Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Deaths More Heartache - Getting a Divorce? You might want to see this!

Today I received a U-Tube Video, after viewing it I should have been in schock, I wanted to be in schock.. but I couldn't!

I have been in a custody battle that better resembles a conspired legal kidnapping scandal that would make Joetta Streets case look like child's play.

(For full story on Joetta Street click here Disgusted with the system: Butler County Mom Wins Visitation Rights)

In this video you will witness an apparently very angry litigent shooting his attorney..

View it for yourself...

YouTube - Man shoots at his lawyer

I don't know anything about this video or the story, how old it is or if it happened today...

Just wanted to share what sometimes happens to people in stressful situations like this guy apparently was...

More on this topic is Larry Hollanders Family Court is a Deadly Business: When Adversarial Child Custody Cases Become Deadly

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