Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Justice - My Ass!

There is no justice - period end of story!

Appellate Decision on my article 78 -

They claim I failed to demonstrate a clear legal right?

Now I understand where the word vigilante came from.

The link below is the "decision" I've been waiting for ...

Click here:

For more on this B.S. corruption and covering up on EVERY LEVEL see article 78 and Writ documents on the bottom right hand side of this blog..

I guess my only hope is that U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia take action on the letter I/we wrote him last week.

I should have read this site (below) before I dare thought I'd get justice- who am I - just an ass hole without political power - and I dared to think the law mattered!

America's Corrupt Legal System - Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents, by Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs)

Funny part is -- Mr. Wonderful aka my estranged husband has shown his hand with these people -- rumor around the neighborhood has it - he's thrown Aggie Panepinto out on her ass - is and has been for a while abusing her as well - and now they get stuck covering up for the abuser that abused me and is now abusing one of their own-- you gotta love it!

Is there no shame?

Obviously not !

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JQ75 said...

Oh Louise I know what you mean...

Corruption is so bad here that the feds are raiding county government officials' homes at dawn and the State Supreme Court is investigating our Divorce Court who've they called "the worst in the state".

Its strange but I and others have observed that the courts seem to make up their minds on first impression and then nothing can cause them to reconsider no matter how ludicrous their first impression was. Its like some stubborn arrogant holier than thou attitude. And it seems the harder you push, the stronger your logic, the more they push back as if it were some contest to prove their absolute power and infallibility. And woe be to you if you sound like your suggesting they made a mistake, they just flip out on you.

Best of luck Louise...

PS: I like your About Me photo.

Anonymous said...

Surely you can answer back or do a motion to reconsider and point back to the legal rights being violated?

Anonymous said...

The bizarre decision to do nothing to enforce the full faith and credit clause of the federal Constitution which the Appellate Division 2nd Department just released in your case carries
a date from October 7, 2008 and
for some inexplicable reason lists AD 3rd Department at the top.

Hello Appellate Division, can you
please correct that or explain why not? This is October 23, 2008 and you judges who signed the decision are sitting in the 2nd Department of the Appellate Division. How can you make two
obvious mistakes like that? Is there a method to Your Honors' madness or is it just further random incompetent insult to injury for Louise and her children?

Would there be a clear as crystal legal right if these children were children Your Honors personally knew, loved or cared about?

I think the four judges on this panel should be removed for cause by the Legislature or the Governor immediately.

JQ75 said...

I have difficulty finding the honor in the "Honorable" title.

Removed for cause, that will be the day. Our famous divorce judge was featured prominately on the front page several times discussing his three hour work day for $121,000. That would be stealing $75,000 of taxpayer money per year, yet he was just promoted to chief judge. He should be removed and jailed for grand theft.

But it is our responsibility to bring these injustices to light for all to see so that one day there will be enough disgust to unseat the irresponsible.

To that end Louise does a valuable service here.