Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jailed ex-judge Gerald Garson begs for mercy, temporary release

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Thursday, August 21st 2008, 5:20 PM

Can't a corrupt ex-judge get a break?

Brooklyn divorce judge Gerald Garson asked for "temporary release" from prison last year just weeks after after being sentenced to three to ten years for taking bribes from a crooked lawyer pal.

First, Garson charged the media distorted his crimes. When that didn't work, he argued his crimes were "victimless."

This month,
Albany Supreme Court Justice George Ceresia ruled that Garson - who favored a lawyer pal after being lavished with cash, cigars, dinners and drinks - can't even try for early release until next summer.

"No victims?" exclaimed
Frieda Hanimov, a mom who wore a wire for eight months to prove Garson was corrupt. "There are so many. Moms and kids are still suffering. He knows how to play the system because he was a judge. But the damage he did is irreversible."

Garson was sentenced in June 2007 to three prison terms of one to four years each for taking more than $10,000 in gifts, meals and drinks from
Paul Siminovsky in exchange for lucrative appointments and favors.

Their profanity-laced talks were caught on video and audio through five months' of surveillance in 2002 and 2003. Garson then tried for months to get a deal from prosecutors by helping their probe into whether judges bought their way to the bench.

Now, dozens of Garson's victims say he ruined their lives, destroying families in questionable custody and financial rulings. Some have been struggling to get justice ever since.

"Many innocent lives were affected by his actions," said a temporary release reviewer who denied Garson's first try to get out of jail last August.

Last January, a second reviewer agreed, branding Garson an "unsuitable candidate" with "poor custodial adjustment."

"He maintains his crimes were victimless and blames 'widespread systemic media reports' for the public's [and the
Temporary Release Committee's] alleged 'misconception' with regard to the nature of his crimes," Ceresia wrote.

But Ceresia called Garson's victimless claim "problematic." Hanimov, who went undercover when she feared Garson would take her kids, said he shattered families' faith in justice.

"The damage he did to the kids and the women for the rest of their lives is unbelievable," she said. "All these victims are so drained. They don't believe in the system anymore."


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My Two Cents-

Did I read that right?

Victimless crime?

VICTIMLESS? Is that how they sleep at nite? Do these bastards tell themselves there are no victims if there isn't anyone laying physically dead in front of them when they're finished their crimes?

VICTIMLESS? Well.. let me tell you about VICTIMLESS CRIMES..

Me and my children (who's names I'm banned from saying--can you believe the criminal Richmond County N.Y. IDV Judge (my opinion of course-since thus far the richmond county prosecutors have refused to arrest any of them) that unconstitutionally ordered that--anyway--- we are victims of our wonderful system and although we aren't laying physically dead at the hands of this crime and those criminals that staged and carried out the kidnapping--- we might as well be labeled dead! emotionally destroyed for the rest of our lives at the hands of CRIMINALS IN BLACK ROBES!

Go ahead tell me his crime was victimless and watch me laugh in your face as I imagine what I want to do to you--however unlike those criminals in black robes--I've made a choice to keep my life crime free-- so I get to imagine all the things that might make me feel better--while I laugh at them all--because the truth always comes out in the end-- and I believe the truth is only moments away!

Don't ask--can't tell- I've been unconstitutionally gaged from sharing with you how I know that!

On the other hand-- if he agrees his crimes were egregious -- and he's willing to rat out and help take down the other criminals in black robes-- maybe then-- MAYBE -- they should shave off a week or two off his sentence!

FYI- I know there are good judges out there.. sadly tho I have not been in front of one yet in my custody/divorce case..

However, I still hold out hope.. that I will be before an honest Judge soon!


Allan a.k.a Hunnie said...

Was I hallucinating when I read that or did he actually say VICTIMLESS? I say let him do every f*cking second of his sentence and when he comes out (if he makes it) and starts whimpering about how many times he got ass-raped and how they knocked out his teeth so he'd be worth 2 packs of cigarettes then we can all shrug our shoulders and say "Well hey, you were in jail so i guess it's a victimless crime right?"

Anonymous said...


In THEIR mind they did nothing wrong. The judge in question should be evaluated for ASPD or BPD, which he's very obviously either an Antisocial or a Borderline.

This is the type of person you are dealing with with a Judge like this.

This is the type of person you are almost ALWAYS dealing with in the case of a CPS caseworker.

Louise Uccio said...

I'd wager my BOTH kidneys.. that ALL OF THEM have one of the Cluster B personality disorders!