Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Louis S Argenziano not the same as Mr. ahemmm Wonderful Louis M Argenzinao

I received an email today.. apparently there are two Louis Argenziano's .. well for the record..

Mr. wonderful (tongue in cheek) is Louis M Argenziano..

The other Louis Argenziano - is Louis S Argenziano-- apparently he is getting slack because of this blog --(that info was emailed to me by a third party today)

My apologies.. Louis S Argenziano!!

Louis S Argenziano is not the ass wipe -- I mean ahhhemmm wonderful man...

I've been ranting about--

Louis S Argenziano ..is another innocent bystander taking slack for Mr ahemmm wonderful... as far as I'm concerned.

Careful.. if your anywhere near the Louis M Aregnziano ..soon enough you too will get shit on.. or end up taking slack... it's just his nature..

Hope there are no hard feelings Louis S Argenziano


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