Sunday, August 29, 2010

Does Parent Alienation have long term effects on the children.. Hell-Mother-Fuckin--- YES!

As most of my readers know I'm writing a book "Connecting The Dots.. Why we are where we are now." I decided to write that book based on my personal journey through being an alienated parent and not understanding how the children that I adored and who adored me in return.. suddenly hated and or feared me.

Low and behold I didn't understand any of it, until I dug to depths that I never thought I'd be capable of digging.

Funny thing happened though. I saw alienation happening to adults in my world as well. I began to see how the parents of full fledged adults were beginning to change the perception of certain adults to align with the opinions of the adult children.

Let me tell you it was the scariest thing I'd ever witnessed. A forty something grown person began parroting the views of their parent which are in all reality the opposite views and opinions of the said adult. So then how? Why? WTF?

Well, children aligned with their parent in childhood suffer from Parent Alienation Syndrome or Stockholm Syndrome. They are stuck in a psychosis with the alienating parent. They are oblivious to the psychotic oneness.. they are fully enmeshed they are powerless, unaware and vulnerable to any and all manipulation.. period!

Unless something rocks their world, unless someone or something hurts them beyond hurt, and they hit rock bottom they won't be willing to come out of what can be called a psychosis functional coma. It's kinda like a functional alcholic.. they get by day to day but they're so unaware of their own vs the alienated parents thoughts they act as if the thoughts and words are their own.

Parent Alienation is nothing new, it already has many names in the DSM.. the only thing that may be new is that people are noticing it more and more because we've bred with more and more malignant narcissists and more alienated parents have been brought up to be submissive to the more dominating abusive personality disordered alienators.

This article below explains it the best. It's titled: Folie à Deux:The Exquisite Madness of the Family.

Here is the link: Folie à Deux: The Exquisite Madness of the Family (Family Court Philosopher #79): Get Off the Bus, Gus!

The reason I wrote this post today is because I came across this article..
Parental Alienation Causes Short and Long-Term Damage to Children penlau software

Don't let ANYONE tell you that Parent Alienation or the effects it has on the children Parent Alienation Syndrome aren't long term.. I will give my kidneys if an honest psychiatrist can prove me wrong. I've lived it over and over watching grown adults suffer unbearable pain eons after the original enmeshment aka alienation.

We as a society need to wake the fuck up.. take out heads out of the sand.. and watch and learn. But before that can happen we the alienated parent have to accept our roles in how we became alienated, why that theme plays/played out in our lives as a reoccurring nightmare over and over and then fuckin do something about our passivity which gives permission to abusers to abuse us and turn our worlds in-fuckin-side-out, up-fuckin-side-down and leaves us with that all to familiar feeling of abandonment!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slackin lately

I know I know I've been slaking lately.. it's been a long strange year!

Anywho, I do check in on my site meter to see if this blog is still getting hits despite my lack of anything new, exciting or slanderous to expose that may be goin on...

Nonetheless, I found a new fan who's page has brought me a lot of hits this week.. I want to thank the author and share the blog with my readers..

Great article and awesome blog!

Blow the Whistle, Get Slandered Autism Custody Battles

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did you take Paxil?

The email opened with... "Do you take Reglan"?

The subject line said.. "Did you take Paxil"?

The content is below..

Paxil Birth Defects

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