Flint’s care and failing to seek immediate medical attention for him in the days prior to his death.

For several weeks last fall, Lewie had left her son with Flint, who has an extensive criminal history, while she went to work, knowing Flint was harming him.

The other charges Lewie was convicted of are reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Link to article with comments -

Lewie sentenced to 10 to 30 years in prison ::

Related -

'Sociopath' sentenced in baby's death -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

Entwistle receives life sentence for murders

By Franci R. Ellement, Globe Correspondent, and Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff

WOBURN -- Neil Entwistle sat stone-faced and impassive this morning as his mother-in-law calmly excoriated him for shooting to death his young wife and infant daughter.

"Our dreams as a parent and grandparent have been shattered by the shameful, selfish act of one person, Neil Entwistle," said Priscilla Matterazzo,
who remained composed as she read a brief victim impact statement. "For him to have tried to hide behind an accusation of murder-suicide of this beautiful woman and perfect mother is low and despicable."

Matterazzo continued: "Suffering does not begin to describe what we have been enduring without our beloved Rachel and Lillian, who gave our lives such purpose and meaning. I have lost two generations of my family. I would ask the court to impose two consecutive life sentences in the United States, acknowledging the lives of both Rachel and Lillian."

Judge Diane Kottmyer acknowledged the symbolic significance of imposing two consecutive life sentences -- one for Rachel, 27, and one for their 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Rose -- but she said she feared it would give people unfamiliar with Massachusetts law the wrong impression. The mandatory sentence of life without the possibility of parole means that Entwistle will never be released from prison unless he is pardoned by the governor.

"These crimes are incomprehensible," Kottmyer said, handing down a sentence of two concurrent life terms. "They defy comprehension because they involve the planned and deliberate murders of the defendant's wife and 9-month-old child in violation of bonds that we recognize as central to our identity as human beings, those of husband and wife and parent and child."

The judge stipulated that the 29-year-old Briton could not "profit in any way from the sale of his story either by way of book or otherwise to any media outlet." He will begin serving his sentence at MCI Cedar Junction in South Walpole.

Entwistle did not exercise his option to address the court. He did not testify during the 12-day trial and has not spoken publicly since the killings.

The jury of six women and six men took just 11 hours to convict him on Wednesday of two counts of first-degree murder. The conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole and requires an automatic review by the Supreme Judicial Court.

Those in court Wednesday, including families of the defendant and the victims, remained almost completely silent at the close of the trial that garnered attention on both sides of the Atlantic with its emotional and at times graphic testimony and evidence.

One juror, a woman who asked that her name not be used, described how the jury reached its verdict. She said they began by examining the defense's theory that Rachel Entwistle shot her baby and then herself. The jury even went so far as to have one member who was about the same height as Rachel Entwistle act out such a murder-suicide.

She said the jury, after weighing ballistics and forensic evidence, concluded that a murder-suicide was not logistically possible. Jurors then considered if anyone else might have committed the crimes. But they were convinced, she said, that "there was no evidence anyone else had been in the house" around the time of the killings.

"We tried to look at every aspect and analyze all the evidence that was put before us, because we wanted it to be a fair trial," the juror said. "Nobody came into this thinking automatically that he was guilty. Everybody was in different places at the beginning."

She said that the jury was not influenced by one of the prosecution's main points, that Neil Entwistle did not call police after discovering the bodies and instead flew to his parents' house in England.

"Most people say the fact he didn't call 911" made Neil Entwistle seem guilty, she said, "but we looked at it as a cultural difference."

Andrew F. Tringale, an alternate juror, said the defense's argument -- that Rachel committed a murder-suicide and Neil did not notify police "because he wouldn't tarnish Rachel's memory" -- was unpersuasive.

"Why hadn't they been more blatant about that earlier, if that was a realistic argument?" Tringale said. "Why didn't they call witnesses to substantiate that claim, which itself seemed pretty unrealistic?"

The defense shocked court observers when it did not call a single witness. The prosecution called more than 40 witnesses during the 12-day trial in Middlesex Superior Court.

Tringale said he was comfortable with the conviction. "I think the prosecution presented their case well, and I think the defense made a really unrealistic argument," he said.

