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Westchester Guardian/In Our Opinion/Our Readers Respond-- scandal on a major scale in the Courts of New York State

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Governor David Paterson is confronting more than his share of governmental crises. Very much on the minds of New Yorkers is the current acute financial downturn affecting most regions of the country. However, the problem is more strongly impacting New York State, directly and indirectly, because Wall Street is housed within New York City, as are all of the World’s major financial traders and insurers. Revenues, and consequent tax contributions from the financial and real estate sectors, are dramatically off, further burdening residential taxpayers, particularly with respect to the funding of public education.

There are serious infrastructure needs as well; roads, water and sewer systems that are falling apart. High on the list in the lower Hudson Valley, of course, is the building of a new Tappan Zee Bridge, carrying a staggering price tag.

As daunting as all of the above-mentioned problems may be, each of them are amenable to solution with the coming of more favorable financial circumstances that most observers expect over time. However, there is one crisis which Mr. Paterson must acknowledge, and deal with straight-away, and that is the crisis in our Courts.

It is fair to state that there is scandal on a major scale in the Courts of New York State, in every part. Countless individuals and families continue to suffer the consequences of cronyism, case-steering and fixing, as well as collegial cover-ups and decision-making. The Matrimonial Part of State Supreme Court has become a money-minting machine where lawyers, law guardians, law secretaries, and yes, judges as well, materially benefit from often unjust, family-destructive decisions almost always skewed to the desires of the monied spouse. Forgery and fraud, deletions from, and additions to, official files within the custodial care of county clerks are not uncommon.

Family Courts, in many instances, are run as mind-boggling, dictatorial fiefdoms where Child Protective Workers, diabolical relatives, without standing, and individuals who have no lawful business coming between a loving parent and child, often have far too much say and influence. The veil of secrecy that frequently cloaks Family Court cases often serves to conceal unjust rulings and actions by judges with cruel personal agendas.

Then, there is the Criminal Part, the prosecutors’ playground, where elected district attorneys and their all-too-willing henchmen; assistant district attorneys, medical examiners, rogue police, and forensic technicians, frequently perceive, and engage in, their activities, not as a search for truth, but rather, as a publicly-financed opportunity for self-promotion and perpetuation. They are, in fact, engaged in knowingly and maliciously
prosecuting, convicting, and sending innocent persons to prison for sport, and, then, working for years to keep them there.

The appointment of Judith Kaye Chief Judge by Governor Mario Cuomo was, perhaps, his most serious mistake in office. Surely, it has been the one with the most detrimental impact on the lives of more New York families than any other.

Governor Paterson must reach out for a truly dedicated Chief Judge, one who will not be bound and inhibited from really making over the system. As it stands now, too many individuals have lost confidence in our Courts and, sadly view them as the inequitable places they truly have become.

In law school, we learned that New York Law was so highly regarded throughout the country and, indeed, throughout the world, that it was the traditional law stipulated in many international corporate contracts for conflict resolution. We must restore our Courts to the high level of our Law.

Governor Paterson must be willing to look past political considerations and obligations. It was that kind of thinking that created a Court of Appeals that wouldn’t deal with the Depraved Indifference Murder ‘Monster’ for 37 years, and, still hasn’t fully dealt with it. The People of Westchester are only too well-aware that we cannot continue to accept a Judiciary from which results, such as Jeffrey Deskovic, Richard DiGuglielmo, Jing Kelly, Anthony DiSimone, and the Tom Carvel Estate cases, to name but a few, continue to emanate.

My comment to the original author - of the October 9th edition

Westchester Guardian Blog: Westchester Guardian/In Our Opinion/Our Readers Respond.

This story needs to be read far and wide--

I have a blog.. where I blog daily about the abuses of the system.

I'm on a mission to expose the egregious conduct of officers of the court -- the police and the D.A.'s offices - from Westchester all the way to Staten Island - not only in my case but in many others I've personally followed in and out of court.

So I'm going to borrow this article and of course give you 100% credit -- my blog is linked to MANY other blogs far and wide...

This story will get out -- especially to the Troy Courts .. they're obsessed with my name and my blog.. I'm sure they stalk you as well!

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are there any Fathers rights groups in Westchester NY? I would think there would be something.