Friday, May 9, 2008

Douglas girl, 11, two months pregnant

Her father is main suspect in sex abuse case


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At eleven years old, a Douglas elementary school girl finds herself pregnant and under the protection of Child Protective Services.

The name of the girl was not released due to her age.

In late January or early Februar 2008, when her homeroom teacher and the school nurse noticed the slight swell of her tummy, the girl dismissed her girth as a tumor, a Douglas police report stated.

When her grandparents, who have legal custody of the girl, were questioned, they told Douglas detectives that she ate too much and that’s why she was gaining weight.

By the middle of March, though, a school staff member became increasing concerned about the girl. On April 4th the staff member spoke with her and inquired about her growing condition. Advertisement

At first the 11-year-old was hesitant to open up to anyone at the school, but later she revealed her situation to a teacher whom she trusted. She said that in December 2007 she had been on school break and had been sexually abused by her father. The assault occurred at her father’s house in Agua Prieta, Sonora. Douglas police immediately contacted CPS.

The girl told Douglas police that she was uncertain about what to do when she was returned to her grandparents’ house in Douglas.

A few days later the girl was taken to Tucson to visit her mother, who is an illegal immigrant.

According to the police report, the mother, upon learning about her daughter’s assault, called the girl’s father and threatened him.

Because the father is in Mexico, the case now belongs to the Mexican authorities.

The Mexican police did not return calls to The Daily Dispatch by press time.

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