Richard D. Vautour, another juror, said the experience was "emotionally extremely difficult and challenging," as well as amazing and educational.

After the verdict was read Wednesday, Priscilla Matterazzo and Joseph Matterazzo, Rachel's stepfather, appeared at a somber press conference during which they thanked the public for sending cards and letters of support.

"We may never know why this happened," said Joseph Flaherty, a spokesman for the Matterazzos. "Rachel and Lillian Rose loved and trusted Neil Entwistle. Neil Entwistle's actions on Jan. 20, 2006, betrayed that love and trust. Neil Entwistle will now live with his evil deeds for the rest of his natural life, only to be judged again."

Entwistle's parents also spoke out, telling reporters that Rachel Entwistle "murdered" their granddaughter.

"We know that our son, Neil, is innocent, and we are devastated to learn that the evidence points to Rachel murdering our grandchild and then committing suicide," his mother, Yvonne Entwistle, said. "I knew Rachel was depressed. Our son will now go to jail for loving, honoring, and protecting his wife's memory."

Entwistle's father, Clifford, added: "From the moment that Joe Flaherty said, and I quote, 'All we need now is the right jury pool,' we knew Neil would not receive a fair trial. We will continue to fight for our innocent son with the hope that one day justice will prevail, and our little granddaughter Lilly may rest in peace."

When the verdict was read, Neil Entwistle's mouth dropped open, and he pressed his eyes shut and shook his head slightly from side to side.

He then turned to look at his parents, who had little reaction, as did the Matterazzos. The courtroom was virtually silent.

Entwistle's mother, Yvonne, and brother, Russell, did not stand when the court was asked to rise for the jury.

Neil Entwistle, the son of a cook and a politician, met Rachel Souza in 1999, when he was a student at the University of York and she was an exchange student from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. The couple married in August 2003 and moved to Hopkinton in January 2006.

Neil Entwistle had suffered major financial problems and was dissatisfied in the marriage, prosecutors said. Just days before the killings, police said, he had trawled the Internet for "blonde beauties" and "half-price escorts" and searched Google for "knife in the neck kill" and "quick suicide method."

On the day of the slayings, he logged into his account on a website that bills itself as "The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community," police said.

Prosecutors said he shot his wife in the head and his daughter point-blank in the heart with a .22-caliber pistol that belonged to Joseph Matterazzo. He then covered the bodies with a comforter, returned the gun to his in-laws' home in Carver, and fled to his parents' home in Worksop, England, according to police.

During the trial, prosecutors played an audio recording of Entwistle trying to explain why he did not call police. He said he was in a trance-like state and "just couldn't get it clear in my head to do it."

The defense contended that there was a pattern of shoddy police work in the investigation that distorted facts and ignored other possibilities.

Entwistle's court-appointed lead attorney, Elliot Weinstein, had criticized the Hopkinton police officers who first responded to Entwistle's home because they used a plastic Blockbuster card to pick the lock and enter without a search warrant. He also argued that media coverage of the case made a fair trial impossible.

"Under a different environment," a jury would have reached a different result, Weinstein said. He said that because police twice made "unlawful entries" into the Entwistle home, he was confident that the case "will meet a successful review in the Supreme Court."

David Abel, Michael Levenson, and John R. Ellement of the Globe staff contributed to this report.

Link to this Story - With Video

Related article-

Judge admonished for language in court

Broome County Family Court Judge Spero Pines has been admonished by a state judicial watchdog agency for what it called sarcastic, angry and scolding language to people involved in three different child custody cases.

Pines said Thursday he cooperated and would not fight the state Commission on Judicial Conduct's decision to publicly reprimand him.
"I welcomed the commission's review of my 14-year tenure on the Family Court bench and I understand and accept their criticism of me in the three cases cited," Pines said in a written statement. "I am pleased that this matter has been concluded and look forward to continuing my service to the people and in particular the children of Broome County."

The commission said it recognized the litigants in all three cases has a long history in Family Court involving allegations of abuse, neglect, drug or alcohol abuse and domestic violence, said James S. Gleason, Pines' attorney.

The cases included one father who, while serving a state prison sentence, sought custody of his child. Another case involved a couple, both in jail, at a custody hearing where the mother sought custody of her three children. A third case involved parents fighting for custody, documents indicate.

