Saturday, January 19, 2008 - North Texas Man Fighting For Custody Of His Kids

This morning I received an email from - I trust her word unquestionably! So I've decided to pass her opinion and this story along to others.

She wrote....

Here is the news story, on the DFW, TX family (Collin County) that CPS did everything they could to destroy and "railroad" into prison to try and make a case against them that simply was not a case, to try and make themselves "look good" in the eyes of their public peers regardless of whether this man or wife had done anything wrong, were innocent or guilty. Goes to show how anyone can make up a story, call CPS and tell it to them, accuse someone of anything they wish for "revenge" and literally destroy a family and as in this case, were almost successful at destroying 2 adults lives and 2 innocent children's lives forever. ALL at the hands of a disgruntled teenager who really didn't appreciate the chance at life she had been given -- adopted from an orphanage in Romania. Thankfully, a jury made their ruling according to the TRUTH and FACTS and NOT what CPS and a VERY CORRUPT Texas prosecutor wanted.

Unfortunately, this is NOT an isolated event in the State of TX, and especially the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro. Events such as this by CPS, the Family Courts, and county prosecutors are common occurrances where it really matters not whether the parents are guilty of anything wrong or not --- it's ALL about the $$$$$$ the CPS agencies and Court "players" can gain from doing such.

Read the story ---- I'm told there will be another part to this story, yet to air another day. I know this man and wife personally.

Here is a link to contact the reporter Please let her know that you appreciate her doing the story, but that you "know" the story has not been fully told and how CPS "used" the bogus sexual assault charges against Doug and his wife for "revenge" and CPS further inflicted their venomous pain onto this family seeking to totally destroy them. Add whatever else you wish regarding CPS and the corruption in the family courts.

***PERMISSION GRANTED to forward this email and information.

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