Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A U-Tube video from Chrissy- an adult child of Parent Alienation

The U-Tube link below is from Chrissy an adult survivor of Parent Alienation Syndrome..

Please take a moment to watch.. as she tells her heart wrenching story..

A sad story.. of how her father tore her and her mother apart for years..

She explains how she became his therapist.. his saviour.. he needed her to survive he claimed...

She explains how he played the victim...

He played on her innocence as a child with is ... "poor me.. your horrible mother did (insert some horrible lie here) and your mother did (insert another horrible lie here)

YouTube - Chrissy at the DC Festival 2008

Along the lines of what Chrissy said ..

I've written about Parent Alienation numerous times..

Please also take a look at earlier posts on this subject (links below)...

Lets all get a clear understanding that alienating a child from his/her other parent or the intentional destruction of any child's healthy loving relationship with a loving adult..
is nothing short of child abuse!

I pray that adults that were alienated as children somehow run across my posts and figure it out for themselves.. then do what Chrissy did .. reunite!

The target parent already forgives the bad behaviour.. they/we/I know it was the alienator that was at fault... not the innocent child/now possibly adult alienated child.

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