Gleason said investigators from the commission listened to hundreds of hours of transcripts from Pines' courtroom but found only the three cases worthy of criticism.

"There was no finding that the substantive rights of these litigants were abridged, only that he briefly lost his temper," Gleason said of the judge's behavior. The complaint to the commission was made anonymously, Gleason said.

Pines, a Democrat, is serving his second 10-year term as a judge. Elected in 1994, Pines' second term ends in 2013.

The commission reviews written complaints of misconduct against judges in local and state courts in New York. Admonishment is the mildest form of public rebuke. Penalties escalate to censure and removal from the bench.

"Anyone who knows Judge Pines recognizes his commitment to the best interests of the children who are involved in the cases before him," Gleason said. "I am sure that his remarks were borne of his frustration with the parents and the environment in which the children were being raised."

Link to Story -

Judge admonished for language in court Press & Sun-Bulletin

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Excerpts from Judge Spero Pines' courtroom transcripts Press & Sun-Bulletin

Father of toddler found alone arrested for lying to police


By Elizabeth Jackman

A man whose toddler was found unattended near 63rd and Northern avenues June 15 and told police she was being looked after by a baby sitter he had hired from Craig’s List has been arrested for lying to the police.

Shane Englehart, 26, showed up at the Northern Greens Apartments around 10 p.m., where the girl was found and told police he had been starting a new job that day and needed a babysitter on short notice.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Jim Toomey said Englehart told investigators he located a bab sitter named Samantha on Craig’s List and arranged for her to watch his daughter, 2-year-old Haley.

Detectives Dean Ferullo and Shane Leske contacted Samantha, who had know idea what they were talking about.

“She denied all involvement and stated she has known Shane Englehart for several years, but does not baby-sit for him,” Toomey said.

When the two detectives confronted Englehart after a Child Protective Services (CPS) hearing, and told him they had talked to Samantha, Englehart admitted he had lied.

He said he had left his daughter home unattended while he went to work and made up the whole babysitter story.

Englehart was booked on charges of child abuse, obstructing a police investigation and false reporting to law enforcement.

Haley remains in CPS custody.

Link to Story

Glendale Star

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Man accused of taping 9-year-old Texas girl to tree as punishment

A 35-year-old man is accused of duct taping his 9-year-old stepdaughter to a tree in the midday heat, the Wise County sheriff's office said Wednesday.

Glenn Castille was arrested Tuesday at his Cottondale home after authorities arrived to find the girl taped to a tree in 91-degree heat, Sheriff David Walker said.
Mr. Castille, who told authorities he and the girl were playing, is accused of injury to a child. Bail was set at $20,000 and he remained in custody Wednesday.

"It's just not something you do," Sheriff Walker said.

Officers were alerted to the incident when an oilfield worker saw the girl run in tears from a driveway and get taped to the tree by a man with an airsoft gun, the sheriff's office said. The man also placed tape over the girl's mouth.

When officers arrived, her 11-year-old brother was attempting to free her.

It was not the first time the siblings had been taped to the tree for disciplinary reasons, Sheriff Walker said. Investigators found cellphone pictures of both children tied up, and Mr. Castille could face additional charges.

Child Protective Services has placed the children and their 18-month-old sibling in the care of family friends, the sheriff's office said.

Cottondale is about 70 miles northwest of Dallas.
Link to Story -
My Two Cents..
Now this dude should be tied to a tree naked somewhere that the aligators can easily reach his feet!

Mom was fighting for custody when 2 kids died in Plano crash

The biological mother of two foster children killed in Sunday's crash in Plano grew up in foster care herself and knows how difficult it is for a child to be separated from family.

That's why she was fighting to be reunited with her children – Kevinnesha Palmer, 6, and Raven Lucas, 5 – when she got word Sunday that they had died. The crash also killed the girls' foster parents, Geoff and Christy Hart, and their 12-year-old daughter, Rebekah, as all five left their Plano church.

But while Child Protective Services officials acknowledge that Pamela Palmer had shown signs of improvement in her ability to be a good parent, they say she had not done enough.

