Saturday, October 25, 2008

Same Ole Blog With a New Look

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I give up!

My best friend has been asking me since she met me to...


I liked it black -- and told her so--she accepted it -- it stayed black-- she adjusted her eyes and we were both happy.

Then I get an email today from a stranger- it was a he- and he claimed my page was to hard to read (shaking my head) - I guess I could have told him - I like it black and left it.

Obviously I didn't do that - If a total stranger felt the need to write me and tell me he felt what I had to say was more important that having people turn away because the page was black then so be it..

I GAVE IN! Now I'm asking my readers what they think?? Leave me a message tell me if you like the change -- if you don't -- or if you think I should keep trying to find something better.

I figured it this way-- I take the time to write this blog -- in hopes of helping others not make the same mistakes I made -- If I had half of the knowledge I have today back when -- man o man would things be a whole lot different!

So I guess -- I don't have to like the colors-- I have to be happier knowing that if even only one person reads more of the knowledge I've come across and shared on this page then it's worth it.

Afterthought - I've noticed that the "Yellow" I've always used to represent my thoughts is now almost illegible in my older posts. (frown) so I'll have to go back and change the 900 or more posts from "yellow" writing to redor blue...

On that note if you have found one or more posts where I've voiced my opinion in yellow and it's illegible drop me an email name the blog and I'll go find it and change it to red..



LK said...


I liked it black too.

But I will still keep reading your blog no matter what color it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Best Friend,

I absolutely love it......

Louise Uccio said...

Pat and Karlene thanks your so sweet!

Nora said...


I loved it black!. Although the pictures of your beautiful kids are easier to see now so whatever you decide is fine with me.

Louise Uccio said...

Nora that leaves you and me lol

I'm going to wait and see if people spend more time actually reading the stuff here..

Not that they don't already but who knows maybe the numbers will prove me wrong...

Thank you site meter!

I'll have to use that as a guide.

Anonymous said...


I started a similar blog for the same reasons and chose the same black template. This was a year before I found your site.

Anyway, whatever color is cool with me as long as you are happy with it.

You are an awesome individual who has been through it more than most can ever understand. Sometimes change is good; especially when we are the ones who can control it.

Your Sister in Experience

mammabear said...

I liked it black. In fact, I think I have a bit more of a time reading this font than I did when the background was black. But I'll still pop in, because what you write is worth reading no matter the color.
(ummm....unless you do a black background with black font...then you are on your own!)

JQ75 said...

Now ya did it, LOL, you opened a big can of worms...

As for me, most of my reading of your blog comes from my RSS feed reader which looks more like email than a blog. I visit your blog when I want to followup on the RSS feed or comment.

So I rarely appear in your stats, but I see every post.

And now that you opened up Pandora's box on your blog appearance (vs your excellent content), my poor old eyes can't read your blog description. You can enlarge that by clicking your Layout Tab, then the Fonts and Colors SubTab. In the left top box, scroll to the bottom and click on "Blog Description Font", then to the middle right click "Larger >" and watch the preview on the lower half of the page. You can click it again if its still to small. If you like it, click the Orange "Save Changes" button in the middle left.

Keep the great content coming, regardless of the color scheme.

Louise Uccio said...

Mommabear and Jq-

I'm about to go see if JQ's suggestions work.. so perhaps no one will have to strain their eyes to get the into I try to share on here..

Thanks for everyone's input I appreciate it all!

rtmq said...

I love the new colors - much easier to read.

I don't know what tool you use to create disgusted, but if you can use a css style sheet, you can later change the colors on every page you have written with a single change to css.

Anonymous said...

It is MUCH easier to read. I like it better this way. Not sure if I like the color so much. It's good for October.

YOur family is beautiful

Louise Uccio said...

Thank you Thank you!