Monday, January 21, 2008

Was Your Life Ruined in Family/Matrimonial Court? Divorce or CPS cases needed.

We are heading to Washington to tell our Stories.

Many people today in the USA have been abused by the system and the laws in place to "protect" families/children.

Are you a victim of Parent Alienation, false child abuse or Domestic Violence allegations?

Family Courts via Divorce/CPS involvement have destroyed the lives of men women and children across the world.

We have decided NO MORE, we are taking personal stories [affidavits] and petitions [below] signed by those who agree there needs to be a change in these laws, to Washington.

We have figured out that it is the very laws in place that are ruining our children's lives and it needs to be investigated and the abuse of families needs to STOP!

Stiff penalties for false accusations are a must!

We can't do this without YOU!


If you are willing to share your personal Story please email me at

Subject Line - My Story

We would also like to join forces with other already established groups..

If you have an interest in joining forces to stop the systematic abuse of families in the U.S.A. please send me an email at the above address.

Calling on EVERY ONE to stop the infighting and put aside your differences to save our children from the emotional turmoil of the Family/Matrimonial Courts!

The Petition -

We the undersigned, wish to petition your office to investigate fraud, waste and abuse of federal funds in the areas of family law federalized by inter alia Social Security Amendments of 1975 that enacted Title IV of the social Security Amendments of 1984, Bradley Amendment to Title-D Family Support Act of1988, Child Support Recovery Act of 1992, Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders Act, Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996,Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act of 1980, The Uniform Child Custody jurisdiction Enforcement Act, The Full Faith and Credit To Protection Orders Act and the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997: to wit child protection, adoption and safe children, domestic violence and child advocacy.

Contact us to obtain the petition for print out, if you are willing to help get signatures in your area @ or

Click here to sign online-

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