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Foster mom arrested in Granby child's death

This story Below has me torn, first thought is that the bio mother is hurting and I feel for her, however, she chose to deal drugs therefore she knew the risks of losing her children, and for that, I have to be heartless and say sorry "mom" this was a choice you made. Nonetheless, I will pray for the boys she lost to this horrible system, no matter what that mother did to them by choosing to deal drugs, no matter what lifestyle those children were forced to live in with the bio mother, could possibly compare to what these children are going through in the system!

What a disgrace, isn't anyone noticing that the money (millions of YOUR TAX PAYER DOLLARS) "they" spent on taking those children away from their families, killing one and god knows what's happening to the other two, couldn't they have given those children to a family member while this bio mother was forced into becoming the mother these babies needed?

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These babies will be in my prayers.

Foster mom arrested in Granby child's death

A 29-year-old foster mother has been arrested for investigation of felony child abuse in the death of a 3-year-old girl, officials say.

Michele Baber of Granby is being held in the Grand County Jail in the death of Daisia Derzon, who was injured Jan. 9 and died several days later, Grand County Sheriff Rodney Johnson said today.

Bail has not been set in the case.

Sheriff's investigators were called to Baber's home at 12:57 p.m. on Jan. 9 and found that Daisia had suffered severe injuries to the head, Johnson said.

Johnson said he could not comment further about the injuries.

The arrest came Monday, the same day The Post ran a story about the deaths of Derzon and another child in foster care while their mothers were in prison.

In an interview Thursday at the Colorado Women's Correctional Facility in Denver, Shannon Derzon, Daisia's mother, said Daisia and her two boys ages 4 and 6, went into foster care after she was convicted of dealing methamphetamines and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Days after her daughter's death, she said she was told the foster mother told authorities that her daughter caused the injuries herself by banging her head against the wall.

But she said officials told her that her 4-year-old son witnessed what happened to his sister and that it was not self-inflicted.

She could not attend her daughter's funeral because she did not have $800 to pay for two guards to drive her to Granby.

Shannon Derzon said she feels tremendous guilt because her children wouldn't have gone into foster care if she hadn't been arrested.

"I know I let them down," she said. "They were so quick to take my rights away instead of getting me help. I'm their mom. I'm the one who should be caring for them."

She said her daughter would still be alive if she were caring for her children. But she said she was assured her children were in safe hands and thought they would be better off in a more stable home.

Shannon Derzon said she and her husband were separated.

Her two boys have been placed in another foster home, she said.

"I really hurt because I'll never be able to do the mommy-daughter thing," Shannon Derzon said.

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The Denver Post - Foster mom arrested in Granby child's death

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Anonymous said...

I happen to know a lot of facts about this case. I am connected in many ways. My main complaint is this bio mom for one does not even know the spelling of her daughters name, let alone her birthday. She was hopped up so bad when this baby was born as well as her brothers that she has no clue about them!!! And the funeral was not in Granby!!! It was in the county that these children were originally taken from!
The only thing this bio should be thinking about is how she messed these kids up physically and mentally before this happened and she is the one that got them placed here through her actions.
I feel for you and your situation but not all bios are worth the effort to feel for!!!