Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Park Cities People To Screen or Not to Screen?

by Kersten Rettig
October 23rd, 2008
Join the debate! Whether you're from Dallas, Texas or not you can make your comments here: and don't forget to write to the school board too!
"Highland Park High School (Dallas, Texas) recently sent 9th grade parents an email announcing that they will once again conduct TeenScreen, a health screening program that could identify depression and other mental health issues. Parents must give their consent to allow their 9th grade child to go through the screening process. I know of one mother who is refusing to allow her son to take this test. Why would any parent deny their child an opportunity to get this screening which could possibly identify serious emotional issues?"

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Anonymous said...

Well, gee let me think. Some parents spend quality time with their children and would know if their kids needed help.

Also, this teen screen thing most likely be put on government records such as social workers databases, schools, ect and follow the child for the rest of their live vs. a parent taking their child confidentially.

thats just two. This Kersten needs to get a clue. I wonder if she even has kids.