Saturday, January 5, 2008

National Confrence Jan 11-13 2008

My name is Joyce L. Welsh and I am from Martinez, Ca. and in the Contra Costa Family Law Abusive courts. I have 4 children, and the CCC took one daughter, (at 5, she is now 9) from her family and has continued the legal abuse in order to break me down, both physically and monetarily.

No one as Pro Per, in the Contra Costa County courts are ever takenseriously; Its a game for the court appointees and the players who employ these quacks and their false reports.

We have a National Conference going on in N.Y. Jan 11-13, 2008 and dueto the court appointees (including but not limited to minors counsel) and their abuse within the court system against parents and/or theright to parent their children; much awareness in the area of legalabuse syndrome has surfaced, and this time it will be highly advertised and hopefully something will be done! FINALLY!

We are compiling names, addresses, contact information along with casenumbers and the courts name and city, a brief description of whatabuse the courts have put each litigant through and presenting thisinformation at the conference. This goes up to the top and thousandsof professionals are invited to this conference- but it is the littlepeople going through the lawless system that need to be heard. Its amass attack on the legal system and how our rights are taken away withno proof of abuse towards our children, no other reason to continuethe separation of child(ren) and one parent, other than monetarycollection of child support and false payoff affidavits, etc....

If you are interested, please reply. The information will be going toRobin Yeamon and Karin Huffer, M.F.T. to carry to the conference andtie in the legal abuse, making it easier to prove being disabled bythe legal system itself is the main cause litigants continue to fightfor their basic rights and continuously be harmed by the lawlessnessof the court system.

If you need my contact number, it is 925-229-2544. I am in Martinez, Ca.

Sincerely,Joyce L. WelshD05-00622 (not in the registry of action)- D05-00384 is:

Restraining order over-ruled in Commissioner Berkows court.

Please pass on to others...

P.s. if you want, contact Karin Huffer with information atlegalabuse@adelphia .net

Her web site is : leagalabusesyndrome .org

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