Thursday, January 24, 2008

Defense Tries To Paint Alleged Nixzmary Brown Killer As Honest Man

The defense in the Cesar Rodriguez murder trial, the man accused of killing his young stepdaughter Nixzmary Brown, will continue today to try to paint him as a decent and a man who was up front with police from the beginning.

Two detectives were called to the stand yesterday to talk about items they found at the scene. Some of those items include a belt Rodriguez was wearing, blood stained jeans, and a "World's Greatest Dad" mug.
One of the detectives testified that Rodriguez told them he used the belt to punish the seven-year-old girl. Rodriguez's attorney says its testimony like that which helps his client.
"He didn't try to hide anything," said defense attorney Jeffrey Schwartz. "He didn't try to distort anything. He didn't try to be evasive in any way."
"The last thing [Rodriguez] was, was the world's greatest dad, especially to Nixzmary Brown," argued prosecutor Ama Dwimoh.
Nixzmary was found beaten to death in January 2006. Prosecutors say she suffered long-term abuse at the hands of Rodriguez and her mother, Nixzaliz Santiago. The defense has tried to shift the blame to Santiago -- who faces a separate murder trial.

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