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What Makes a Narcissist Tick

If you are a regular reader of this blog..

This post if very important to your sanity.. as most of the readers of this blog are in ugly divorces which include nasty child custody battles...or parents that are dealing with CPS..

I highly recomend learning all there is out there to learn about Narcissists/Sociopaths.. then check out sites on becoming more assertive.

Personally... I chose to learn all about predators .. so now... I can spot one from a mile away.. if you have any love for yourself .. you will not only read but you will study Malignant Narcissism/Sociopaths.. they live among you evey day ready willing and waiting to attack!

If you take a look over there >>

In the category "If Your an Alienated Parent You Need to Know About Narcissists/Predators"

I've added a new link.. "What makes Narcissists Tick"

It's worth a look.. especially if your are a reader of this blog because of a bad divorce or if you are dealing with a custody or CPS issue..

ESPECIALLY important for the Adult Children of that you might understand what happened to you when you were young.

But if you found this site by accident .. it's still a great read.. it's always good to know how to protect yourself against those that prey on the innocent!

Some quotes from the site's first page..

"But treating you like you're nothing is just one of many ways they act out their
fantasy that they are so grand that you are dirt under their feet. So, look out. Delusions of grandeur are hard to maintain and are constantly challenged by reality."

"For example, do you have a fine reputation? Look out, that threatens the narcissist's delusion that he is the greatest, so he'll have to fix that fine reputation of yours. Do you excel at something? Look out, that threatens the narcissist's delusion that he is the greatest, so he'll have to sabotage your work. Do you have an outstanding personal virtue? Look out, that threatens the narcissist's delusion that he is the greatest, so he'll have to drag your virtue through the mud, attributing it to himself while he portrays it in you as a vice."

Pathological Envy is one of his middle names.But treating others like nothing and destroying them aren't the only ways narcissists act out their fantasy and maintain their delusions of grandeur. Those delusions evaporate without constant reinforcement, so a malignant narcissist needs to prove he's God Almighty by trampling someone about as frequently as most other predators need to make a kill."

"It's just more of the same. So that the narcissist can think he seems grand, he must crush you like a bug underfoot. Therefore, if you are down and out, look out, you're going to get kicked. Can he get away with abusing you behind closed doors? Look out. And if you try to complain, you'll be sorry, because he'll have the whole world conned ahead of time into viewing you as the malicious one who's imagining things.Yes, Diabolo is another one of his middle names."

"In short, malignant narcissists are predators who hunt easy prey to plunder them in one way or another, mainly for ego gratification. Because they have to feel greater than you, they are competing with you for every bit of it. Any you get, they view as rightly belonging to them. So, they gotta take it away."

"Your self respect. Your good name. Your success."

"This is the mentality that stands out so glaringly in the rapist: from the gutter, they gotta tear you down off that pedestal and treat you like dirt to prove they're better than you."

"That ain't natural. It ain't natural to hate innocence. It ain't natural to attack people who are no threat to you and have done you no harm. It ain't natural to treat the other members of one's own species as prey. But psychopaths and malignant narcissists do."

"Whether by choice or not, psychopaths and malignant narcissists are able to do this because they have no human feeling whatsoever for anyone. Except themselves: they have very, very tender feelings for themselves. But none for anyone else, not even their own children. They view human beings as objects, tools, to exploit for their gratification, to perfect that image of theirs that they are so obsessed with."

"For, like a child of three, he doesn't relate to other people: he treats you like a screw driver there for him to use or abuse for his sake. He disregards the consequences to you, because he refuses to grow up and know that there is a thinking, feeling person inside other people and that they exist for their own sakes, not his. So your rights and feelings and welfare are no of consideration to him whatsoever. He'll break you just lightly as he'd stomp an ant."

"Never forget that for a moment. Forgetting it is as dangerous as walking into a hungry tiger's cage forgetting that he is predator."

"Narcissists and psychopaths often try to hide this brutal inhumanity and total lack of empathy by mimicking human emotions, often melodramatically. They are extremely sneaky and manipulative, mainly because they've been practicing these arts nonstop from about the age of six."

"Unless they are so powerful they needn't hide what they are, they go to great lengths to portray themselves as the very opposite of what they are. They are pathological liars who tell bizarre lies. They often react to things in a bizarre way that makes you pinch yourself. Yet despite these warning signs that there is something wrong with them, and despite the mental maturity level of a little child before the Age of Reason, they almost always pass for normal."

"This doesn't have to happen. We have only to face the fact that people like this are out there and follow our instincts, paying heed to the warning signs of bad faith, using common sense in deciding whom to trust and believe. For, the good news about predators is that when they see you're suspicious, they head off in search of easy prey - you know, that sucker they say is born every minute."

"The purpose of this Website, blog, and book is to help the average person understand a mental illness about which little has been written for a general audience. It describes and explains malignant narcissism in plain English with everyday examples, in a way that is clear and meaningful to the average person. You will find many examples of narcissistic behaviors and learn why people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder act the way they do."

For more - Narcissism What Makes Narcissists Tick - Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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