Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soccer coach faces 14 felony charges

5/15/2008) KHAS-TV -

Six counts of false imprisonment, 6 counts of child abuse and 2 counts of third degree assault. Those are the charges 57 year old Sanford Kaplan now officially faces.

The college professor and youth soccer coach was formally charged today in Lancaster County Court.

He is free Thursday night after posting $10,000 in bail.

Court documents show the Lincoln man admits groping his victims while they were bound and suspended from the rafters in his garage.

He said he did it for sexual gratification.

At least 6 boys have come forward saying they were victims of the abuse.

It is something Kaplan's neighbor said he cannot comprehend:

"I never would have suspected anything like this. I do not believe it is true. He is about the nicest guy as you would ever want to meet."

The Lancaster County Sheriff thinks there could be more victims.

He is urging parents to talk to their kids and come forward with any information.

All 14 charges Kaplan now faces are felonies.

If convicted, he could spend 70 years behind bars

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