Friday, October 17, 2008

Federal Court Won’t Dismiss Parents’ Cases Against Child Services

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A judge in U.S. District court denied the dismissal of a lawsuit by parents who were separated from their children during child-abuse investigations.

Infants who were hurt outside their parents’ presence were removed by New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services or ACS, in one case for longer than a year and in another for two months.

The parents of the children brought them to hospitals for medical care immediately after finding the injuries, and physicians diagnosed physical abuse as the cause.

The parents filing the lawsuit argued that city practice or policy in violation of their constitutional rights allowed an overzealous pediatrician with an agenda to make claims later proven to be unfounded.

Doctors, the ACS Commissioner and ACS workers were all named as defendants in this case, and all claimed absolute, unqualified immunity and moved to dismiss the suit.

However, in a lengthy ruling Justice Dora L. Irizarry dismissed that motion and ordered that the suit be allowed to continue.


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My two cents -

I would love to see this lawsuit!

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Anonymous said...

There are many more suits that are comming through at the same time against Dr Esernio-Jenssen Schnieders Hospital and ACS. This dr has torn hundreds of families apart based on her false accusations of Child Abuse. I think this is a great start but, We need to help more.

I have 6 other families that lost their children based SOLEY on Dr Jenssens false reporting, investigating,& testimony. YOu see when Dr Jenssen gets an idea of Child abuse she not only reports it but investigates, and is the only witness in the states claim against the parents. Of course she makes everything fit into the picture she wants everyone to hear. What about these families,, because we had a Judge that believed in Dr Jenssens stories, we lose our children , and the families that WON because a judge thought she was absolutly Crazy gets to file Federal Law Suits???? Where is justice???

Is there anyone that can help the families that lost based on Dr Jenssens testimony?? It seems to me we should at least be granted new trials with a new judge?? We should be able to file Federal Lawsuits along with theses people? Please post a comment if you know what we can do or want to help.