Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jailer's comment trips up Nixzmary jury

A correction officer who was among prospective jurors in the Nixzmary Brown trial threw a monkey wrench into the jury selection process Friday.

The officer, who was among the candidates to fill the 12th and final seat of the panel, said he might know alleged murderer Cesar Santiago from Rikers Island.

Potential jurors were then individually quizzed about whether his comment would make it impossible for them to be fair in judging whether Santiago, 29, was guilty of killing Nixzmary, his stepdaughter, on Jan. 11, 2005.

Most said they could - but not all.

"I couldn't," said one woman. "I saw the way the man looked at him and I agreed with that look."

"What do you mean?" the judge asked.

"He looked at him as if he should be at Rikers Island," said the woman, who was promptly dismissed.

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