Monday, April 20, 2009

Domestic violence: Male entitlement mentality a factor

Adult language and a not so popular opinion (mine) in the D.V. world below-

Anger isn't the only driving force when it comes to abuse.

By ANGIE MASON Daily Record/Sunday News
Updated: 04/18/2009 10:06:58 PM EDT

It's not all about anger.

Factors such as anger, alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness or a bad relationship might be contributing factors in domestic violence situations, said Roger Steffy, director of the ADVANCE program, part of Lutheran Social Services of South Central Pennsylvania. But they're not the cause of abuse.

The real problem is a belief system rooted in male entitlement.

"The underlying belief system is, 'Because I'm the man in this relationship, I'm in charge,'" Steffy said.

More - Domestic violence: Male entitlement mentality a factor - The York Daily Record

My two cents -

Well if you ask me it's about *&%^% ** time.. they started Connecting the Dots.
(Copyright Title of the book I'm writing)

It's high time the professionals (DV people) figured it out!

Most abusers (MALE AND FEMALE) feel entitled- to not only abuse but to alienate the children after the target leaves the abuse!

Wake up people in the DV world.. do your own homework - see that parent alienation is more often than not (if not always) initiated by those that feel "entitled" the personality disordered - who abuse (in one form or another) during the ENTIRE marriage!

So how can they yell - PAS is junk science?? BULLSHIT!

PA/PAS is as real as the nose on their faces - and more and more abused women are losing children to those that feel "entitled" to use the children as pawns!

So just cause Richard Gardner noticed the "entitled" abusive females alienating years before anyone noted the "entitled" abusive males doing it doesn't mean that only males feel entitled to abuse or only females are (in the DV worlds eyes wrongfully) accused of alienation.

Males abuse and alienate just as women abuse and alienate- wake up! It isn't about gender it's about personality disorders and the "ENTITLEMENT" that comes along with Psychopaths - Malignant Narcissists Borderlines and Histrionics's.

Hello is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.. is there anyone at home

** actual curse word changed to *^%$$# for Karlene and her church group - She better feel loved .. nobody gets my mouth to say &^%$ instead of (insert a curse) but her!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope there is the sound of heads nodding up and down
out there. Notice Louise is a woman, dv experts, lawyers and VAWA grantees. She needs help!

The whole parental alienation awareness organization started in Canada by a WOMAN need your help.

April 25 is Parental Alienation Awareness Day.

Women of the World please come clean and admit with your sisters who are targeted as alienated parents who know alienation is real and it is harmful as hell no matter which parent is doing the alienating.

The premise cannot be that women have a corner on the market of victimhood and no matter what a woman claims to have happened is sacrosanct true and the woman never ever alienates children against their innocent--good parent--fathers.


Thank you Louise for your amazing service to all men, women and children who need truth tellers and not con artists who will manipulate anything and everything to serve some short sighted immediate goal of "winning."