"She has not been able to demonstrate stability for the children," CPS spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales said Wednesday. "The plan was to request termination of her parental rights."

Ms. Gonzales said CPS still plans to try and terminate Ms. Palmer's parental rights for her third child, an infant son who remains in the care of another foster family.That placement took place before Sunday's crash, which remains under investigation.

Police said David Calhoun Jones of Louisiana was speeding when he ran a red light and slammed into the Harts' minivan, killing everyone inside. No charges have been filed.

Praying for kids

Ms. Palmer, 28, said she was at her McKinney church praying for her children on Sunday morning when her daughters were killed.

"I feel like it's a nightmare I'm going to wake up from," she said this week as she made plans to bury her children Friday.

Ms. Palmer agreed with family members who said that they believe Kevinnesha and Raven would still be alive if they had been placed with them instead of in foster care. But she said she believes the Harts treated her children well – "I felt they were getting good care" – and she admitted that it was her own failings that caused her children to be taken in the first place.

Her own mother was a drug user, she said, and she was placed in foster care at age 12.

"It was the worst experience I ever had as a child," she said.

At age 18, when she aged out of foster care, she returned to McKinney. She worked at a fast-food restaurant and as a housekeeper at a nursing home.

But her life wasn't easy. She said she has suffered from depression and was prescribed medication for bipolar disorder. She said she stopped taking the medicine when she became pregnant with Kevinnesha and never resumed taking the pills that made her feel "like a zombie."

She said Kevinnesha's father was never around much. Raven's father was murdered in Fort Worth in 2003.

"She was 3 weeks old when he passed," the soft-spoken Ms. Palmer said.

Abuse allegations

CPS began investigating allegations of abuse and neglect after Kevinnesha was born, and the agency removed the children in February 2007. The girls were placed with two other foster families before landing with the Harts about three months ago.

Kevinnesha had several unexplained injuries and reported that her mother had caused them, Ms. Gonzales said. Ms. Palmer doesn't deny the injuries.

"I had spanked Kevinnesha for spitting in her sister's face," she said. The child ended up with a bruise on her lower back.

She also said the child had pinch marks on her hands and a scar on her leg. "I was pinching her, but I wasn't trying to hurt her," Ms. Palmer said. "I was trying to help her with her school work and trying to get her attention." She said her daughter's leg was hurt by a carpet burn.

Nadia Stephens, a business analyst who has known Ms. Palmer since middle school, said her friend did the best she could to raise her children but didn't have the advantages that others take for granted.

"Pam's a good mother," Ms. Stephens said. "Some people need more help than others."

Ms. Palmer displayed certificates showing completion of parenting and anger management courses that were part of her attempts to regain custody of her kids.

"They were never hungry, never dirty, and they always had a roof over their heads," she said.

For now, though, Ms. Palmer lives with the faint hope that she can one day be reunited with her only surviving child, while holding on to the memories of the daughters she'll never see alive again.

"They were worth fighting for," she said. "I worked hard to gain their trust back. And I gained it."

Link to Story-

Mom was fighting for custody when 2 kids died in Plano crash Dallas Morning News News for Dallas, Texas Breaking News f...

My Two Cents -

Worst case scenario, this woman could have benefited from parenting classes.

I don't believe the life sentence she has received is appropriate in any way shape or form!

How many of us grew up running from the shoe flying across the room or the wooden spoon or even the belt?

When are THEY gonna stop destroying families?


Sadly for this family it's to late, two of her babies are in a better place, but what about her thrid child?

How do these people sleep at nite?

3 women accused in South L.A. boy's 'unbearable' abuse plead not guilty


Caretakers saw early signs that boy was

L.A. County supervisors want overhaul in monitoring of abuse cases

Boy was subject of '05 claim

Boy's abuse was no secret

The 5-year-old's mother and her girlfriend have been charged with torture and could face life in prison. A baby sitter who allegedly held the child's hands to a hot stove could get 20 years.

A mother, her girlfriend and a baby sitter all pleaded not guilty today to charges stemming from allegations that they subjected a 5-year-old boy to sustained and "unbearable" abuse and conspired to cover it up.

