Monday, August 4, 2008

Man kills children before committing suicide

By Associated PressPublished on: 08/04/08

PERRY — A 36-year-old man shot his two sons to death in central Georgia and wounded his estranged wife and his stepfather before killing himself, police said.

Michael Lee Hill was supposed to be picking up his sons, 7-year-old Michael Anthony Hill and 10-year-old Richard Lawrence Hill, for a visit Saturday afternoon at his parents' home in Perry, Police Chief George Potter said. Instead, the truck driver put headphones on the boys and shot them execution style in the back of the head, Potter said.

He then shot his stepfather, 64-year-old Andrew Hill, in the chest and chased his estranged wife, 30-year-old Bonnie Jean Hill, into the yard. He shot her three times in the back and leg before shooting himself in the head, Potter said.

Potter said Andrew Hill is in critical condition at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. Bonnie Jean Hill has been released from the hospital.

She told The Telegraph of Macon that her sons "were so smart and so funny and so cute."
"They has such charisma," she said Sunday as she sat at an apartment complex a few doors from the scene of the grisly shooting.

Police said Bonnie Jean Hill and her husband were in the middle of a divorce but were unsure how long the couple had been separated. The family had no history of run-ins with police, Potter said.

Bonnie Jean Hill said her husband had threatened the family once before when he was unemployed and going through bankruptcy. But she said she thought that was in the past and that "everything was going to be all right."

Her sons would have entered fifth- and first-grade at Tucker Elementary this month.

I borrowed this from F.R.A.M.E.D.(Fathers Rights And Men Ending Discrimination) Website / Blog: ( Thanks for sharing!

I have one question tho.. how many more lives must be destroyed before "they" get it?

How many more innocent children need to die or be emotionally ruined before someone in power says .. OK ENOUGH!

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mybrother said...

First off i would like to thank you for keeping this story alive. He was my brother. The way the news has put its spin on it makes me sick. I miss him so much. They reported that he was there for a visitation but that is not true. Bonnie call him and told him that his kids had a new daddy and that he was no longer allowed to be in their lives and never come back. Along with my parent they too agreed to all of this. AI know my brother was not perfect but when you take a mans kids from him for no reason there is no telling what any man would do.Bonnie is a truck who never took care of their kids my brother tried so hard to get their family back on track. Its hard when you have to deal with someone who would rather get drunk and screw everyone in the neighborhood Dam it i miss him so much. I do not agree with what he did but i do understand why. How would you feel if you were told that you could not see your kids and Bonnie telling you that they have a new daddy. On top of that she tried to steal the remains of my brother and 2 nephews I quote "Bonnie Jean Hill, under the name Bonnie Jean McCandless, was charged with felony child neglect last year in Nassau County. The case was still listed as open at press time." She has the nerve to call herself a good mother Kiss my you know what
In closing I would just like to say Bro I love you and miss you so very much Why didn't you just call me