Thursday, August 7, 2008

Have you seen my Mother?


I came accross these two sites today and I want to share them with you..

They are from an adult male that was alienated from his mother when he was two..

Not unlike my children's story it was his is father that abducted and alienated him from his mother... although my children may not think they were abuducted.. when they read the documents they will see they clearly were...

He briefly describes his search to find his mother .. and the sad sad results of what he found...

I guess we'll have to buy the book for the full story...

But here's the part that has a lump in my throat as I type..

"Abducted at two years old by his father, Bryan searched for his mother for years, finally finding her three decades later. He painfully discovered his mother had searched for him for years then, giving up, she attempted suicide."

Have You Seen My Mother

Bryan Lee McGlothin

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LK said...

I once worked with a kid who was thrown out on the street at age 16 because his parents were JW's and he sinned against them. Even after that, he was still so brainwashed that he practically tried to convert me. Otherwise, he was an extremely smart kid.

No true religion based on the teachings of the Bible would advocate for the destruction of the family. Yet the JW's and like do. Whenever somebody doesn't play by the rules in any little way they get the boot and are completely alienated, it's usually a child being thrown out, and they are vicious at keeping what they consider their own in the rarer cases where it is a parent. They have also rewritten the bible to suit their own purpose. It's kind of been corrected for moral errors that are not beneficial to their fruit loopy church.

This sort of thing actually is very common in that cult like setting. Although it's sad and no mother should ever have to experience such a thing, it's not a typical alienation case where religious brainwashing wasn't a factor. The father probably thought he was doing the right thing and saving the child from the devil.