The boy's mother, Starkeisha Brown, 24, and her live-in girlfriend, Krystal Denise Matthews, 21, as well as La Tanya Monikue Jones, 26, each face felony counts that include child abuse, corporal injury to a child and conspiracy to dissuade a witness.

Brown and Matthews also have been charged with torture. If convicted on all counts, Brown and Matthews could face life in prison. Jones could get 20 years behind bars.

The women are next scheduled to appear in court July 22.

Authorities allege that the boy was subjected to extreme and sustained abuse for more than a year, including being burned with cigarettes on his body and genitals, being hung from a doorjamb by his wrists and whipped, and being left to sit in his own urine and feces. Authorities also allege the boy was malnourished and had severe burns from his hands being held to a hot stove.

Brown and Matthews shared their small South L.A. apartment with the boy.

Los Angeles County child welfare officials didn't learn about the abuse until earlier this month, when they received a tip from a concerned citizen who heard the boy at a Metro Green Line train station say "she put my hand on top of the stove."

The case has prompted outrage from officials, who argue that county and state agencies should have been able to better protect the child.

The county Department of Children and Family Services had looked into allegations of neglect in 2005, but concluded that the allegations could not be sustained.

According to authorities, Brown and Matthews have a history of troubled behavior.

Brown was a convicted felon and known gang member who for more than a year was wanted on a no-bail arrest warrant.

Matthews pleaded guilty in June to slashing her younger brother across the face with a box cutter.

Jones let her 4-year-old son go with Brown and Matthews to a meeting with Department of Children and Family Services officials last week in a bid to fool them into thinking there was no abuse. Jones is also accused of disfiguring Brown's son by holding his hands on the stove.

Link to story -

3 women accused in South L.A. boy's 'unbearable' abuse plead not guilty - Los Angeles Times

My Two Cents..

They should ALL get life without chance of parole!

People like this deserve nothing short of torture themselves.

I know CPS lies OFTEN, but in MY opinion these three DID what they are being accused of and should pay with their minds, bodys, and souls!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby boy Louie Uccio

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For my baby boy Louie Uccio,

Since you have been alienated from me and you think you hate me, this is the only way I get to wish you a happy birthday..

So here it is...

I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE today as always!
(This is true for all of your brothers and sister as well)

No matter what they've told you... that has NEVER changed since the day you were born!

I've done nothing to be kept from you... but here it is six years since I've held you in my lap and kissed you through no fault of mine or yours!


BE SURE WE WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN, I'f I have to tear down the court system and all of it's corrupt players to do that... rest assured I will!!

My babies are worth it!

No corrupt court employee or connected ass wipe gets to kidnap my kids for personal gain and get away with it.



Monday, June 23, 2008



June 23, 2008 --

A 13-year-old Staten Island honors student who was sexually assaulted at her high school had insult added to devastating emotional injuries when officials kept the classmate suspected of the attack in school - and later put the pair in the same summer class, the girl's outraged mom told The Post.

If that weren't bad enough, the charges against the student arrested for molesting freshman Kelsey Balzafiore were dropped after the Staten Island District Attorney's Office inexplicably failed to inform a judge it was ready to try the case - despite being warned to do so by her lawyers.

"I feel like I was treated like I did something wrong," the petite Kelsey, now 16, told The Post. "I feel like I was being punished. I don't want this to happen to other girls. This whole experience since the attack has been an absolute nightmare."

A Staten Island civil jury likely will soon hear of her shocking treatment by school officials and DA Daniel Donovan's office after Robert Swen allegedly attacked her at New Dorp HS.

Tomorrow, her lawyers will ask a judge to set a trial date for her negligence lawsuit against the city, the Department of Education and the NYPD's school safety division.

"The system failed Kelsey. The insensitive way they treated her was truly, truly abominable," said Justin Blitz, one of her lawyers.

Spokesmen for the city, Education Department and Staten Island DA declined to comment.

Swen adamantly denied the charges.

"I didn't do anything. I'm not guilty . . . She's just making it up," he said.

Kelsey's nightmare began Oct. 20, 2005, when she asked if anyone had a dollar so she could buy bottled water.

Then-16-year-old Swen said he had money and led her down the hallway, Kelsey's lawyers said.
"Swen then grabbed her and dragged her down a stairwell to the basement, where he forcibly kissed her, opened her pants and groped her private parts," said Bryan Swerling, another of Kelsey's lawyers.

