Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amy J. Baker on Parent Alienation Syndrome -Help Me Howard Tonite at 6 30 PM-

Sorry bout the confusion in the last post about Help Me Howard and PAS - But I just recieved an update from Amy J. Baker..

"Hi Folks,

The WPIX spot on parental alienation is scheduled to air tonight at 6:30 pm on channel 11. Here is the blog. Please consider writing a comment, if you haven't already, to show the producers how important this topic is.


Here's the clip for those of you that missed it..

AMy J.L. Baker




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Friday, September 25, 2009

For those in New York PAS will be on Help Me Howard Tonite

Here is the link to the weblog in preparation for the show. If you can, write a comment on the weblog so that the show sees how important this topic is.

Please leave your story so they realize how huge this problem is!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coworkers Discover They're Brothers

This may seem off topic for this blog, but it's not!

(Sept. 19) --

Gary Nesbit was just the guy carrying the other end of the couch for deliveryman Randy Joubert. At least that was the case until the coworkers found out they were brothers.

Both adopted at birth, the men made the discovery decades later working side by side at the same furniture delivery company in Maine.

Gary Nesbit and Randy Joubert Discover They're Brothers

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food for thought from my upcoming book...

How would you know...
it wasn't evil...
if you didn't know what evil was...
How would you know you were limited...
if you couldn't see beyond what was limiting you... 
How would you know you weren't seeing it...
if you didn't know what it was that you weren't seeing... 
One need not accept change in their world..
but in order to change their world, one must accept...

How would you know it wasn't normal, but dangerous..
if dangerous to you is normal...

How would you know what you weren't seeing..
if you didn't know what it was that you weren't seeing...

Above quotes by me- Louise Uccio (July and August 2009)

Sampsons Corruption Hearings To Continue...

In case ya missed it over there -->>

Expose Corrupt Courts: Public Committee Welcomes Sampson's Senate Hearings

Sampson's Corruption hearings will be held in New York on Thursday Sept 24 at 250 Broadway(19th floor hearing room) begining at 10 AM....

New York, NY. - Public Committee on Attorney Conduct (PCAC) has issued a statement following the announcement by New York State Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator John L. Sampson, D-Brooklyn (19thDistrict) scheduling expanded hearings to review the mission, procedures and public satisfaction with the Appellate Division First Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee, the grievance committees of the various Judicial Districts, as well as the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct . The hearings are slated for Thursday, September 24 at 250 Broadway (19th Floor Hearing Room) beginning at 10 AM. The Committee’s action follows an earlier hearing in Albany at which a series of witnesses presented testimony outlining charges of widespread fraud and corruption by the current staff and administrators of the lawyer disciplinary committees.

Click the link above for more!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Closer and closer

I'm stopping by to say I have NOT abandoned you! No readers I would nevah do that.

I've been healing, not sure how many of you know I had tendons and nerves hijacked, transplanted, sewn up, and massaged daily- what a month!

However, I did not let those nasty doctors with the scalpels stop me from working on my book...

I'm so not tootin my own horn- or am I?

Ehhh either way, I'm beyond impressed...

I had no idea a memoir self-help book, written primarily for the parents of divorce and alienation could be such great reading!

I think the theme of Planet Dys-fukin'-funtion added a lot of fun to it.

Or maybe it was the choice to build a Victim Triangle Park into the script..

I dunno.. but it's been a lot of fun!

I changed the name to Connecting The Dots: Why We Are Where We Are


Offers to critique? (Would only accept these offers from long time followers- or others I personally know in the family rights world) Hey, I can't go givin away the book to someone I don't know.. can I!

Anything ya wanna add?

Anyone wanna be interviewed for my next book? Ha ha ha..


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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sauk Village Toddlers Death Rulled Homicide

The death of a 20-month-old girl who died of head injuries has been ruled a homicide.

Deneah Cousins, who lived with her mother in Sauk Village, died of blunt force head trauma and suspected child abuse, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office, which conducted an autopsy Friday.

Phoenix police, the state's attorney's office and the Department of Children and Family Services are investigating the death.

Deneah was injured Monday at a home in the 700 block of East 155th Court in Phoenix. She died Wednesday night at the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital.

Phoenix police were unavailable to comment Friday.

Melvin Johnson was with the toddler Monday at his home in Phoenix, police said Thursday.

Johnson dates the toddler's mother and was baby-sitting the girl while her mother was at work, according to Stephanie Simmons, who identified herself as a relative of the toddler.

Johnson is not related to Deneah, said Simmons, 30, who lives in Chicago Heights.

"People are speculating we ... were told she fell," said Simmons, who said she is a cousin of Deneah's father, Marcus Cousins.

