Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boy who confessed to killing 11-y-o remanded

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A 16-year-old boy who confessed to the grisly murder of 11-year-old Aamir Scott, whose remains were found in a rice bag in Sandside, St Mary, was remanded in custody when he appeared in the Port Maria Family Court Wednesday.

The matter was postponed after presiding magistrate, Paula Blake-Powell expressed concern about the absence of the boy's parents/guardians when the case was called up. The case will again be mentioned on November 5.

Parents of the slain child, Andrea Folkes and Dwight Scott were, however, in court and were supported by neighbours and relatives who stood behind barriers set up by police who kept onlookers at bay.

No unauthorised vehicular traffic was allowed near the Port Maria Court building and uniformed officers patrolled the precincts of the court and the areas outside at regular intervals.

At minutes to noon, a police service vehicle sped along Main Street before stopping at a back gate at the court. Three juveniles, two of them handcuffed together, were quickly ushered inside the court and placed in a holding area for remandees.

The sight of the confessed killer drew the ire of the small crowd. When the crowd realised that one of the three, who was dressed in a white T-shirt, black shorts and sneakers was not shackled, tempers flared.

"Look pan him, wicked brute. How come dem no handcuff him?" one man shouted at a constable who stood nearby.
The presence of the police did little to soothe the hurt which the group of about 20 persons said they felt. The children in their community have been deeply traumatised, one onlooker said.

"We don't even know if Sandside will ever get over this thing. Even when the pickney dem inna dem bed dem fraid. We district mash up," one woman said.

For Folkes, the sight of her son's killer was too much to bear, as she emerged from the brief court hearing with tears streaming down her face.

"He (confessed killer) seemed so easy as if he had done nothing," the grieving mother said in a soft voice.

In the meantime, the police told the Observer that a knife which was found on the scene the day after the boy's remains were found, was used by a funeral home worker to cut open the bag which contained the remains and was not connected to his murder.

Boy who confessed to killing 11-y-o remanded - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM

My two cents-

Sounds to me like this confessed killer may be on his way or actually is a sociopath (not sure of how old one has to be in order to be diagnossed with it)

Could this be a result of the parenting style forced upon parents today? let you child get away with murder in this case litterally?

Should we thank an out of control - child protective services - God help the parent that has to slap his/her child to get them under control.

Alternatively - was this child a child of divorce - alienated and depressed - or a victim of mass drugging?

(shaking my head) what does the future have in store for us

But now my next question - what went so terribly wrong here - a sixteen year old heading to jail and a dead 11 year old- what a shame!

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