Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Writ and more time wasted

As you can see, that Notice of Motion went in October 06 [last year] yet ACS has NOT returned my children, apparently that's not how it works.

I have spent the last TWO YEARS before Judge McElrath wasting my time energy and money, from July 12 of 06 I had been trying to get him to act on CPLR 5015 [New Evidence] and a Writ Of Habeaas Corpus, yet he stalled and stamered, allowing all kinds of sick blatent lies from my estranged husband and his perjuring attorney Catherine Bridge.

When he wasn't excusing them for whatever BS they came up with as to why they wouldnt be in court that day [after I drove from Westchester to Staten Island 50ish miles] he claimed the Writ was lost, then the Writ wasn't put on the calendar and it was the clerks fault, then he didn't know how to proceed with the Writ when it finally made it's way back to his court.

On the day that Ms. Bridge sat in the court room claiming she wasn't retained for this hearing (gotta love it) while McElrath read out loud a hand written note from the estranged husband claiming he wasn't able to attend the hearing on the writ.

And yes you guess it, they were once again forgiven!

At the time my attorney had been planning to bring this case to my area of residence via a divorce, and he told me to say I wanted the Writ Dismissed, I did and well here we are- the big divorce bomb is in front of panepinto.

What a disgrace!

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