DCFS workers on Tuesday removed two foster children from the Phoenix home.
"We have placed these two children in another home only as a precautionary measure," Kendall Marlowe, DCFS spokesman said.

Johnson lives at the Phoenix home with his mother, Sandra Johnson, and her boyfriend, Gary Petty. Sandra Johnson is foster mother to the two children who were removed from the home.

Petty on Thursday incorrectly told the SouthtownStar that Melvin Johnson was Deneah's father. Petty also said he was told Deneah died after she fell from a 4-foot high plastic children's slide, which was located under the carport of the Phoenix home.

Deneah's family is struggling to come to grips with their loss. Most don't know what to think, Simmons said.

Sauk Village toddler's death ruled homicide :: The SouthtownStar :: News

More- WBBM 780 - Chicago's #1 source for local news, traffic and weather - Autopsy: Sauk Village Toddler Died Of Child Abuse

Beacon News :: Classifieds ::

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Police: Missing Lowell boy found in Boston

LOWELL, Mass. -- Police in Lowell announced that the search for a 4-year-old boy declared missing on Saturday morning ended at around 9 p.m. when he was discovered in Boston.

Officers believe the boy's mother kidnapped him this morning from his Lowell foster home.

"This is a custody issue with the mother," said Lowell Police Capt. Kelly Richardson. "The child was in Department of Family Services Custody and put into a foster home, and we have a witness who saw the mother take that child today, place him in a cab, and we believe they've gone to Boston."

Police say the boy, Jordan Luciano, is being evaluated at a Boston-area hospital and is in the custody of the Mass. Department of Children and Families.

He was reported missing by his foster father at around 11 a.m. Saturday morning and was last seen wearing red and blue Spiderman pajamas.

Luciano's mother will likely face felony kidnapping charges.

Police: Missing Lowell boy found in Boston

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Exonerated Prisoners Find Prosperity

Former prisoner Thomas McGowan relaxes at his sister's home in Garland, Texas.
DALLAS (Sept. 4) -- Thomas McGowan's journey from prison to prosperity is about to culminate in $1.8 million, and he knows just how to spend it: on a house with three bedrooms, stainless steel kitchen appliances and a washer and dryer.

"I'll let my girlfriend pick out the rest," said McGowan, who was exonerated last year based on DNA evidence after spending nearly 23 years in prison for rape and robbery.

He and other exonerees in Texas, which leads the nation in freeing the wrongly convicted, soon will become instant millionaires under a new state law that took effect this week.

Exonerees will get $80,000 for each year they spent behind bars. The compensation also includes lifetime annuity payments that for most of the wrongly convicted are worth between $40,000 and $50,000 a year — making it by far the nation's most generous package.

"I'm nervous and excited," said McGowan, 50. "It's something I never had, this amount of money. I didn't have any money — period."

His payday for his imprisonment — a time he described as "a nightmare," "hell" and "slavery" — should come by mid-November after the state's 45-day processing period.

Exonerees also receive an array of social services, including job training, tuition credits and access to medical and dental treatment. Though 27 other states have some form of compensation law for the wrongly convicted, none comes close to offering the social services and money Texas provides.

The annuity payments are especially popular among exonerees, who acknowledge their lack of experience in managing personal finances. A social worker who meets with the exonerees is setting them up with financial advisers and has led discussions alerting them to swindlers.

The annuities are "a way to guarantee these guys ... payments for life as long as they follow the law," said Kevin Glasheen, a Lubbock attorney representing a dozen exonerees.

Two who served about 26 years in prison for rape will receive lump sums of about $2 million apiece. Another, Steven Phillips, who spent about 24 years in prison for sexual assault and burglary, will get about $1.9 million.

The biggest compensation package will likely go to James Woodard, who spent more than 27 years in prison for a 1980 murder that DNA testing later showed he did not commit. He eventually could receive nearly $2.2 million but first needs a writ from the state's Court of Criminal Appeals or a pardon from the governor.

McGowan and the others are among 38 DNA exonerees in Texas, according to the Innocence Project, a New York legal center that specializes in overturning wrongful convictions. Dallas County alone has 21 cases in which a judge overturned guilty verdicts based on DNA evidence, though prosecutors plan to retry one of those.
Charles Chatman, who was wrongly convicted of rape, said the money will allow him some peace of mind after more than 26 years in prison.

"It will bring me some independence," he said. "Other people have had a lot of control over my life."

Chatman and other exonerees already have begun rebuilding their lives. Several plan to start businesses, saying they don't mind working but want to be their own bosses. Others, such as McGowan, don't intend to work and hope to make their money last a lifetime.

Some exonerees have gotten married and another is about to. Phillips is taking college courses. Chatman became a first-time father at 49.
"That's something I never thought I'd be able to do," he said. "No amount of money can replace the time we've lost."

