Saturday, January 12, 2008

9 AM on a Saturday Morning?

A few Blog Posts ago, I noticed that someone from the Bronx
Court was keeping tabs on me.
Initially, about a month or so ago
I found the search in my site meter for "louise uccio"
Now it appears the person that is so interested in my divorce case
has figured out who my Judge is and is using both her name and mine
in the searches.
Ok so I mentioned it, I aksed if I could be of any help
to them, since it appears they have a strong interest in me.
They ignored my question (Shrug) guess they don't want to outright ask.
But now I see that at NINE AM on a Saturday morning they're at it again.
What's up with that?
Let me try this again..
To whom ever is searching silber "louise uccio" how can I help you?
Is there something in particular you are looking for?
Disgusted With The System
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