Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The first half proving that my estranged husband cant stop obsessing

What's up with this man (Mr Argenziano- my estranged husband) and his side kick Aggie Panepinto?

Obviously, he is as dysfuntional as I've proven over and over! And so is she!

How is it that so far, I can't get ANY OFFICIALS to stop his obsessive destructive behaviour?
Oh yeah, that's right he's got political connections. DUH!

Can someone leave me a message as to what hobby you like, perhaps he'll read the comments and find a hobby he can enjoy and then he'll leave me alone..

I don't know

Reading a BOOK- not my blog?

Watching TV - not obsessing over my blog?

Laying with your woman after work and - not spending time obsessing over my blog?

Hanging out with your man after work- and not obsessing over my blog?



Something, anything, but leave me alone!

He's saved this blog (check out the refering page- Nope there isn't one) went in on the "Think it can't happen to you" page, then once again he read the "Panepinto Recused" page.

Does he expect it to start dancing for him?

Honestly how many times does he need to read that page?

(See below for proof of how many times this week and last week alone they have spent thier time watching what I've had to say)

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