The drumbeat of DNA exonerations caused lawmakers this year to increase the compensation for the wrongly convicted, which had been $50,000 for each year of prison. Glasheen, the attorney, advised his clients to drop their federal civil rights lawsuits and then led the lobbying efforts for the bill.

Besides the lump sum and the monthly annuity payments, the bill includes 120 hours of paid tuition at a public college. It also gives exonerees an additional $25,000 for each year they spent on parole or as registered sex offenders.
No other state has such a provision, according to the Innocence Project.
Exonerees who collected lump sum payments under the old compensation law are ineligible for the new lump sums but will receive the annuities. Whether the money will be subject to taxes remains unsettled, Glasheen said.

The monthly payments are expected to be a lifeline for exonerees such as Wiley Fountain, 53, who received nearly $390,000 in compensation — minus federal taxes — but squandered it by, as he said, "living large." He ended up homeless, spending his nights in a tattered sleeping bag behind a liquor store.

But after getting help from fellow exonerees and social workers, Fountain now lives in an apartment and soon will have a steady income.

Fountain's story is a cautionary tale for the other exonerees, who meet monthly and lately have been discussing the baggage that comes with the money.

Chatman said he's been approached by "family, friends and strangers, too."

"It takes two or three seconds before they ask me how much money, or when do I get the money," he said. "Everyone has the perfect business venture for you."
Though appropriately wary, the exonerees say they are excited about having money in the bank.

"You're locked up so long and then you get out with nothing," McGowan said. "With this, you might be able to live a normal life, knowing you don't have to worry about being out on the streets."

Exonerated Texas Prisoners Find Prosperity

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grieving mother tells how children 'were my whole world'

THE grieving mother of Charlotte and Alexander Dillon, killed in a suspected murder-suicide, had deep concerns about her ex-husband's mental state.

Susanne Dillon today described her ``precious children'' Charlotte, 6, and Alexander, 5, as her ``whole world'' and revealed her inner heartache at not being able to protect them despite ``every effort and every Family Court order''.

She said she hoped lessons could be learned from the tragedy.

Bateman father Glen Richard Dillon, 45, Charlotte Rose and Alexander Richard, were killed when their car crashed into a tree and burst into flames on Albany Highway, near Jarrahdale Rd, at 2.40pm on Sunday.

Police are investigating the crash as a possible murder-suicide.
Mr Dillon, who was separated from his wife, had taken the children on an unsupervised access visit.

In a statement, read today by Ms Dillon's brother-in-law Dr Lachlan Henderson, she claimed her former husband had been mentally unstable and had a history of psychiatric illness.

``I am devastated by the loss of my precious children, Charlotte and Alexander,'' Dr Henderson read on behalf of Ms Dillon this afternoon.

``They were my whole world, and I will always miss them.

``Despite every effort and every Family Court Order, I was not able to protect my beloved children.

``I hope lessons can be learned from this tragedy.

``At the time of my children’s death, my ex-husband, was in breach of a Court Order requiring his access visits to be supervised by a responsible adult.

``Unfortunately, this tragedy was the culmination of protracted Family Court custody proceedings over the last two and a half years.

``I, as well as others, had ongoing concerns about my ex-husband’s mental stability and the children’s safety when in his care because of his history of psychiatric illness.

``I would like to thank my family and friends, the children’s school and the police for their unwavering support during this tragic time.''

Ms Dillon asked for privacy for herself, her family and friends so they could grieve for Charlotte and Alexander.

Police, who are investigating the crash as a possible murder-suicide, today called for information from the public to help trace the movements of the family and the vehicle, a 2000 silver Holden Commodore stationwagon, registration 1DBR 037.

Police are particularly interested in possible sightings between 12.30pm and 2.30pm on Sunday afternoon or witnesses that may have seen them visiting the Serpentine Falls.

Detectives are also examining closed circuit television footage from the Serpentine Falls area in the hope it can shed light on the movements of the family and their demeanour on the day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Parent Alienation- Stockholm Syndrome- Trauma and Betrayal Bonds

As most of my regular readers know, I'm writing a book.

I couldn't begin to tell what's gone into the research.. but It's been A LOT!

Ok, so? Well... many of my readers follow this blog because of Parent Alienation and Parent Alienation Syndrome. I've often seen people at a loss of where to go for help with children that have been alienated.

Right now I'm reading The Betrayal Bond: Breaing Free of Exploitive Relationships..

I came across something that made me think Hmmm...

While theyre all fighting over the terminology.. I may have an idea.

Screw the terminology right now and read all you can on trauma bonding- betrayal bonding.. and find professionals in your area that study research or work with trauma survivors!

I'm going to start a list of links over there --->>> with the trauma specialists names I come across.

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