The girl's mom, Loretta Rice, said that when she complained at school the next day, cops who were called arrested Swen on sex-abuse charges after having Kelsey point him out in front of other students.

Swen was suspended for a few days, said Rice, who claimed officials suggested Kelsey could leave through the back door to avoid him, or transfer.

Kelsey spent six weeks at home before transferring to Wagner HS. Months later, when she was attending summer school at Tottenville HS, Swen "walked into her class," said Rice.

Afterward, officials merely moved him out of her class, not the school.

Kelsey - who ended up receiving intensive psychological counseling - received another blow early in 2007, when the criminal case against Swen was dismissed because a Staten Island prosecutor failed to respond as "ready for trial" as required by law. Kelsey's lawyers said they previously called the DA's office 15 times and urged prosecutors assigned to the case to make such a response.

Link to this story-


My two cents..

This story doesnt shock me.. sad huh?

I have pleaded with the Richmond County (Staten Island) D.A. to investigate the legal kidnapping of my children under color of law, with clear political connections on my estranged husbands side which is without a doubt in my mind a CRIMINAL RICO case disguised as a custody divorce case to no avail!

We need someone or numerous someones, to intervene in the abuse of power rampant throughout the Country!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family Wars: The Alienation of Children

The parents of Amy (age 10) and Kevin (age 7) are divorcing after 13 years of marriage. Their father, by temporary stipulation, has moved from the marital home. He is entitled to visit with the children on alternating weekends and one evening, during the week. Soon, the children begin to refuse to go with him. At first, they do not want to leave Mom; they say that they are afraid to go. When Dad comes to the house, Mom tells him that she\he will "not force the children to go." "Visitation is up to them." and she\he will "not interfere in their decision". The children refuse to talk with him on the phone. Mom calls him names when he telephones and complains constantly about her financial situation, blaming him, all within hearing of the children.

Dad attempts to talk with the children about the situation, then to bribe them with movies, shopping trips, toys. They become more and more sullen with him and resistant to coming. Anything, routine doctor visits, invitations from a friend, a visit to Aunt Beth, serves as an excuse to avoid visits.

A court appointed guardian ad litem learns from the children that "Dad is abusive and mean to us. " They do not want to go on visits. However, when asked to give specific examples of how he is abusive, their stories are not convincing, "He yells too loud when we make noise." "He made me climb all the way to the top of a mountain." "He gets mad at me about my homework." "He makes me wear my bike helmet." "He pounds the wall to get us up in the morning and it makes me afraid that he'll hit me." They say that he has never hit them, although they state that they are very afraid that he will.

These children are in the process of becoming alienated from their father.

An increasing number of children are experiencing the divorce of their parents or litigation over their custody some time during their minority. Some children experience the concerted, albeit often unconscious or unintended, attempt of one parent to alienate them from their other parent. It is the purpose of this article to alert lawyers, judges and parents involved in divorce and custody wars to the serious nature of parental alienation and to provide suggestions for court based intervention.

I. Definitions
II. Harm to The Child
III. Motivation for Alienation
IV. Recognition of Alienating Behaviors

A. The Continuum: Distiquishing between"typical Divorce and "Alienation"
B. Mild
C. Moderate
D. Overt
E. Severe

1. Prevention
A. Education
B. Attorneys
C. Courts
2. Mild Alienation cases
3. Moderate
4. The Parent Evaluation
5. Severe: The Fully Enmeshed Child
6. Conclusion

Information provided by:Dr. Peggie Ward located at

Go to: New Hampshire Articles and Resources

Link - Divorce Source: Family Wars: The Alienation of Children

Here we go, of course I have to give my two cents...

Lets say my children were the topic of this article it would then read something along the lines of ..

The parents of Steven Uccio (age 15) Dawn Uccio (age 13) Louis Uccio (age 8) Nicholas Uccio (age 6) have separated and will one day be divorcing after nearly 20 years of an abusive marriage.

Their Father, originally by temporary stipulation, then by final order of protection after a full hearings, has moved from the marital home. As per the mothers final restraining order he is entitled to visit with the children on alternating weekends and one evening, during the week.

