Thursday, January 10, 2008

Analysis of Child Support Issues

NEW REPORT: “Analysis of Child Support Issues” was submitted to the 2007 Washington State Child Support Work Group two days ago. The information, history of issues, description of various collection systems, and solutions are relevant anywhere, not just in Washington. The report also makes the case that parents are routinely overcharged, if not gouged, by the child support system. If you are involved with reformation of related systems this report is mandatory reading. Here’s an excerpt:

“This analysis is also dedicated to the 100,000 plus fathers currently sitting in jail today because they were assessed child support payments far higher than they could possibly make. My hope is that someday we will also end the practice of criminalization of parents so that these parents will be permitted to return to their jobs and to caring for their children instead of sitting in jail.

Finally, this text is submitted in sad memory of the 5,000 or more fathers who commit suicide each year because they were involuntarily removed from their children and turned into slaves, deprived of their children, their homes and their lives by a system that harms families and children far more than it helps. No loving and devoted parent should ever have to suffer such a fate...”

To view or download the full report go to where you will find a link to the report. if you would like to write your thoughts to the Director of the Division of Child Support in Washington State, his email addy is in there too. be sure to copy; also, to send your message to the workgroup members. We sincerely thank you for your comments to both.

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Joel Johnston said...

This report by David Spring and available on is excellent. I understand David will have another report out in the next few days which adds to this detail!

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