Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doctor's Son Found Wandering Street Naked

Pediatrician says teen is a special needs child

MCALLEN - Police arrested a McAllen doctor and his wife for child abandonment and endangerment. The couple's 13-year-old son was found wandering the neighborhood alone without clothes.

Dr. Mahfuzul Huq and his wife have been released from the Hidalgo County jail. The pediatrician says his son is a special needs child and he can't care for him any longer.

"He has to be taken out... CPS should find care for my child, proper care. That's where he belongs," says Dr. Huq. "He has PDD, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsion Disorder..."

The doctor says, "He's very abusive to his mom and all the children, destructive, you know destructive, very disruptive behavior."

Dr. Huq says his family can't live like this anymore. He adds the problem has only gotten worse as his son's gotten older.

"He wanders everywhere, breaks everything. You see here the glass is broken. He broke the screen," he tells us.

Dr. Huq says he wasn't with his son, when the boy wandered out naked. We're told the boy's mother was at home at the time.

The couple is asking the state to take responsibility for him. However, Child Protective Services took the 13-year-old, along with Huq's other three children. They're all now in foster care.

"It's disastrous for me and my wife all together. I never experienced this kind of humiliation," says the doctor.

He tells us he wants his other children to come home, so he can put his family back together again.

CPS says the case is under investigation. A spokesperson tells us it can sound shocking, but it's common for families who have children with severe physical or mental disorders to want relief from the situation.

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Doctor's Son Found Wandering Street Naked

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Anonymous said...

I have seen the TV clip on this. It seems money is not a problem,yet the parents are not able to help/love their teen. Maybe foster home and CPS will be better for the kid. A situation in which there are no winners.