Their Mother, was naive and felt bad for their father so when he came to the house often to see the children, she allowed him to visit the children whenever he wanted so long as he didn't fight with her.

The Father refused to pay his court ordered child support.

The Mother ended up in a hospital because of a mistake in her and her daughters prescription drugs on one of these uninvited visits with the father when he refused to leave and began arguing with the mother.

The children stayed with the Father for two weeks while the Mother was in the Hospital.

The father brought false child abuse charges against the Mother.

ACS falsely "indicated Mother" tricking Mother into losing her children.

False ACS case would be overturned SIX YEARS later when Mother became aware of it.

Mother and children had a great relationship as they always had when she got out of the hospital, as witnessed in the picture above taken after her discharge from the hospital.

Mother was unable to get Father's child support onto a calendar in New York the clerks claimed it wasn't transferred from NJ yet.

Eventually, thirty eight thousand dollars owed to Mother in back Child Support disapeared behind closed doors.

Mother was homeless living off the good graces of family and friends after 9-11 and the destruction of her ability to earn a living in the hotel food and beverage business, so children lived with Father.

Father continued his self employment and his second job working for the CYO under the direction of Joseph Panepinto.

Father met Aggie Panepinto.

Soon, the children begin to refuse to go with Mother.

At first, they told Mom that Dad didn't want her there; they say that they don't want to go with her.

Mom brings the case to Richmond County Family Court.

Hearing Officer Bonnie Cohen Gallet, and Staten Island Family Court Services forensic evaluator Kathlene Amorose labeled Mother a dangerous drug addict, yet both DENIED Mother drug testing.

Mother went to her Hotel H.R. Director and asked to be drug tested and was drug tested by Quest labs. Hair drug test taken.

Negative hair drug test results brought to the court by Mother was critically precluded from evidence.

Hearing Officer Gallet, left Father in charge of contacting Mother with schedules of the children's after school activities (that was the only visitation Mother was allowed- YET Mother had LEGAL CUSTODY- Father had a BULL-SHIT FALSE ACS case on his side that was also CRITICALLY PRECLUDED from the record - Mother had NO IDEA)

Mother and children were kept apart by Hearing Officer Gallet for EIGHTEEN MONTHS!

Fahter and his girlfriend Aggie Panepinto had the children to themselves without Mother allowed to see or speak to the children for eighteen months.

When Mother went to court to find Father in contempt for not allowing Mother to visit with children, Father tells the court that he will "not force the children to go." "Visitation is up to them." and he will "not interfere in their decision".

The children refuse to talk with mother. The phone number Mother had for the children had been changed from the main phone number. Father put that phone line in his bedroom and forwarded all calls to his cell, Father got a NEW phone number for the main phone line.

Dad was ORDERED to stop bad mouthing mom in writing in Moms life long Order of protection: "NO DISPARAGING REMARKS."

They become more and more sullen with Mom and resistant to visiting.

A court appointed guardian ad litem learns from the children that "Mom is abusive and mean to us. " They do not want to go on visits. However, when asked to give specific examples of how she is abusive, their stories are not convincing, Blah Blah Blah.

They say that she will hit them, although all 4 prior calls to ACS from the Father about the Mother were unfounded, they state that they are very afraid that she will hit or yell at them if they were forced to visit.

The Mother would spend years in court with out prevailing in getting ANY ORDER to see her children YET EVERY THING the court used against the Mother was HEARSAY! NOT ONE OUNCE OF PROOF!

These children are in the process of becoming severely alienated from their Mother.

An increasing number of children are experiencing the divorce of their parents or litigation over their custody some time during their minority. Some children experience the concerted, albeit often unconscious or unintended, attempt of one parent to alienate them from their other parent.

It is the purpose of this article to alert lawyers, judges and parents involved in divorce and custody wars to the serious nature of parental alienation and to provide suggestions for court based intervention.

Mother has not figured out why she has been unsuccessfully in having contact with her children through a court order.

Mother found out that ...

Fathers Boss Joseph Panepinto is married to Supreme Court Judge Barbara Panepinto.

Mother noticed that Fathers boss and Fathers girlfriend share the same last name (Panepinto)

Mother wonders if she and her children have been a victims of this apparent political connection and have been kept out of each others lives because of it.

Mother found out that Fathers Boss Joseph Panepinto is married to Judge Barbara Panepinto.
Judge Barbara Panepinto's employment history included work with every agency/ or in every field and or court the family has been involved in.

Mother pleads with her children to read the links on this page (especially Overt , Severe, and Harm to The Child,) then, think for themselves after reading this short version of what happened and KNOW they were alienated with the help of many players under color of law. (legally -Illegal)

Mother also pleads with any of their friends that may come across this article to use their own mind to see why her and her children have been separated and help her get back together with each other!

DC Festival 2008

Pop Quiz: True or False?

Sadly, "DC Rally 2008" was cancelled last week.. (True)

It was reborn as "DC Festival 2008" in

Live Talkshoe [internet radio] shows currently are on regular times each week: every Sun/Wed/Sat, at 8:00 pm EST/EDT

Yes, good folks everywhere: Sadly last week, the organizers of the DC Rally,
held successfully in August of 2007, decided against continuing the planned
annual Rally at the Lincoln Memorial, for financial and other various reasons.

It Lives Again: Even Bigger and Better than Before!

BUT, within less than 24 hours of that fateful conference call, several leaders
of other aligned forces quickly came together, and decided: The show MUST
go on! And so, before the very same week was over, everything was pulled in
and back to proper order, an upgraded event location was chosen, directly in
front of the Capitol Building, a nice downtown grass and sidewalks plaza that
also has plenty of trees for shade, known as Upper Senate Park, the event
schedule increased to include live musical entertainment, and even more of
the beloved speakers you want to see, hear, experience, and finally meet...

Get involved now, and stay tuned for the updates.

Stay tuned to for all the latest updates, but here's:

Upper Senate Park - the five sided grass/trees park area just across the road
from the Capitol Building (North of the Capitol Bldg along Constitution between
Delaware and New Jersey). See the really cool 3-D map of downtown DC here:

This "TinyURL" link will automatically take you to the GoogleMaps exact spot
for this downtown event, seeing the same area as above, but in the regular flat
map format, but also with pictures taken at different spots downtown, too!:

This is a fantastic area hotel map, linking to hundreds of DC hotels by visual:

This is the maps link for the DC system of Metrobus and Metrorail lines:

The revised and enhanced Event Schedule -- yes! still for the Aug 15th & 16th
same dates -- will be distributed widely during the upcoming week, along with
the next reminder announcement to all known groups and individuals. It has
grown to include virtually everything on the previous Event Schedule:
but will now start earlier on Friday, include opening time for live music bands,
additional speakers, possibly a set of hands-on workshops or groups training
sessions, and even more simultaneous events, such as the Street March to
leave from Upper Senate Park, parade through the public on the National Mall
and be hooking up with We The People halfway, to march on and stop at the
White House.. there to deliver our grievances and common plea for Justice.

The Plan: Ridesharing, and Mini-Events in other Cities.

Take a quick birdseye view of this routing map: see the timetables and mini-events detailed here:

Everyone, from the thousands of individual activists out there (some are YOUR
friends, right?), to the hundreds and hundreds of active social issue groups, to
people with "profiles" on all kinds of friend networks out there, need to be given
these two links, in order to join the common, neutral, open Yahoo! Groups that
are designated for arranging ridesharing to the DC Festival 2008 gala event:
UCRCoA State Chapters (group link is in red at top of selected state page):

UCRCoA Local Groups (group link for each county is listed in column format):
The 411 on downtown Washington, D.C., right here:

Hey, and don't forget! While you are visiting in Washington, D.C., you might
find some extra time to visit one or more of the famous landmarks that you
will be right nearby already, right there at Upper Senate Park (hint, hint):
Visit to learn all about the Capitol Complex.


UCRCoA State Chapters (group link is in red at top of selected state page):
UCRCoA Local Groups (group link for each county is listed in column format):
Learn more on this INCREDIBLY HUGE event!

Join us on Talkshoe this week sometime, to learn more and get more excited: every Sun/Wed/Sat, at 8:00 pm EST/EDT

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Reminder: Everybody else will be at will YOU?


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